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September 2012
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September 3-9
Video of the Week
Video: As Whooping Cough Rebounds in U.S., Infants at Risk
As Whooping Cough Rebounds in U.S., Infants at Risk: As the worst whooping cough outbreak in more than half a century grips the U.S., health officials are saying that most adults and teens are woefully under-vaccinated. This video from PBSNewsHour explores what's behind the resurgence and its potential consequence for those who can't be vaccinated: newborns.
Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Whooping Cough (CDC's Dr. Anne Schuchat)
Video of a Mother's Loss
September 10-16
Video of the Week
Video: Immunization Update 2012
Immunization Update 2012: Immunization Update is an annual presentation from CDC's NCIRD that highlights current and late-breaking immunization issues. It is now available in a web-on-demand format (2.5 hr). Topics covered include HPV, influenza, pertussis outbreaks and Tdap, ACIP recommendations for healthcare personnel, PCV for immunocompromised adults, and vaccine storage and handling. Continuing education credits are available.
September 17-23
Video of the Week
Flu.gov Videos
Flu.gov Videos: A series of brief videos offer answers to the following questions about flu. How can I prevent the spread of the flu? What should I do if my child gets the flu? What should I do when caring for someone with the flu? What is the best protection against the flu? What are the symptoms of the flu?
September 24-30
Video of the Week
Video: Vaccines for Adults - What You Should Know
Vaccines for Adults - What You Should Know: Slideshow about vaccine-preventable diseases, followed by a video quiz, "Test Your Adult Vaccine IQ."
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