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Exemptions 2002
Bucking the Herd
Author: Allen A
Source: The Atlantic Monthly, September 2002
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Childhood Immunization: Laws That Work
Authors: Hinman AR, Orenstein WA, Williamson DE, Darrington D
Source: J Law Med Ethics, Fall 2002, Vol. 30(Suppl 3):122-7
Anti-Vaccinationists Past and Present
Authors: Wolfe RM, Sharp LK
Source: British Medical Journal, August 24, 2002, Vol. 325:430-2
School Vaccination Requirements: Legal and Social Perspectives
Author: Hodge JG
Source: NCSL State Legislative Report, August 2002, Vol. 27(14):1-15
Content and Design Attributes of Antivaccination Web Sites
Authors: Wolfe RM, Sharp LK, Lipsky MS
Source: JAMA, June 26, 2002. Vol. 287(24):3245-8
Nonmedical Exemptions to State Immunization Laws (letter to the editor)
Authors: Santoli, JM, Hinman AR
Source: American Journal of Public Health, January 2002, Vol. 92(1):8
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Philosophic Objection to Vaccination as a Risk for Tetanus Among Children Younger Than 15 Years
Authors: Fair, E, Murphy TV, Golaz A, Wharton M
Source: Pediatrics, January 2002, Vol. 109(1):e1-3
School Vaccination Requirements: Historical, Social, and Legal Perspectives
Authors: Hodge JG, Gostin LO
Source: Kentucky Law Journal, 2001-2002, Vol. 90(4):831-890
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Exemptions 2001
Religious and Philosophical Exemptions from Vaccination Requirements and Lessons Learned from Conscientious Objectors from Conscription
Authors: Salmon DA, Siegel AW
Source: Public Health Reports, July-August 2001, Vol. 116:289-295
Ethics and Immunization Policy: Promoting Dialogue to Sustain Consensus
Authors: Feudtner C, Marcuse EK
Source: Pediatrics, May 2001, Vol. 107(5):1158-64
Processes for Obtaining Nonmedical Exemptions to State Immunization Laws
Authors: Rota JS, Salmon DA, Rodewald LE, Chen RT, Hibbs BF, Gangarosa EJ
Source: American Journal of Public Health, April 2001, Vol. 91(4):645-8
Understanding Those Who So Not Understand: A Brief Review of the Anti-Vaccine Movement
Authors: Poland GA, Jacobson RM
Source: Vaccine, March 21, 2001, Vol. 19(17-19):2440-5
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Exemptions 2000
Individual and Community Risks of Measles and Pertussis Associated with Personal Exemptions to Immunization
Authors: Feikin DR, Lezotte DC, Hamman RF, Salmon DA, Chen RT, Hoffman RE
Source: JAMA, December 27, 2000, Vol. 284(24):3145-3150
State Mandates and Childhood Immunization
Author: Edwards KM
Source: JAMA, December 27, 2000, Vol. 284(24):3171-3173
How Should Physicians and Nurses Deal with People Who Do Not Want Immunizations?
Author: Hinman AR
Source: Canadian Journal of Public Health, July-August 2000, Vol. 91(4):248-251
Reconnoitering the Antivaccination Web Sites: News From the Front
Author: Nasir L
Source: The Journal of Family Practice, August 2000, Vol. 49(8):731-733
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Exemptions 1999-1981
The Immunization System in the United States - The Role of School Immunization Laws
Authors: Orenstein WA, Hinman AR
Source: Vaccine, October 1999, Vol. 17(Supp 3):S19-S24
Health Consequences of Religious and Philosophical Exemptions from Immunization Laws: Individual and Societal Risk of Measles
Authors: Salmon AS, Haber M, Gangarosa EJ, Phillips L, Smith NJ, Chen RT
Source: JAMA, July 7, 1999, Vol. 282(1):47-53
The Law and the Public's Health: A Study of Infectious Disease Law in the United States
Authors: Gostin LO, Burris S, Lazzarini Z
Source: Columbia Law Review, January 1999, Vol. 99(1):59-128
Impact of Anti-Vaccine Movements on Pertussis Control: The Untold Story
Authors: Gangarosa EJ, Galazka AM, Wolfe CR, Phillips LM, Gangarosa RE, Miller E, Chen RT
Source: Lancet, January 31, 1998, Vol. 351:356-361
Religious Exemptions to the Immunization Statutes: Balancing Public Health and Religious Freedom
Authors: Friedman Ross L, Aspinwall TJ
Source: Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, Summer/Fall 1997, Vol. 25:202-9
Not available online.
Low Measles Incidence: Association with Enforcement of School Immunization Laws
Authors: Robbins KB, Brandling-Bennett D, Hinman AR
Source: American Journal of Public Health, March 1981, Vol. 71(3):270-274
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