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Diseases and Vaccines: Smallpox

Smallpox archive 2003-1997
Smallpox 2013-2010
Secondary and Tertiary Transmission of Vaccinia Virus after Sexual Contact with a Smallpox Vaccinee — San Diego, California, 2012
Source: MMWR, March 1, 2013, Vol. 62(08):145-7
Vaccinia Virus Infection after Sexual Contact with a Military Smallpox Vaccinee--Washington, 2010
Source: MMWR, July 2, 2010, Vol. 59(25):773-5
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Smallpox 2009
Human Vaccinia Infection after Contact with a Raccoon Rabies Vaccine Bait--Pennsylvania, 2009
Source: MMWR, November 6, 2009, Vol. 58(43):1204-7
Laboratory-Acquired Vaccinia Virus Infection --Virginia, 2008
Source: MMWR, July 31, 2009, Vol. 58(29):797-800
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Smallpox, Risks of Terrorist Attacks, and the Nash Equilibrium: An Introduction to Game Theory and an Examination of the Smallpox Vaccination Program
Authors: Hamilton R, McCain R
Source: Prehosp Disaster Med, May-June 2009, Vol. 24(3):231-8
Progressive Vaccinia in a Military Smallpox Vaccinee--United States, 2009
Source: MMWR, May 22, 2009, Vol. 58(19): 532-6
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Smallpox 2008
Immunity from Smallpox Vaccine Persists for Decades: A Longitudinal Study
Authors: Taub DD, Ershler WB, Janowski M
Source: Am J Med, December 2008, Vol. 121(12):1058-64
Eczema Vaccinatum Resulting from the Transmission of Vaccinia Virus from a Smallpox Vaccinee: An Investigation of Potential Fomites in the Home Environment
Authors: Lederman E, Miramontes R, Openshaw J
Source: Vaccine, November 21, 2008
Possible Autoimmune Reactions following Smallpox Vaccination: The Biologic False Positive Test for Syphilis
Authors: Monath TP, Frey SE
Source: Vaccine, November 18, 2008
Smallpox Vaccines for Biodefense: Need and Feasibility
Authors: Artenstein AW, Grabenstein JD
Source: Expert Rev Vaccines, October 2008, Vol. 7(8):1225-37
US Military Service Members Vaccinated against Smallpox in 2003 and 2004 Experience a Slightly Higher Risk of Hospitalization Postvaccination
Authors: Jacobson IG, Smith TC, Smith B, Wells TS, Reed RJ, Ryan MA
Source: Vaccine, July 29, 2008, Vol. 26(32):4048-56
Evaluation of Preterm Births and Birth Defects in Liveborn Infants of US Military Women Who Received Smallpox Vaccine
Authors: Ryan MA, Gumbs GR, Conlin AM
Source: Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol, July 2008, Vol. 82(7):533-9
Mapping Perceptions Related to Acceptance of Smallpox Vaccination by Hospital Emergency Room Personnel
Authors: Bass SB, Gordon TF, Ruzek SB, Hausman AJ
Source: Biosecur Bioterror, June 2008, Vol. 6(2):179-90
Severe Eczema Vaccinatum in a Household Contact of a Smallpox Vaccinee
Authors: Vora S, Damon I, Fulginiti V, et al.
Source: Clin Infect Dis, May 15, 2008, Vol. 46(10):1555-61
ACAM2000: A Newly Licensed Cell Culture-Based Live Vaccinia Smallpox Vaccine
Authors: Greenberg RN, Kennedy JS
Source: Expert Opin Investig Drugs, April 2008, Vol. 17(4):555-64
Laboratory-Acquired Vaccinia Exposures and Infections--United States, 2005-2007
Source: MMWR, April 18, 2008, Vol. 57(15):401-4
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Self-Reported Adverse Health Events Following Smallpox Vaccination in a Large Prospective Study of US Military Service Members
Authors: Wells TS, LeardMann CA, Smith TC
Source: Hum Vaccin, March-April 2008, Vol. 4(2):127-33
A Process for Sentinel Case Review to Assess Causal Relationships between Smallpox Vaccination and Adverse Outcomes, 2003-2004
Authors: Chapman LE, Iskander JK, Chen RT
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S271-93
Monitoring the Safety of a Smallpox Vaccination Program in the United States: Report of the Joint Smallpox Vaccine Safety Working Group of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board
Authors: Neff J, Modlin J, Birkhead GS, Poland G
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S258-70
Follow-up of Cardiovascular Adverse Events after Smallpox Vaccination among Civilians in the United States, 2003
Authors: Sniadack MM, Neff LJ, Swerdlow DL, Schieber RA, McCauley MM, Mootrey GT
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S251-7
Myocarditis, Pericarditis, and Dilated Cardiomyopathy after Smallpox Vaccination among Civilians in the United States, January-October 2003
Authors: Morgan J, Roper MH, Sperling L, et al.
