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Topics of Interest: Potential new vaccines

Potential New Vaccines 2016
BCG and New Preventive Tuberculosis Vaccines: Implications for Healthcare Workers
Authors: Hatherill M, Scriba TJ, Udwadia ZF, Mullerpattan JB, Hawkridge A, Mahomed H, Dye C
Source: Clin Infect Dis, May 15, 2016, Vol. 62 Suppl 3:S262-7
Targeting Immune Response with Therapeutic Vaccines in Premalignant Lesions and Cervical Cancer: Hope or Reality from Clinical Studies
Authors: Vici P, Pizzuti L, Mariani L, et al.
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, e-published May 9, 2016
Cost-effectiveness of Next-generation Vaccines: The Case of Pertussis
Authors: Fitzpatrick MC, Wenzel NS, Scarpino SV, et al.
Source: Vaccine, e-published April 14, 2016
Vaccines for the Prevention against the Threat of MERS-CoV
Authors: Du L, Tai W, Zhou Y, Jiang S
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, e-published April 6, 2016
TB Vaccine Development and the End TB Strategy: Importance and Current Status
Authors: Fletcher HA, Schrager L
Source: Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg, April 2016, Vol. 110(4):212-8
A Review of Pneumococcal Vaccines: Current Polysaccharide Vaccine Recommendations and Future Protein Antigens
Authors: Daniels CC, Rogers PD, Shelton CM
Source: J Pediatr Pharmacol Ther, January-February 2016, Vol. 21(1):27-35
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Potential New Vaccines 2015-2010
Efficacy and Safety of RTS,S/AS01 Malaria Vaccine with or without a Booster Dose in Infants and Children in Africa: Final Results of a Phase 3, Individually Randomised, Controlled Trial
Author: RTS,S Clinical Trials Partnership
Source: Lancet, April 23, 2015, Vol. S0140-6736(15)60721-8
The Human Hookworm Vaccine: Recent Updates and Prospects for Success
Author: Bottazzi ME
Source: J Helminthol, e-published April 8, 2015
Acceptability of a Hypothetical Group B Strep Vaccine among Pregnant and Recently Delivered Women
Authors: Dempsey AF, Pyrzanowski J, Donnelly M, et al.
Source: Vaccine, May 1, 2014, Vol. 32(21):2463-8
Update on the Development of TB Vaccines
Author: Zenteno-Cuevas R
Source: Curr Pharm Biotechnol, November 2013, Vol. 14(11):940-6
Staphylococcal Vaccine Development: Review of Past Failures and Plea for a Future Evaluation of Vaccine Efficacy Not Only on Staphylococcal Infections but Also on Mucosal Carriage
Authors: Botelho-Nevers E, Verhoeven P, Paul S, Grattard F, Pozzetto B, Berthelot P, Lucht F
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, November 2013, Vol. 12(11):1249-59
Preventing the Broad Spectrum of Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality through Group B Streptococcal Vaccination
Authors: Edwards MS, Gonik B
Source: Vaccine, August 28, 2013, Vol. 31 Suppl 4:D66-71
Advances in the Development of Vaccines for Alzheimer's Disease
Authors: Lambracht-Washington D, Rosenberg RN
Source: Discov Med, May 2013, Vol. 15(84):319-26
Delivering the Promise of the Decade of Vaccines: Opportunities and Challenges in the Development of High Quality New Vaccines
Authors: Keith JA, Agostini Bigger L, Arthur PA, Maes E, Daems R
Source: Vaccine, April 18, 2013, Vol. 18;31 Suppl 2:B184-93
Development of a Highly Efficacious Vaccinia-based Dual Vaccine Against Smallpox and Anthrax, Two Important Bioterror Entities
Authors: Tod J. Merkel, Pin-Yu Perera, Vanessa K. Kelly, et al.
