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Adoption - International 2001
Prevalence of Infectious Diseases Among Internationally Adopted Children
Authors: Saiman L, Aronson J, Zhou J, et al.
Source: Pediatrics, September 2001, Vol. 108(3):608-612
Immunisation Status of Children Adopted from China
Authors: Schulpen TW, van Seventer AH, Rumke HC, van Loon AM
Source: Lancet, December 22-29, 2001, Vol. 358(9299):2131-2132
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Adoption - International 2000
Health of Children Adopted from China
Authors: Miller LC, Hendrie NW
Source: Pediatrics, June 2000, Vol. 105(6):E76
Medical Evaluation and Infectious Considerations on Arrival
Author: Aronson J
Source: Pediatric Annals, April 2000, Vol. 29(4):218-223
Medical Issues in International Adoptions (issue devoted to topic)
Source: Pediatric Annals, April 2000, Vol. 29(4)
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Adoption - International 1999-1998
Infectious Diseases in Internationally Adopted Children: Findings in Children from China, Russia, and Eastern Europe
Author: Hostetter MK
Source: Advances in Pediatric Infectious Diseases, 1999, Vol. 14:147-161
Infectious Diseases in Internationally Adopted Children: the Past Five Years
Author: Hostetter MK
Source: Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, June 1998, Vol. 17(6):517-518
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Primary Care of International Adoptees
Authors: Quarles CS, Brodie JH
Source: American Family Physician, December 1998
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Adoption - International 1997-1992
Health of Children Adopted from the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Authors: Albers LH, Johnson DE, Hostetter MK, Iverson S, Miller LC
Source: JAMA, September 17, 1997, Vol. 278(11):922-924
Not available online
Horizontal Transmission of Hepatitis B from Children to Adoptive Parents
Authors: Sokal EM, Van Collie O, Buts JP
Source: Archives of Disease in Childhood, February 1995, Vol. 72(2):191
The Health of Children Adopted from Romania
Authors: Johnson DE, Miller LC, Iverson S, et al.
Source: JAMA, December 23-30, 1992, Vol. 268(24):3446-3451
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