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WHO: Europe's Docs Should Be Better Measles Vaccine Boosters
Family Practice News - 10/12/11
With European measles cases at more than 28,000 so far this year, the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control acknowledge that Europe's goal of eliminating measles by 2015 – a deadline already extended from 2010 – is looking increasingly remote.
International Measles Outbreaks
about.com Pediatrics - 10/10/11
While news of measles outbreaks seems to be slowing down in the United States, reports continue of increased cases in other parts of the world. In addition to the well-publicized outbreaks of measles in Africa and Europe, some other large international measles outbreaks have occurred in: Quebec, Canada – 742 cases, including 89 cases that required hospitalization; New Zealand – at least 302 cases, including 50 cases that required hospitalization.
Doctors' Support for MMR Key to Halting Measles in EU
Reuters - 9/30/11
Doctors' support for the triple measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is vital if Europe is to halt the measles outbreaks and have a chance of beating the highly contagious disease, Marc Sprenger, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), said.
Worldwide Measles Deaths Declining
UPI.com - 9/29/11
An estimated 164,000 children died worldwide from measles in 2008, down from 733,000 in 2000, U.S. health officials report. The report, published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, said about 77 percent of the deaths in 2008 occurred in Southeast Asia – with the majority of those deaths occurring in India.
Measles Cases in United States Hits 15-year High
ABC 7 News (CA) - 9/23/11
Health officials across California are worried about the measles. The unusually high number of cases this year is not a good sign. Because of vaccines, we hardly hear about the measles anymore. It's very rare, but it could be making a comeback. More than 200 people across the country have been diagnosed with the disease, which is the highest count in 15 years. Public health officials say California is now outpacing the rest of the country in the number of measles cases this year, only 28 people have contracted the highly contagious disease, but that's the highest in a decade.
Measles Alert Began with Flight from Malaysia to U.S.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 9/22/11
The measles alert in Milwaukee began when an unvaccinated 23-month-old refugee from Myanmar flew here from Malaysia, according to a report Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. The child flew to Wisconsin on Aug. 24 and was reported to have laboratory-confirmed measles on Sept. 7. Since then measles have been confirmed in two more people in Milwaukee, both of whom appear to have acquired the disease through exposure to the refugee patient, said Paul Biedrzycki, the city's director of disease control and environmental health.
Milwaukee Child Hospitalized with Measles, Health Department Reports
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 9/7/11
A Milwaukee child is hospitalized with a confirmed case of highly contagious measles, the Milwaukee Health Department reported Wednesday afternoon. The child is a refugee whose family moved to the city at the end of August, according to Health Commissioner Bevan Baker and Paul Biedrzycki, disease control and environmental health director. The child was not contagious while traveling to Milwaukee by plane, Biedrzycki confirmed. A person infected with measles is considered contagious four days before symptoms appear and four days after symptoms disappear.
Indiana Doctor May Have Contained Measles
WISH-TV - 9/6/11
State health officials are crediting a northern Indiana doctor correctly diagnosing five family members with the measles as a key factor in containing the potential outbreak to 14 cases. The Journal Gazette reports the initial case was misdiagnosed as dengue fever, which produces a measles-like rash. Until emergency room physician Daniel Maas of IU Health Goshen Hospital correctly diagnosed the five cases, the original patient had carried on with daily life in the community.
Two Cases of Measles in Montgomery County
NBC Washington - 9/3/11
Montgomery County health officials announced that two children have been diagnosed with measles. Neither of the children received vaccinations before they came to the United States on August 24. Officials advise those who came in contact with the sick individuals may have been exposed to measles. This includes people who visited the Suburban Washington Resettlement Center in Silver Spring on August 29. The children were taken there prior to the onset of the illness, but while the disease was contagious.
Measles Left Baby 'Teetering Near Death'
Bellingham Herald (WA) - 9/2/11
Nuria Koto hasn't been home since Aug. 10 – the day she brought her 1-year-old son to the emergency room with an out-of-control fever. Within days the baby, Mahi Abdallah, was on life support. And for the second time this year, measles was on the loose in Minnesota. Mahi, who was infected during a family trip to Kenya, is recovering in the pediatric intensive care unit at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.
