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Laws, Exemptions, Requirements: Civil liberties

Civil Liberties Exemptions
Civil Liberties 2016-2009
Association Between Vaccine Refusal and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the United States: A Review of Measles and Pertussis
Authors: Phadke VK, Bednarczyk RA, Salmon DA, Omer SB
Source: JAMA, March 15, 2016, Vol. 315(11):1149-58
Characteristics of Physicians Who Dismiss Families for Refusing Vaccines
Authors: O'Leary ST, Allison MA, Fisher A, et al.
Source: Pediatrics, e-published December 2015
Vaccines to Promote and Protect Sexual Health: Policy Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Hawkes S, Kismödi E, Larson H, Buse K
Source: Vaccine, March 20, 2014, Vol. 32(14):1610-5
Legislative Challenges to School Immunization Mandates, 2009–2012
Authors: Omer SB, Peterson D, Curran EA, Hinman A, Orenstein WA
Source: JAMA, February 2014, Vol. 14;311(6):620-621
Vaccine-Preventable Disease among Homeschooled Children: Two Cases of Tetanus in Oklahoma
Authors: Johnson MG, Bradley KK, Mendus S, Burnsed L, Clinton R, Tiwari T
Source: Pediatrics, December 2013, Vol. 132(6):e1686-9
Notes from the Field: Severe Varicella in an Immunocompromised Child Exposed to an Unvaccinated Sibling with Varicella--Minnesota, 2011
Source: MMWR, July 20, 2012, Vol. 61(28):541
Vaccination Refusal: Ethics, Individual Rights, and the Common Good
Authors: Schwartz JL, Caplan AL
Source: Prim Care, December 2011, Vol. 38(4):717-28
Childhood Immunization: When Physicians and Parents Disagree
Authors: Gilmour J, Harrison C, Asadi L, Cohen MH, Vohra S
Source: Pediatrics, November 2011, Vol. 128 Suppl 4:S167-74
Finding the Proper Balance between Freedom and Justice: Why We Should Not Eliminate Personal Belief Exemptions to Vaccine Mandates
Authors: Opel DJ, Diekema DS
Source: J Health Polit Policy Law, October 14, 2011
Why We Should Eliminate Personal Belief Exemptions to Vaccine Mandates
Authors: Lantos JD, Jackson MA, Harrison CJ
Source: J Health Polit Policy Law, October 14, 2011
The Age-Old Struggle against the Antivaccinationists
Authors: Poland GA, Jacobson RM
Source: N Engl J Med, January 13, 2011, Vol. 364(2):97-9
Opinions of Parents about School-Entry Mandates for the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
Authors: Horn L, Howard C, Waller J, Ferris DG
Source: J Low Genit Tract Dis, January 2010, Vol. 14(1):43-8
The Problem with Dr Bob's Alternative Vaccine Schedule
Authors: Offit, PA, Moser CA
Source: Pediatics, January 1, 2009, Vol. 123(1): e164-9
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Civil Liberties 2008
Ethics and the HPV Vaccine: Considerations for School Nurses
Authors: Bennett MP
Source: J Sch Nurs, October 2008, Vol. 24(5): 275-83
The Ethics of Mandatory Vaccination against Influenza for Health Care Workers
Authors: van Delden JJ, Ashcroft R, Dawson A, Marckmann G, Upshur R, Verweij MF
Source: Vaccine, October 16, 2008, Vol. 26(44):5562-6
Facing the Challenges of Influenza in Healthcare Settings: The Ethical Rationale for Mandatory Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and Its Implications for Future Pandemics
Authors: Tilburt JC, Mueller PS, Ottenberg AL, Poland GA, Kioenig BA
Source: Vaccine, September 12, 2008, Vol. 26 Suppl 4:D27-30
Sex, Drugs, and Politics: The HPV Vaccine for Cervical Cancer
Authors: Casper MJ, Carpenter LM
Source: Sociol Health Illn, September 2008, Vol. 30(6):886-99
A Critique of Criteria for Evaluating Vaccines for Inclusion in Mandatory School Immunization Programs
Authors: Opel DJ, Diekema DS, Marcuse EK
Source: Pediatrics, August 2008, Vol. 122(2):e504-10
Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: The Policy Debate over the Prevention of Cervical Cancer--A Commentary
Authors: Hoops KE, Twiggs LB
Source: J Low Genit Tract Dis, July 2008, Vol. 12(3):181-4
Assessing Mandatory HPV Vaccination: Who Should Call the Shots?