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S242-50
Ischemic Cardiac Events during the Department of Health and Human Services Smallpox Vaccination Program, 2003
Authors: Swerdlow DL, Roper MH, Morgan J, et al.
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S234-41
Pregnancy, Birth, and Infant Health Outcomes from the National Smallpox Vaccine in Pregnancy Registry, 2003-2006
Authors: Ryan MA, Seward JF; Smallpox Vaccine in Pregnancy Registry Team
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S221-6
A Review of the Smallpox Vaccine Adverse Events Active Surveillance System
Authors: Thomas TN, Reef S, Neff L, Sniadack MM, Mootrey GT
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S212-20
Evaluating Public Health Responses to Reintroduced Smallpox via Dynamic, Socially Structured, and Spatially Distributed Metapopulation Models
Authors: Glasser JW, Foster SO, Millar JD, Lane JM
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S182-94
The Smallpox Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
Authors: Clark PT, Levin S
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S179-81
Economics of Cardiac Adverse Events after Smallpox Vaccination: Lessons from the 2003 US Vaccination Program
Authors: Ortega-Sanchez IR, Sniadack MM, Mootrey GT
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S168-78
US Civilian Smallpox Preparedness and Response Program, 2003
Authors: Strikas RA, Neff LJ, Rotz L, Cono J, Knutson D, Henderson J, Orenstein WA
Source: Clin Infect Dis, March 15, 2008, Vol. 46 Suppl 3:S157-67
Persistence of Vaccinia at the Site of Smallpox Vaccination
Authors: Cummings JF, Polhemus ME, Hawkes C, Klote M, Ludwig GV, Wortmann G
Source: Clin Infect Dis, January 1, 2008, Vol. 46(1):101-2
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Smallpox 2007
Notice to Readers: Revised International Health Regulations Effective for the United States
Source: MMWR, July 20, 2007; 56(28):712-713
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Household Transmission of Vaccinia Virus from Contact with a Military Smallpox Vaccinee -- Illinois and Indiana, 2007
Source: MMWR, May 18, 2007; 56(19):478-481
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Vulvar Vaccinia Infection after Sexual Contact with a Military Smallpox Vaccine -- Alaska, 2006
Source: MMWR, May 4, 2007; 56(17):417-419
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QuickStats: Percentage of Hospitals with Staff Members Trained to Respond to Selected Terrorism-Related Diseases or Exposures -- National Hospital
Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, United States, 2003...
Source: MMWR, April 27, 2007; 56(16):401
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Safety, Immunogenicity and Efficacy of Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) against Dryvax Challenge in Vaccinia-Naive and Vaccinia-Immune Individuals
Authors: Parrino J, McCurdy LH, Larkin BD, et al
Source: Vaccine, February 9, 2007; 25(8):1513-1525
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Smallpox 2006
Public Health Surveillance for Smallpox --- United States, 2003--2005
Source: MMWR, December 15, 2006, Vol. 55(49):1325-1327
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Smallpox as a Bioterrorist Weapon: Myth or Menace?
Authors: Cleri DJ, Porwancher RB, Ricketti AJ, et al
Infect Dis Clin North Am. June 2006, Vol. 20(2):329-357
The History of Smallpox
Author: Geddes AM
Source: Clin Dermatol, May-June, 2006, Vol. 24(3):152-157
Smallpox Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Administrative Implementation. Adoption of Interim Final Rule as Final Rule with Amendments
Authors: HRSA, HHS
Source: Fed Regist, May 24, 2006, Vol. 71(100):29808-29811
Smallpox Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Smallpox (Vaccinia) Vaccine Injury Table. Adoption of Interim Final Rule as Final Rule with an Amendment
Authors: HRSA, HHS
Source: Fed Regist, May 24, 2006, Vol. 71(100):29805-29808
The History of the Smallpox Vaccine
Authors: Stewart AJ, Devlin PM
Source: J Infect, May 2006, Vol. 52(5):329-34. Epub September 19, 2005
Vaccinia Immune Globulin: Current Policies, Preparedness, and Product Safety and Efficacy
Authors: Wittek R
Source: Int J Infect Dis, May 2006, Vol. 10(3):193-201; Epub March 27, 2006