Survey Shows More U.S. Children Getting Vaccines
Reuters - 9/1/11
More young children are getting immunized in the United States for preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella and hepatitis A, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday.
Vaccine Safety: New Report Finds Few Adverse Events Linked to Immunizations
TIME - 8/25/11
In a new report investigating adverse events caused by vaccines, a panel of experts says there are relatively few health problems caused by the most commonly recommended immunizations, which public health experts advise that all children receive. The conclusions, issued by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in its latest report, "Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality," represent the most comprehensive review of the available literature on the potential side effects of eight vaccines – for mumps, measles and rubella (MMR); chickenpox; influenza; hepatitis A; hepatitis B; human papillomavirus (HPV); diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTaP); and meningococcus.
Back-to-School Measles Update
About.com Pediatrics - 8/24/11
In addition to a few more reports of exposures, there is an update on the situation in Minnesota. As a reminder, two unvaccinated toddlers were hospitalized during the week of August 15 after one of them developed measles during a trip to Kenya. Unfortunately, an updated report from an epidemiologist with the Minnesota Department of Health states that one of the children is still in critical condition. The other was discharged from the hospital. In addition to possible contact from these cases, other possible sources of new measles outbreaks could come from exposure to: an infected passenger on an Amtrak train that traveled from Boston to Virginia on Wednesday, August 17; an infected international traveler in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on August 16, who arrived via an Amtrak train from Philadelphia and visited several places, including Riehl's Farm/Quilt Shop, Glick's Roadside Stand, and Amish Experience at Plain and Fancy Farm.
Planning a Vac(cin)ation
New York Times - 7/27/11
Getting vaccinated may be the last thing on your mind when heading off on vacation, but it's important – whether you are traveling to an exotic destination or not. Case in point: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health advisory last month pointing out that the United States is currently experiencing the highest number of measles cases since 1996, many of which were acquired overseas. As of June 17, 156 confirmed cases of measles had been reported to the center this year; 136 of them involved unvaccinated Americans who had recently traveled abroad, unvaccinated visitors to the United States and people who didn't travel but may have caught the disease from those who did.
MMR Vaccine Take-up on the Rise After Declining Years
Guardian (UK) - 7/26/11
The number of two-year-olds getting the MMR jab, the triple measles, mumps and rubella vaccination, is at its highest level since 1998, after years of worrying measles and mumps outbreaks among teenagers and young adults. More than nine in 10 infants under 24 months across the UK have had their first jab against the highly infectious viral diseases for the first time since the now discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield suggested a link between the jab and autism. The controversy so undermined public confidence that vaccination rates fell to dangerously low levels – with then prime minister Tony Blair being quizzed repeatedly in 2001 as to whether his son Leo had had the jab.
U.S. Urges Travelers to Check Measles Immunity amid Outbreak
Los Angeles Times - 7/9/11
Measles are making a comeback. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says travelers to countries with large recent outbreaks, including France, Britain, Spain, Switzerland, India and areas of Africa and Asia, have returned to the U.S. and brought cases of the highly contagious disease with them. "Every traveler needs to make sure they are immune to measles," Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky, a consultant for the CDC's division of global migration and quarantine, said in an interview.
As More Parents Opt Their Kids Out of Vaccinations, Florida Measles Cases Increase
St. Petersburg Times (FL) - 7/8/11
The back-to-school push for children's vaccinations has new urgency this year as Florida health officials report an alarming rise in measles. So far this year, seven cases have been reported in Florida, the most in 14 years. All but one involved an unvaccinated child 1 to 16 years old. Most of the children's parents had exempted them from state-required vaccinations by citing religious objections to vaccines…Given all the debate, the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg has recently clarified the church's position. In a letter to pastors and parochial school principals, Bishop Robert Lynch said the church does not teach that using vaccines is "intrinsically evil," even if the vaccine was produced with controversial stem cell lines. So Catholic schools shouldn't grant vaccine exemptions on religious grounds.
