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Special Instructions for Providing Translations

Thank you for your interest
Thank you for your interest in providing the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) with translations of IAC materials or Vaccine Information Statements (VISs). We would be delighted to be able to add your translations to IAC's website at www.immunize.org. IAC and people around the world appreciate these translations greatly.
How to translate for IAC
We know from experience that creating a translation is an arduous task. Following is some information you need to know about how translations are done by our volunteers:
More than one person should be involved in translation. It is difficult for a single person working on a translation to be perfect in every choice of word. For this reason, we request that more than one well-trained bilingual person is involved in each document translation. We know that the more people who work on a translation, the more accurate and understandable the final translation will be.
Translators and reviewers should be highly fluent in both English and the language into which the document is being translated. In addition, the translators and reviewers should be comfortable with medical terminology in both languages.
Please avoid regional uses of language, opting for terms that are generally understood by a majority of the language speakers. VISs are a federal document; therefore, translations need to be as close as possible to the English version. It is not acceptable to alter or summarize the original content.
There should be at least two independent proofreadings of the translation and the layout of the document as part of the translation process. We ask that you assure us that the translations are accurate.
If you would like to proceed with providing us with a translation of a particular piece, please notify us of the name of the IAC handout(s) or VIS(s) you are planning to translate, the name of the translation company or translator(s), contact information for your organization or health department, and the language(s) you will be providing.
IAC attributes each translation to its source by including the name of your organization or health department on the translated document.
Special instructions for formatting VIS translations
All VIS translations must be laid out in exactly the same format as the original English VIS as follows:
Two 8.5” x 11” pages
Margins 0.5” inches
Each question numbered and boxed
Space allowed for placement of graphics
  Font size (minimum 8 pt.) and spacing can be adjusted to help maintain two pages, but do not adjust order or placement of text
Additional instructions
Sample VIS
Within the footer of page one include:
English name of the VIS (e.g., MMR, DTaP)
Date of the VIS
Translation language in English
Include a text box within the footer of page 2 acknowledging the donor of the translation. more details
How to send us your translation
Please send us an electronic document utilizing one of the following electronic formats:
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF file size should be less than 500 KB. Please ensure all fonts are embedded. more details
  InDesign CS5 or CS4. Please include font folder for Spanish or French. For all other languages, fonts must be outlined. more details
  Microsoft Word (version 2000 or later) It is preferred that you save your Word document as a PDF to embed the fonts prior to sending us the PDF file. If this is not possible, you will need to embed the fonts prior to sending us the file. more details
To embed the fonts in:
Word 2010, please click the "File" tab at the far left, click on "Options" (second to the bottom of the choices in the left column). In the left column click "Save," then check box for “Embed fonts in the file.”
Word 2007, please click on the Microsoft symbol in the top left corner, click on Word Options (at the bottom of the box), in the left column click on Save, check box for “Embed fonts in the file” Next, in the left column click on Advanced, scroll down to Preserve fidelity when sharing this document and make sure the Embed linguistic data is checked, click OK.
If you have questions on formatting, email Robin at translations@immunize.org to discuss your project.
Contact information
Thank you so much for your interest in donating your time and providing more translations of immunization educational materials to the world. If you have any questions, please contact Robin at translations@immunize.org.
This page was updated on July 31, 2016.
This page was reviewed on July 31, 2016.
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