Authors: Javitt G, Berkowitz D, Gostin LO
Source: J Law Med Ethics, Summer 2008, Vol. 36(2):384-95, 214
What's Public? What's Private? Policy Trade-Offs and the Debate over Mandatory Annual Influenza Vaccination for Health Care Workers
Author: Mah CL
Source: Can J Public Health, May-June 2008, Vol. 99(3):192-4
Receptivity to Mandatory Influenza Vaccination Policies for Healthcare Workers among Registered Nurses Working on Inpatient Units
Authors: Poland GA, Ofstead CL, Tucker SJ, Beebe TJ
Source: Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol, February 2008, Vol. 29(2):170-3
Delivering New Vaccines to Adolescents: The Role of School-Entry Laws
Authors: Horlick G, Shaw FE, Gorji M, Fishbein DB; Working Group on Legislation, Vaccination and Adolescent Health
Source: Pediatrics, January 2008, Vol. 121 Suppl 1:S79-84
The HPV Vaccine: Framing the Arguments FOR and AGAINST Mandatory Vaccination of All Middle School Girls
Authors: Vamos CA, McDermott RJ, Daley EM
Source: J Sch Health, June 2008, Vol. 78(6):302-9
A Proposed Ethical Framework for Vaccine Mandates: Competing Values and the Case of HPV
Authors: Field RI, Caplan AL
Source: Kennedy Inst Ethics J, June 2008, Vol. 18(2):111-24
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Civil Liberties 2007
Assessing State Immunization Requirements for Healthcare Workers and Patients
Authors: Lindley MC, Horlick GA, Shefer AM, Shaw FE, Gorji M
Source: Am J Prev Med, June 2007; 32(6):459-465
Mandating HPV Vaccination--Private Rights, Public Good (Perspective)
Author: Stewart AM
Source: N Engl J Med, May 10, 2007; 356(19):1998-1999
Politics, Parents, and Prophylaxis--Mandating HPV Vaccination in the United States (Perspective)
Author: Charo RA
Source: N Engl J Med, May 10, 2007; 356(19):1905-1908
Mandatory HPV Vaccination Public Health vs Private Wealth (Editorial)
Authors: Gostin LO, DeAngelis CD
Source: JAMA, May 2, 2007; 297 (17):1921-1923
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Civil Liberties 2006-2004
Balancing Individual Rights versus Collective Good in Public Health Enforcement
Authors: Blum JD, Talib N
Source: Med Law, June 2006; 25(2):273-81
Public Health and the Politics of School Immunization Requirements
Authors: Salmon DA, Sapsin JW, Teret S, et al
Source: Am J Public Health, May 2005; 95(5):778-783
Vanishing Vaccinations: Why are so many Americans opting out of vaccinating their children?
Author: Calandrillo SP
Source: Univ Mich J Law Reform, Winter 2004; 37(2):353-440
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Civil Liberties 2003-2002
No more Kidding Around: Restructuring non-medical childhood immunization exemptions to ensure public health protection
Author: Silverman RD
Source: Annals of Public Law, Summer 2003, Vol. 12(2):277-294
Bucking the Herd
Author: Allen A
Source: The Atlantic Monthly, September 2002
Anti-Vaccinationists Past and Present
Authors: Wolfe RM, Sharp LK
Source: British Medical Journal, August 24, 2002, Vol. 325:430-2
Content and Design Attributes of Antivaccination Web Sites
Authors: Wolfe RM, Sharp LK, Lipsky MS
Source: JAMA, June 26, 2002. Vol. 287(24):3245-8
Philosophic Objection to Vaccination as a Risk for Tetanus Among Children Younger Than 15 Years
Authors: Fair, E, Murphy TV, Golaz A, Wharton M
Source: Pediatrics, January 2002, Vol. 109(1):e1-3
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Civil Liberties 2001-2000
Processes for Obtaining Nonmedical Exemptions to State Immunization Laws
Authors: Rota JS, Salmon DA, Rodewald LE, Chen RT, Hibbs BF, Gangarosa EJ
Source: American Journal of Public Health, April 2001, Vol. 91(4):645-8
Understanding Those Who Do Not Understand: A brief review of the anti-vaccine movement
Authors: Poland GA, Jacobson RM
Source: Vaccine, March 21, 2001, Vol. 19(17-19):2440-5
Individual and Community Risks of Measles and Pertussis Associated with Personal Exemptions to Immunizations
Authors: Feikin DR, Lezotte DC, Hamman RF, Salmon DA, Chen RT, Hoffman RE
Source: JAMA, December 27, 2000, Vol. 284(24):3145-3150
State Mandates and Childhood Immunization
Author: Edwards KM
Source: JAMA, December 27, 2000, Vol. 284(24):3171-3173
Children Unvaccinated Due to Beliefs at Greater Risk for Contracting Measles
Author: Kirsche ML
Source: Infectious Diseases in Children, January 2000, Vol. 13(1)
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Civil Liberties 1999-1981
The Immunization System in the United States - The role of school immunization laws
Authors: Orenstein WA, Hinman AR
Source: Vaccine, October 1999, Vol. 17(Supp 3):S19-S24
Health Consequences of Religious and Philosophical Exemptions from Immunization Laws: Individual and societal risk of measles
Authors: Salmon DA, Haber M, Gangarosa EJ, Phillips L, Smith NJ, Chen RT
Source: JAMA, July 7, 1999, Vol. 282(1):47-53
Impact of Anti-Vaccine Movements on Pertussis Control: The untold story
Authors: Gangarosa EJ, Galazka AM, Wolfe CR, Phillips LM, Gangarosa RE, Miller E, Chen RT
Source: Lancet, January 31, 1998, Vol. 351:356-361
Low Measles Incidence: Association with enforcement of school immunization laws
Authors: Robbins KB, Brandling-Bennett D, Hinman AR
Source: American Journal of Public Health, March 1981, Vol. 71(3):270-274
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