Source: PNAS, 2010, Vol. 107 (42): 18091-6
Progress towards Development of an HIV Vaccine: Report of the AIDS Vaccine 2009 Conference
Authors: Ross AL, Brave A, Scarlatti G, Manrique A, Buonaguro L
Source: Lancet Infect Dis, May 2010, Vol. 10(5):305-16
DNA Vaccines: A Rational Design against Parasitic Diseases
Authors: Carvalho JA, Rodgers J, Atouguia J, Prazeres DM, Monteiro GA
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, February 2010, Vol. 9(2):175-91
Alternative Approaches to Vaccine Delivery
Authors: Wang L, Ma C, Coppel RL
Source: Hum Vaccin, January 21, 2010, Vol. 6(1)
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Potential New Vaccines 2009
Neglected Tropical Disease Vaccines
Authors: Hotez PJ, Brown AS
Source: Biologicals, March 10, 2009
Reflections on Early Malaria Vaccine Studies, the First Successful Human Malaria Vaccination, and Beyond
Author: Vanderberg JP
Source: Vaccine, January 1, 2009, Vol. 27(1):2-9
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Potential New Vaccines 2008
Model for Product Development of Vaccines against Neglected Tropical Diseases: A Vaccine against Human Hookworm
Authors: Bottazzi ME, Brown AS
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, December 2008, Vol. 7(10):1481-92
New Generation of Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccines for Universal Immunization after Eradication of Poliomyelitis
Authors: Chumakov K, Ehrenfeld E
Source: Clin Infect Dis, December 15, 2008, Vol. 47(12):1587-92
Inactivated Rotavirus Vaccines: A Priority for Accelerated Vaccine Development
Authors: Jiang B, Gentsch JR, Glass RI.
Source: Vaccine, December 9, 2008, Vol. 26(52):6754-8
First Generation Leishmaniasis Vaccines: A Review of Field Efficacy Trials
Authors: Noazin S, Modabber F, Khamesipour A, et al.
Source: Vaccine, December 9, 2008, Vol. 26(52):6759-67
DNA Vaccines: Developing New Strategies to Enhance Immune Responses
Authors: Abdulhaqq SA, Weiner DB
Source: Immunol Res, December 6, 2008
New Horizons in Adjuvants for Vaccine Development
Authors: Reed SG, Bertholet S, Coler RN, Friede M
Source: Trends Immunol, December 5, 2008
Group B Streptococcal Conjugate Vaccine: A Timely Concept for Which the Time Has Come
Author: Edwards MS
Source: Hum Vaccin, November-December 2008, Vol. 4(6):444-8
Is Intranasal Vaccination a Feasible Solution for Tuberculosis?
Authors: Giri PK, Khuller GK
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, November 2008, Vol. 7(9):1341-56
Novel Vaccines: Bridging Research, Development and Production
Authors: Demirjian A, Levy O
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, November 2008, Vol. 7(9):1321-4
Personalized Vaccines: The Emerging Field of Vaccinomics
Authors: Poland GA, Ovsyannikova IG, Jacobson RM
Source: Expert Opin Biol Ther, November 2008, Vol. 8(11):1659-67
How Could We Have Better Vaccines against Tuberculosis?
Author: Giri PK
Source: Expert Opin Biol Ther, November 2008, Vol. 8(11):1759-72
The End of the Beginning: Vaccines for the Next 25 Years
Author: Oxford JS
Source: Vaccine, November 18, 2008, Vol. 26(49):6179-82
Measles Vaccination: New Strategies and Formulations
Authors: de Vries RD, Stittelaar KJ, Osterhaus AD, de Swart RL
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, October 2008, Vol. 7(8):1215-23
Recent Progress in the Development of Plant Derived Vaccines
Authors: Yusibov V, Rabindran S
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, October 2008, Vol. 7(8):1173-83
Improving Vaccine Delivery Using Novel Adjuvant Systems
Author: Pichichero ME
Source: Hum Vaccin, July-August 2008, Vol. 4(4):262-70
Tuberculosis: Vaccines in the Pipeline
Authors: Ly LH, McMurray DN
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, July 2008, Vol. 7(5):635-50
Tuberculosis Vaccine Development: Goals, Immunological Design, and Evaluation
Author: Hoft DF
Source: Lancet, July 12, 2008, Vol. 372(9633):164-75
Current Progress of DNA Vaccine Studies in Humans
Authors: Lu S, Wang S, Grimes-Serrano JM
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, March 2008, Vol. 7(2):175-91
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Potential New Vaccines 2007
Safety of the RTS,S/AS02D Candidate Malaria Vaccine in Infants Living in a Highly Endemic Area of Mozambique: A double blind randomised controlled phase I/IIb trial
Authors: Aponte JJ, Aide P, Renom M, et al
Source: Lancet, October 17, 2007; [Epub ahead of print]
Oral Vaccination: Where we are?
Authors: Silin DS, Lyubomska OV, Jirathitikal V, Bourinbaiar AS
Source: Expert Opin Drug Deliv, July 2007;4 (4):323-340
Vaccines against Pandemic Influenza
Authors: Dutton RW, Swain SL, Woodland DL
Source: Viral Immunol, Summer 2007; 20(2):326-327
Current Status of TB Vaccines
Authors: Gupta UD, Katoch VM, McMurray DN.