Measles Hits LaGrange, Grows in Noble County
Journal Gazette (Indiana) - 7/2/11
The measles outbreak in Noble County has jumped across county lines, state officials said Friday. At least one person has been infected in LaGrange County, and cases in Noble County have jumped from five to 11. The cases can be traced back to an unvaccinated adult who returned from an international trip about three weeks ago after contracting the highly contagious respiratory infection, according to Indiana Health Commissioner Gregory Larkin. The outbreak may have affected seven surrounding counties, including Allen, DeKalb, Elkhart, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Steuben and Whitley, according to officials.
Vaccination in France – Measles Spotlight
about.com Pediatrics - 7/2/11
Even as we talk a lot about the measles outbreaks in the United States, they are really minimal when you compare them to the number of cases in some other countries. And we are not talking about third world countries where high rates of measles continue to make measles one of the leading causes of death in children. Take France for example. There have been over 12,500 cases of measles and at least 6 deaths this year in France, with 444 cases of severe pneumonia and 14 cases of encephalitis. There have been at least 20,000 cases of measles in France since January 1, 1998. In comparison, there have been just over 150 cases in the United States this year and about 369 cases since 2008.
Measles on a Plane: How contagious is measles?
About.com Pediatrics - 6/30/11
In talking about the measles outbreaks, experts always point out how contagious measles is. A new report from the CDC, "Notes from the Field: Multiple Cases of Measles After Exposure During Air Travel – Australia and New Zealand, January 2011," shows just how contagious. Three unvaccinated children flew from Singapore to Brisbane, Australia (a 7 1/2-hour flight) and then after a 9 1/2-hour layover, continued on to Auckland, New Zealand on a 4-hour flight. Unfortunately, they developed a measles rash shortly after arriving in New Zealand, and so were contagious during these flights.
Amish Parents Mirror Wider Concerns over Vaccines
Reuters - 6/27/11
Among the minority of Amish parents who do not immunize their children, the most common reasons for skipping the shots were more related to concerns over the potential side effects of vaccines, than to religious beliefs, a new study finds. "The reasons that Amish parents resist immunizations mirror reasons that non-Amish parents resist immunizations," Dr. Olivia K. Wenger of Akron Children's Hospital and her colleagues wrote in the journal Pediatrics. Previous research had suggested that lack of access could be a factor keeping vaccination rates low in Amish communities. The Amish are conservative Christians known for living in closed communities and without much modern technology. Their tenets don't prohibit vaccination, but outbreaks of measles, whooping cough and other vaccine-preventable diseases in underimmunized Amish communities have raised concern.
Opinion: Considering Vaccine as Public Responsibility
Philadelphia Inquirer - 6/24/11
Let's say your 13-year-old son, whom you've raised to be a free spirit, runs through Center City at lunchtime, toppling an occasional food cart and knocking over a stroller. The baby is hospitalized. Are you responsible? Now let's say that same adolescent, who hasn't been immunized because of your concerns about vaccines, returns from a trip to France, where measles is spreading. Although he has not yet had symptoms, he nevertheless passes the infection to a baby too young to be vaccinated who ends up in the hospital. Are you responsible? The example, while hypothetical, raises a question surprisingly absent from public discussion about vaccine mandates: To what extent am I responsible for my neighbors' health? "In the United States, personal medicine has dominated public health," said University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Arthur Caplan.
Vermont Officials Suspect Measles Case
Vermont Public Radio - 6/22/11
Vermont health officials suspect the state may have a measles case. The health department is awaiting confirmation of a suspected case of measles in Washington County. Patsy Kelso is state epidemiologist. She says measles is a highly contagious viral disease. Kelso recommends that people call their health care provider if they were born after 1957, have not already had measles and are not fully vaccinated against the disease.