Passive Surveillance for Generalized Vaccinia in the United States Using the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
Authors: Bryant-Genevier M, O'Connell K, Ball R, Braun MM, McMahon A
Source: Vaccine, April 24, 2006 Vol. 24(17):3632-3635. Epub February 20, 2006
The Smallpox Vaccine: An Update for Oral Health Care Professionals
Authors: Rinaggio J, Glick M
Source: J Am Dent Assoc. April 2006, Vol. 137(4):452-460
Factors that Influence the Decision of Military Dependents to Decline Smallpox Vaccination during an Outbreak
Authors: Maurer D, Fulton C, Doria M
Source: Mil Med, April 2006, Vol. 171(4):321-324
Pediatricians Knowledge, Views, and Perspectives on Smallpox and Smallpox Vaccine
Authors: Di Pentima MC, Eppes SC, Klein JD
Source: Clin Pediatr (Phila), March 2006, Vol. 45(2):165-172
Healthcare Workers Who Elected not to Receive Smallpox Vaccination
Authors: Wortley PM, Schwartz B, Levy PS et al
Source: Am J Prev Med, March 2006, Vol. 30(3):258-265
Authors: Moore ZS, Seward JF, Lane JM
Source: Lancet, February 4, 2006 367(9508):425-435
Surveillance Guidelines for Smallpox Vaccine (Vaccinia) Adverse Reactions
Authors: Casey C, Vellozzi C, Mootrey GT, et al
Source: MMWR, February 3, 2006, Vol. 55(RR-1):1-16
Active telephone surveillance to evaluate adverse events among civilian smallpox vaccine recipients
Authors: Muralles AA, Ray P, Black S, et al
Source: Vaccine, January 23, 2006 Vol. 24(4):476-84; Epub August 30, 2005
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Smallpox 2005
Adverse Events Associated with Smallpox Vaccination in the United States, January-October 2003
Authors: Casey CG, Iskander JK, Roper MH, et al
Source: JAMA, Dec. 7, 2005, Vol. 294(21):2734-2743
Neurologic Adverse Events Associated with Smallpox Vaccination in the United States, 2002-2004
Authors: Sejvar JJ, Labutta RJ, Chapman LE, et al
Source: JAMA, Dec. 7, 2005, Vol. 294(21):2744-2750
Safety Profile of Smallpox Vaccine: Insights from the Laboratory Worker Smallpox Vaccination Program
Authors: Baggs J, Chen RT, Damon IK, et al
Source: Clin Infect Dis, April 15, 2005, Vol. 40(8):1133-1140. Epub 2005 Mar 16.
Factors Affecting Implementation of the U.S. Smallpox Vaccination Program, 2003
Author: Wilson SJ
Source: Public Health Reports, Jan-Feb 2005, Vol. 120(1):3-5
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Smallpox 2004
Hospital Recruitment for the Smallpox Pre-Event Vaccination Program: Experiences from Florida, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Tennessee, December 2002-June 2003
Authors: Ching P, Tynan WP, Raymond D, et al
Source: Public Health Rep, Nov-Dec 2004, Vol. 119(6):552-556
Vaccination Success Rate and Reaction Profile with Diluted and Undiluted Smallpox Vaccine: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Authors: Talbot TR, Stapleton JT, Brady RC, et al
Source: JAMA, Sept. 8, 2004, Vol. 292(10):1205-1212
Smallpox Vaccination and Myopericarditis: A Clinical Review
Authors: Cassimatis DC, Atwood JE, Engler RM, et al
Source: J Am Coll Cardiol, May 5, 2004, Vol. 43(9):1503-1510
Unintended Smallpox Vaccination of HIV-1-infected Individuals in the United States Military
Authors: Tasker SA, Schnepf GA, Lim M, et al
Source: Clin Infect Dis, May 1, 2004, Vol. 38(9):1320-1322. Epub 2004 Apr 14
Preevent Vaccination against Smallpox: A Survey of Pediatric Emergency Health Care Providers
Authors: Everett WW, Zaoutis TL, Halpern SD, Strom BL, Coffin SE
Source: The Infectious Disease Journal, April 2004, Vol. 23(4):332-6
Update: Adverse Events Following Civilian Smallpox Vaccination --- United States, 2003
Source: MMWR, February 13, 2004, Vol. 53(5):106-107
Secondary and Tertiary Transfer of Vaccinia Virus Among U.S. Military Personnel --- United States and Worldwide, 2002--2004
Source: MMWR, February 13, 2004, Vol. 53(5):103-105
Semipermeable Dressing Used to Cover Smallpox Vaccination Sites as a Cause of Skin Damage
Authors: Crittenton E, Davis A, Hoffmann KK, et al
Source: Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol, February 2004, Vol. 25(2):96
Reasons Physicians Accepted or Declined Smallpox Vaccine, February through April, 2003
Authors: Benin AL, Dembry L, Shapiro ED, et al
Source: J Gen Intern Med, January 2004, Vol. 19(1):85-89
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Smallpox Archive
Smallpox journal articles 2003-1997
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