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AAP Updates Several Vaccine Recommendations
Nurse.com - 9/30/11
The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued updates to several recommendations for vaccines, including one for the hepatitis A virus.
Health Requirements, Recommendations for Travel to Saudi Arabia
International Tribune - 9/21/11
Hajj is the largest annual gathering in the world. Over two million people from nearly every country attend this spiritual pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The Hajj season takes place this year between November 4 and 9, 2011. Due to the large number of people at this gathering there may be an increased risk of certain infectious diseases such as meningococcal disease, tuberculosis, influenza and gastrointestinal infections. Travelers may also face a greater risk of heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and physical injuries.
Planning a Vac(cin)ation
New York Times - 7/27/11
Getting vaccinated may be the last thing on your mind when heading off on vacation, but it's important – whether you are traveling to an exotic destination or not. Case in point: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health advisory last month pointing out that the United States is currently experiencing the highest number of measles cases since 1996, many of which were acquired overseas. As of June 17, 156 confirmed cases of measles had been reported to the center this year; 136 of them involved unvaccinated Americans who had recently traveled abroad, unvaccinated visitors to the United States and people who didn't travel but may have caught the disease from those who did.
U.S. Urges Travelers to Check Measles Immunity amid Outbreak
Los Angeles Times - 7/9/11
Measles are making a comeback. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says travelers to countries with large recent outbreaks, including France, Britain, Spain, Switzerland, India and areas of Africa and Asia, have returned to the U.S. and brought cases of the highly contagious disease with them. "Every traveler needs to make sure they are immune to measles," Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky, a consultant for the CDC's division of global migration and quarantine, said in an interview.
Measles on a Plane: How contagious is measles?
About.com Pediatrics - 6/30/11
In talking about the measles outbreaks, experts always point out how contagious measles is. A new report from the CDC, "Notes from the Field: Multiple Cases of Measles After Exposure During Air Travel – Australia and New Zealand, January 2011," shows just how contagious. Three unvaccinated children flew from Singapore to Brisbane, Australia (a 7 1/2-hour flight) and then after a 9 1/2-hour layover, continued on to Auckland, New Zealand on a 4-hour flight. Unfortunately, they developed a measles rash shortly after arriving in New Zealand, and so were contagious during these flights.
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