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Vaccination in Schools 2003
Elimination of Acute Hepatitis B Among Adolescents after One Decade of an Immunization Program Targeting Grade 6 Students
Source: The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, October 2003, Vol. 22(10):874-7
The Cost Effectiveness of Hepatitis Immunization for US College Students
Source: Journal of American College Health, May 2003, Vol. 51(6):227-236
Implementing a Seventh Grade Vaccination Law: School Factors Associated with Completion of Required Immunizations
Source: Preventive Medicine, April 2003, Vol. 36(4):510-7
A Statewide Hepatitis B Vaccination Program for School Children in Hawaii: Vaccination Series Completion and Participation Rates Over Consecutive Years
Source: Public Health Reports, March-April 2003, Vol. 118(2):127-133
Effectiveness and Cost Comparison of Two Strategies for Hepatitis B Vaccination of Schoolchildren
Source: Canadian Journal of Public Health, January-February 2003, Vol. 94(1):64-7
Hepatitis A and B Vaccines
Source: MMWR, January 24, 2003, Vol. 52(RR01):34-6
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Vaccination in Schools 2002
Achievements in Public Health: Hepatitis B Vaccination--United States, 1982-2002
Source: MMWR, June 28, 2002, Vol. 51(25):549-552,563
School Nurses Identify Barriers and Solutions to Implementing a School-Based Hepatitis B Immunization Program
Source: Journal of School Health, March 2002, Vol. 72(3):128-30
Impact on Health Departments after a Seventh Grade Hepatitis B Immunization Requirement
Source: Public Health Reports, January-February 2002, Vol. 117(1):78-83
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Vaccination in Schools 2001
Correlates of Vaccination for Hepatitis B Among Adolescents: Results from a Parent Survey
Source: Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, August 2001, Vol. 155(8):921-6
Nurse Volunteers in School-Based Hepatitis B Immunization Programs
Source: Journal of School Nursing, August 2001, Vol. 17(4):185-188
A Bi-State, Metropolitan, School-Based Immunization Campaign: Lessons from the Kansas City Experience
Source: Journal of Pediatric Health Care, July-August 2001, Vol. 15(4):173-178
Effectiveness of a Middle School Vaccination Law--California, 1999-2001
Source: MMWR, August 10, 2001, Vol. 50(31):660-3
Factors Associated with Student Participation in a School-Based Hepatitis B Immunization Program
Source: Journal of School Health, May 2001, Vol. 71(5):184-7
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Vaccination in Schools 2000-1994

Hepatitis B Vaccination of Adolescents--California, Louisiana, and Oregon, 1992-1994
Source: MMWR, August 26, 1994, Vol. 43(33):605-9
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Vaccination in Schools journal articles
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