Measles Forces Utah Power Plant to Turn Employees Away
ABC 4-TV (Utah) - 6/20/11
An employee who may have exposed hundreds of employees to the measles has caused a Utah power plant to turn employees away. A spokesperson for the Intermountain Power Agency, which owns and operates the Intermountain Project plant near Delta told ABC 4 News that one employee returned from a honeymoon outside the country last week, and worked at the plant one day while feeling ill. According to IPA spokesman John Ward, the employee later discovered that he had the measles, and could have exposed more than 300 fellow employees and private contractors who work in the plant. The Central Utah Health Department confirmed the measles case, the first confirmed case of the disease in Central Health District in many years.
Safe Havens for Disease
Chicago Tribune - 6/18/11
Clusters of children without their required vaccinations in about 200 Illinois schools are raising the chances of school-based outbreaks of serious preventable diseases such as measles and whooping cough, a Tribune analysis of state data has found. The Tribune found that the number of public and private schools with immunization rates below 90 percent – a protection level the state recommends in order to prevent epidemics – has grown dramatically in recent years for each vaccine.
Opinion by Seth Mnookin: An Early Cure for Parents' Vaccine Panic
Washington Post - 6/10/11
Almost exactly 15 years ago, top officials of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention met in Atlanta to strategize for what would have been one of the most remarkable public health victories in history: the eradication of measles, one of the most infectious microbes known to humankind. By the mid-1990s, widespread use of the measles vaccine had halted transmission of the virus among residents of the United States and Britain.
Md. Health Officials Investigating Measles Exposure in Cantonsville, Easton & Baltimore
CBS Baltimore - 6/8/11
There's a confirmed case of the measles in Maryland and the health department is warning others could have been exposed.
State Seeing More Measles Cases
Milford Daily News - 6/8/11
As state officials investigate what could be the 18th confirmed case of measles in Massachusetts this year, local health officials are urging residents to take precautions to keep themselves safe from the highly contagious disease.
Measles Outbreak in New York City
WABC-TV - 6/8/11
A measles outbreak in New York City, and it seems to be spreading. The health department released an alert to doctors in the city today, telling them to be on the lookout for measles. Officials said three more people have contracted measles New York, adding to the latest outbreak that has sickened a total of 13 people since January.
Suspected Fourth Case of Measles in Charlottesville
NBC29 - 5/31/11
There is a fourth suspected case of measles for the Thomas Jefferson Health District to worry about on Tuesday night. It started with three cases being reported May 20, and now, doctors suspect a fourth case.
New Cases Show Measles' Reach
Boston.com - 5/26/11
Measles continues to spread in Massachusetts, with two new cases confirmed this week, including one involving a 23-month-old boy from Boston who had received his first measles vaccination last year, according to the Boston Public Health Commission. The other was a teenage boy from outside the city who was treated at a Boston health care facility. That brings the state total to 17 this year — and counting.
Washington among States Involved in Country's Largest Measles Outbreak
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 5/25/11
After mostly disappearing in the late '90s, measles have made a national comeback with the largest outbreak in 15 years, mostly caused by unvaccinated travelers who bring the disease back home, the CDC said this week. This year so far, there were 118 reported measles cases in the country, including two in Washington. That's nearly twice as many as the country's total for all of last year, and the highest number for that time period since 1996. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that most of the patients had brought the disease home from Southeast Asia or Europe, currently in the grip of a major epidemic. The vast majority – 89 percent – were unvaccinated.
CDC: Measles epidemic poses travel risks
USA Today - 5/25/11
Measles – a disease that was declared eliminated in the USA in 2000 – is again breaking out across the country, in the largest outbreak in 15 years, spread largely by unvaccinated travelers who bring home the disease. Doctors have reported 118 measles cases in the USA since January – nearly twice as many as the total for all of last year, according to a report released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 90% of this year's patients were unvaccinated, and 40% had to be hospitalized for complications. Most of the patients brought the disease with them from Europe, which is in the throes of a major epidemic, with more than 10,000 cases and six deaths in France alone, according to the CDC.
Measles Case Causes State to Declare Health Alert
Des Moines Register - 5/24/11
State health officials declared a public health emergency Tuesday after a test confirmed a case of measles in an unvaccinated Dallas County baby who apparently picked up the disease in India. They said people who might have been exposed included passengers on an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Des Moines May 11 and people who were at Mercy Medical Center or a Mercy pediatric clinic in downtown Des Moines May 14. Dr. Patricia Quinlisk, medical director for the Iowa Department of Public Health, said many Americans falsely recall measles as a benign childhood illness.