Source: Vaccine, May 10, 2007; 25(19):3742-3751
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Potential New Vaccines 2006
A Review of Vaccine Research and Development: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Authors: Girard MP, Osmanov SK, Kieny MP
Source: Vaccine, May 8, 2006, Vol. 24(19):4062-5081
The Potential of Human Papillomavirus Vaccines
Author: Steinbrook R
Source: New England Journal of Medicine, March 16, 2006, Vol. 354(11):1109-1112
Preventing Cervical Cancer in the Developing World
Authors: Katz IT, Wright AA
Source: New England Journal of Medicine, March 16, 2006, Vol. 354(11):1110
A Review of Vaccine Research and Development: Meningococcal Disease
Authors: Girard MP, Preziosi MP, Aguado MT, Kieny MP
Source: Vaccine, March 31, 2006, Epub
Advances in Prevention of Cervical Cancer and Other Human Papillomavirus-Related Diseases
Authors: Frazer IH, Cox JT, Mayeaux EJ Jr, et al
Source: Pediatr Infect Dis J, Feb. 2006, Vol. 25(2 Suppl):S65-81, quiz S82
New Vaccines against Infectious Diseases: Research and Development Status
Source: World Health Organization, February 2006
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Potential New Vaccines 2005
Pediatricians' Intention to Administer Human Papillomovirus Vaccine: The Role of Practice Characteristics, Knowledge, and Attitudes
Authors: Kahn JA, Zimet GD, Bernstein DI, Riedesel JM, Lan D, Huang B, Rosenthal SL
Source: Journal of Adolescent Health, December 2005, Vol. 37(6):502-510
Vaccination as a Prevention Strategy for Human Papillomavirus-Related Diseases
Author: Kahn JA
Source: J Adolesc Health, Dec. 2005, Vol. 37(6 Suppl):S10-16
Improving Adolescent Health: Focus on HPV Vaccine Acceptance
Author: Zimet GD
Source: J Adolesc Health, Dec. 2005, Vol. 37(6 Suppl):S17-23
Attitudes about Human Papillomavirus Vaccine among Family Physicians
Authors: Riedesel JM, Rosenthal SL, Zimet GD, et al
Source: J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol, Dec. 2005, Vol. 18(6):391-398
Report of Meeting on the Development of Influenza Vaccines with Broad Spectrum and Long-Lasting Immune Responses, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, 26-27 February 2004
Authors: Cassetti MC, Couch R, Wood J, Pervikov Y
Source: Vaccine, February 18, 2005, Vol. 23(13):1529-1533
Parental Attitudes About Sexually Transmitted Infection Vaccination for their Adolescent Children
Authors: Zimet GD, Mays RM, Sturm LA, Ravert AA, Perkins SM, Juliar BE
Source: Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, February 2005, Vol. 159(2):132-7
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Potential New Vaccines 2004
Gynecologists' Attitudes Regarding Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination: A Survey of Fellows of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Authors: Raley JC, Followwill KA, Zimet GD, Ault KA
Source: Infect Dis Obstet Gynecol, September-December 2004, Vol. 12(3-4):127-133
Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer
Authors: Unger ER, Barr E
Source: Emerging Infectious Diseases, November 2004, Vol. 10(11):2031-2032
Vaccines Administered Simultaneously: Directions for New Combination Vaccines Based on an Historical Review of the Literature
Authors: Fletcher MA, Fabre P, Debois H, Saliou P
Source: International Journal of Infectious Diseases, November 2004, Vol. 8(6):328-338
Immunostimulant Patch Enhances Immune Responses to Influenza Virus Vaccine in Aged Mice
Authors: Guebre-Zabier M, Hammond SA, Ellingsworth LR, Glenn GM
Source: Journal of Virology, July 2004, Vol. 78(14):7610-7618
Progress on New Vaccine Strategies for the Immunotherapy and Prevention of Cancer
Authors: Berzofsky JA, Terabe M, Oh S, et al.
Source: Journal of Clinical Investigation, June 2004, Vol. 113(11):1515-1525
Vaccines for Conformational Disorders
Authors: Sadowski M, Wisniewski T
Source: Expert Review of Vaccines, June 2004, Vol. 3(3):279-290
Technologies that Make Administration of Vaccines Safer
Authors: Clements CJ, Larsen G, Jodar L
Source: Vaccine, May 7, 2004, Vol. 22(15-16):2054-8
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