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Adults: 2002
Comparing Potential Benefits of New Pneumococcal Vaccines with the Current Polysaccharide Vaccine in the Elderly
Authors: Fry AM, Zell ER, Schuchat A, et al
Source: Vaccine, December 13, 2002, Vol. 21(3-4):303-11
Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Levels among Persons Aged 65 Years and Older---United States, 2001
Source: MMWR, November 15, 2002, Vol. 51(45):1019-1024
Failure to Vaccinate Medicare Inpatients: A missed oppportunity
Authors: Bratzler DW, Houck PM, Jiang H, et al
Source: Archives of Internal Medicine, November 11, 2002, Vol. 162(20:2349-2356
Health Behavior Associated with Influenza Vaccination Among Healthcare Workers in Long-Term-Care Facilities
Authors: Manuel DG, Henry B, Jockin J, et al
Source: Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol, October 2002, Vol. 23(10):609-614
Effects of Race and Income on Mortality and Use of Services among Medicare Beneficiaries
Authors: Gornick ME, Eggers PW, Reilly TW, et al
Source: New England Journal of Medicine, September 12, 2002, Vol. 335(11):791-9
Gender and Ethnic/Racial Disparities in Health Care Utilization among Older Adults
Authors: Dunlop DD, Manheim LM, Song J, Chang RW
Source: The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, July 2002, Vol. 57(4):S221-233
Interventions That Increase Use of Adult Immunization and Cancer Screening Services: A meta-analysis
Authors: Stone EG, Morton SC, Hulscher ME, et al
Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, May 7, 2002, Vol. 136(9):I16
Influenza Vaccination among Minority Populations in the United States
Authors: Marin MG, Johanson WG Jr, Salas-Lopez D
Source: Preventive Medicine, February 2002, Vol. 34(2):235-241
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Adults: 2001
Adult Vaccinations
Authors: Zimmerman RK, Ball JA
Source: Primary Care, December 2001, Vol. 28(4):763-790
Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Levels Among Persons Aged 65 Years and Older--United States, 1999
Source: MMWR, June 29, 2001, Vol. 50(25):532-7
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Adults: 2000
Influenza, Pneumococcal, and Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination of Adults United States, 1993-1997
Source: MMWR, September 22, 2000, Vol. 49(SS09):39-62
Adult Immunization Programs in Nontraditional Settings: Quality standards and guidance for program evaluation
Source: MMWR, March 24, 2000, Vol. 49(RR01):1-13
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Adults: 1999
Surveillance for Use of Preventive Health-Care Services by Older Adults, 1995-1997
Authors: Janes GR, Blackman DK, Bolen JC, et al
Source: MMWR, December 17, 1999, Vol. 48(SS08):51-88]
Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates among Persons with Diabetes Mellitus--United States, 1997
Source: MMWR, October 29, 1999, Vol. 48(42):961-7
Reasons Reported by Medicare Beneficiaries for Not Receiving Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccinations--United States, 1996
Source: MMWR, October 8, 1999, Vol. 48(39):886-890
Pneumococcal Vaccination for Older Adults
Author: Fedson DS
Source: Drugs & Aging, 1999, 15 Suppl. Vol. 1:21-30
Epidemiology of Pneumococcal Infections in the Elderly
Authors: Butler JC, Schuchat A
Source: Drugs & Aging, 1999, 15 Suppl. Vol 1:11-19
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Adults: 1998-1995
Influenza Vaccination Status of Persons Aged 65-79 Years--Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, February-March 1997
Source: MMWR, December 25, 1998, Vol. 47(50):1094-7
Vaccination Levels Among Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Whites Aged Greater than or Equal to 65 Years -- Los Angeles County, California, 1996
Source: MMWR, December 12, 1997, Vol. 46(49):116
Medicare Treatment Differences for Blacks and Whites
Authors: Lee AJ, Gehlbach S, Hosmer, Reti M, Baker CS
Source: Medical Care, December 1997, Vol. 35(12):1173-1189
Race-Specific Differences in Influenza Vaccination Levels Among Medicare Beneficiaries--United States, 1993
Source: MMWR, January 20, 1995, Vol. 44(2):24-7, 33
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