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Varicella Mandates for School and Child Care (CC)

An empty box in this table indicates a "no" answer
State Does state require VAR #1? Does state require VAR #2? 2 doses required if VAR #1 given age 13 yrs or older 2 doses required for entire cohort Implementation date for 2-dose requirement
Alabama yes        
Alaska yes yes   Kg-Gr 6 July 2009
Arizona yes yes yes   SY 2005–06
Arkansas yes yes yes (Gr 7) Kg SY 2010–11
California yes partially1  

See footnote 1

Colorado yes yes   Kg SY 2007-08
Connecticut yes yes   Kg, Gr 7 SY 2011‒12
Delaware yes yes   Kg; new enrollees in Gr 1-6 SY 2008-09
Dist. of Columbia yes yes   Kg-Gr 12 SY 2008-09
Florida yes yes   Kg SY 2008-09
Georgia yes yes   Kg; Gr 6; new enrollees in Kg-12 July 2007
Hawaii yes yes yes   July 2002
Idaho yes yes   CC: all enrollees April 2011
School: DOB>9/1/2005 SY 2011-12
Illinois yes        
Indiana yes yes   Kg; Gr 6-12 SY 2010-11
Iowa yes yes   Kg SY 2009-10
Kansas yes yes   CC; Kg SY 2009-10
Kentucky yes yes   CC, Kg, Gr 6 SY 2011‒12
Louisiana yes yes   CC; Kg, Gr 62 SY 2009-10
Maine yes yes yes    
Maryland yes yes yes    
Massachusetts yes yes   Kg, Gr 7 Sept 2011
Michigan yes yes   Kg; Gr 62 Jan 2010
Minnesota yes yes   Kg; Gr 7 SY 2009-10
Mississippi yes yes   CC 4-6yrs; new enrollees in Kg-12 SY 2009-10
Missouri yes yes   Kg SY 2010-11
Montana yes (CC only)        
Nebraska yes yes   Kg-Gr 12 July 2011
Nevada yes yes   Kg SY 2011‒12
New Hampshire yes yes   Kg; Gr 1 & 6 SY 2009-10
New Jersey yes        
New Mexico yes yes   Kg SY 2008-09
New York yes        
North Carolina yes        
North Dakota yes yes   Kg1 SY 2008-09
Ohio yes (school only) yes   Kg SY 2010-11
Oklahoma yes        
Oregon yes yes yes    
Pennsylvania yes yes   Kg-Gr 12 SY 2011‒12
Rhode Island yes     Kg, Gr 7 August 2009
South Carolina yes        
South Dakota yes (school only) yes   Kg SY 2007-08
Tennessee yes yes   Kg, Gr 7 July 2010
Texas yes yes   Kg, Gr 7 SY 2009-10
Utah yes yes yes    
Vermont yes yes   Kg, Gr 7 August 2008
Virginia yes yes   Kg March 2010
Washington yes yes   Kg July 2008
West Virginia yes yes   Kg August 2008
Wisconsin yes yes   Kg, Gr 6 & 12 SY 2008-09
Wyoming yes yes   CC, Kg-Gr 12 SY 2010-11
Signifies progressive implementation in successive grades (e.g., 7th grade in 2009, 7th and 8th grades in 2010).
1 CA requires dose #2 for transfer students ages 13-17 yrs admitted to CA schools on or after 7/1/2001.
2 Michigan's mandate also extends to all other students changing school districts; Louisiana's mandate also extends to 11 and 12-year-old students in grades other than grade 6.
If you have any updated information concerning this table, please call (651) 647-9009 or email admin@immunize.org  This table was compiled by the Immunization Action Coalition using information provided by state health departments.
This page was updated on November 2, 2012
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