Passenger on Recent Flight to San Diego Hospitalized with Measles
National Examiner (CA) - 5/23/11
The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency announced Saturday that a passenger on an airline flight last week has been hospitalized with a confirmed case of measles. The infected passenger was on the Continental Airlines flight 1689 from Houston to San Diego on May 17, and was hospitalized shortly after landing in San Diego. The measles was confirmed on Friday. Health officials are attempting to contact the 50 + passengers with local addresses to warn them of the exposure and find out if they have been vaccinated. Those from outside the region are also being tracked down.
Measles Cases Are on the Rise in California
Los Angeles Times - 5/14/11
As the summer vacation season nears, measles cases are on the rise in California, driven by unimmunized travelers infected elsewhere who are entering the state, health officials said Friday.
Europe, Especially France, Hit by Measles Outbreak
Associated Press - 4/25/11
Europe, especially France, has been hit by a major outbreak of measles, which the U.N. health agency is blaming on the failure to vaccinate all children. The World Health Organization said Thursday that France had 4,937 reported cases of measles between January and March – compared with 5,090 cases during all of 2010. In all, more than 6,500 cases have been reported in 33 European nations.
Measles: A Lesson Learned
Pediatric Health Blog (Texas Children's Hospital) - 4/22/11
A young mother sits in the pediatrician's office with her child. As the doctor begins to explain the immunizations the child will receive, the mother interrupts and says, "Ok, but not the MMR vaccine. I've heard it causes autism." Despite numerous reassurances and 30 minutes of discussion, the child leaves without receiving the vaccine that protects against measles, mumps and rubella. It's a scene that has played out in countless numbers of pediatric offices across the globe. After all, it's just one vaccine, right? Wrong.
Parents, Health Officials Eyeing Measles Outbreak with Concern
Daily Herald (Utah) - 4/13/11
Todd Winger was planning to take his family to a children's museum in Salt Lake during spring break. Then four people were diagnosed with red measles and a half dozen more were suspected of having the highly contagious disease. Instead, they played baseball at a park in Orem.
The Measles Whodunit
Minneapolis StarTribune - 4/7/11
he virus slipped into Minneapolis unnoticed on the first day of February. Then it found its way to a day care center. And two homeless shelters. And an emergency room. Each time, it followed at least one stranger home in search of more victims. That was the start of the Minnesota measles outbreak of 2011, according to a report published Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The account of the outbreak, which so far has sickened 13 infants and preschoolers in Hennepin County, appears in a dispatch by state investigators in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a weekly update on disease in America. It reveals new details of the way state and county health officials have tracked the spread of the virus as they scramble to avoid a repeat of a deadly 1990 measles outbreak that's still fresh in their minds.
First Case of Measles Reported in Utah since 2005
Salt Lake Tribune - 4/7/11
A Holladay-area teenager has the state's first confirmed case of the measles since 2005. The teen is a student at Olympus High, a school district spokesman confirmed. The student is under a voluntary quarantine, according to the Salt Lake Valley Health Department.
Measles Cases in Tarrant County Are the First in 17 Years
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas)- 4/5/11
Public health officials are investigating two confirmed cases of measles, the first in Tarrant County in 17 years. Both cases involve adults: a female in her 30s and a man who had contact with the household, according to Tarrant County Public Health.
Fighting Measles Spike among Minn. Somalis Complicated by Autism Fears, Disgraced Researcher
Minneapolis StarTribune - 4/3/11
Health officials struggling to contain a measles outbreak that's hit hard in Minneapolis' large Somali community are running into resistance from parents who fear the vaccine could give their children autism. Fourteen confirmed measles cases have been reported in Minnesota since February. Half have been in Somali children, six of whom were not vaccinated and one who was not old enough for shots. State officials have linked all but one of the cases to an unvaccinated Somali infant who returned from a trip to Kenya in February.
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