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Perinatal 2003
Immunization of Preterm and Low Birth Weight Infants
Author: Saari TN, Committee on Infectious Diseases
Source: Pediatrics, July 2003, Vol. 112(1):193-8
Impact of the Thimerosal Controversy on Hepatitis B Vaccine Coverage of Infants Born to Women of Unknown Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Status in Michigan
Authors: Biroscak BJ, Fiore AE, Fasano N, Fineis P, Collins MP, Stoltman G
Source: Pediatrics, June 2003, Vol. 111(6):e645-9
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Prevalence Among Pregnant Women in Urban Areas: Implications for Testing, Reporting, and Preventing Perinatal Transmission
Authors: Euler GL, Wooten KG, Baughman AL, et al
Source: Pediatrics, May 2003, Vol. 111(5):1192-1197
Clarification: Vol. 52, No. 10
Source: MMWR, April 25, 2003, Vol. 52(16):379
Vaccination and Perinatal Infection Prevention Practices Among Obstetricians-Gynecologists
Authors: Schrag SJ, Fiore AE, Gonik B, et al
Source: Obstetrics and Gynecology, April 2003, Vol. 101(4):704-710
Notice to Readers: FDA Licensure of Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Adsorbed, Hepatitis B (Recombinant), and Poliovirus Vaccine Combined, (PEDIARIX(tm)) for Use in Infants
Source: MMWR, March 14, 2003, Vol. 52(10):203-4
ID Consult: The Thimerosal Fallout
Author: Pichichero ME
Source: Pediatric News, March 2003, Vol. 37(3):13
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Antibody Response to Postexposure Prophylaxis in Infants Born to Hepatitis B Surface Antigen-Positive Women
Authors: Euler GL, Copeland JR, Rangel MC, et al
Source: Pediatr Infect Dis J, February 2003, Vol. 22(2):123-129
Report of Illinois Birthing Hospital Practices with Respect to the Administration of the Hepatitis B Birth Dose Vaccine and Hospital Participation in the Vaccines for Children-Plus Program
Source: Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Illinois Department of Public Health
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Perinatal 2002
The Effect of Age on Immunologic Response to Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Fisman DN, Agrawal D, Leder K
Source: Clinical Infectious Diseases, December 1, 2002, Vol. 35(11):1368-1375
Reasons Hospitals Give for Not Offering Hepatitis B Vaccine to Low-Risk Newborns
Authors: Aiken KD, Clark SJ, Cabana MD
Source: Clinical Pediatrics, November-December 2002, Vol. 41(9):681-6
Effect of State Vaccine-Financing Strategy on Hepatitis B Immunization in Hospital Nurseries
Authors: Cabana MD, Aiken KD, Davis MM, Freed GL, Clark SJ
Source: Ambulatory Pediatrics, September-October 2002, Vol. 2(5):367-374
The Cost of Not Implementing Routine Neonates Immunization Programmes in HBsAg High Prevalence Countries
Authors: Chauvin P, Ekra D, Plotkin SA
Source: Vaccine, July 26, 2002, Vol. 20(23-24):2848-2850
Real Versus Theoretical: Assessing the Risks and Benefits of Postponing the Hepatitis B Vaccine Birth Dose
Authors: Shete PB, Daum RS
Source: Pediatrics, April 2002, Vol. 109(4):701-703
Available online for subscribers only
Newborn Hepatitis B Vaccination Policy in Hospital Nurseries
Authors: Cabana MD, Aiken KD, Clark SJ
Source: Pediatrics, February 2002, Vol. 109(2):1-6
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Perinatal 2001
Safety of Neonatal Hepatitis B Vaccine Administration
Authors: Lewis E, Shinefield HR, Woodruff BA, et al
Source: Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal, November 2001, Vol. 20(11):1049-1054
Immunology Update: Hepatitis B Virus Immunization Today
Author: Gall SA
Source: Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology, August 2001, Vol. 9(2):63-64
Not available online
Hepatitis B Vaccination Practice in Hospital Newborn Nurseries Before and After Changes in Vaccination Recommendations
Authors: Clark SJ, Cabana MD, Malik T, Yusuf H, Freed GL.
Source: Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, August 2001, Vol. 155(8):915-920
Commentary: What Happened to Primum Non Nocere?
Source: Pediatrics, May 2001, Vol. 107(5):1177-1178
Authors: Seal JB, Daum RS
Available online to subscribers only
Impact of Recommendations to Suspend the Birth Dose of Hepatitis B Virus Vaccine
Authors: Oram RJ, Daum RS, Seal JB, Lauderdale DS.
Source: JAMA, April 11, 2001, Vol. 285(14):1874-1879
Impact of the Joint Statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics/US Public Health Service on Thimerosal in Vaccines on Hospital Infant Hepatitis B Vaccination Practices
Authors: Hurie MB, Saari TN, Davis JP.
Source: Pediatrics, April 2001 107: 755-758
AAP, USPHS say hospitals should reinstate hepatitis B birth dose.
Source: Infectious Diseases in Children, April 2001
Not available online
Impact of the 1999 AAP/USPHS Joint Statement on Thimerosal in Vaccines on Infant Hepatitis B Vaccination Practices
Source: MMWR, February, 16, 2001, Vol. 50(6):94-97
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Perinatal 2000
Association Between Administration of Hepatitis B Vaccine at Birth and Completion of the Hepatitis B and 4:3:1:3 Vaccine Series
Authors: Yusuf HR, Danies D, Smith P, Coronado V, Rodewald L
Source: JAMA, August 23/30, 2000, Vol 284(8):978-83
Notice to Readers: Update: Expanded Availability of Thimerosal Preservative-Free Hepatitis B Vaccine
Source: MMWR, July 21, 2000
Thimerosal in Vaccines - Joint Statement of the AAFP, AAP, ACIP, and PHS
Source: MMWR, July 14, 2000, Vol. 49(27):622-631
Letters to the Editor: Preventing Harm from Thimerosal in Vaccines
Author: Offit, PA, Plotkin SA, Halsey NA
Source: JAMA, April 26, 2000, Vol. 283(16)
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Perinatal 1999-1997
Reinstitute hepatitis B vaccine for all infants
Author: Rennels MB
Source: American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP News, November 1999, Vol. 15(11):6
Editorial: Limiting Infant Exposure to Thimerosal in Vaccines and Other Sources of Mercury
Author: Halsey NA
Source: JAMA, Nov. 10, 1999, Vol. 282(18)
Notice to Readers: FDA Approval for Infants of a Haemophilus influenzae Type b Conjugate and Hepatitis B (Recombinant) Combined Vaccine
Source: MMWR, February 7, 1997, Vol. 46(05):107-9
Hepatitis B Virus: A Comprehensive Strategy for Eliminating Transmission in the United States Through Universal Childhood Vaccination: Recommendations of the Immunization Practices Advisory Committee (ACIP)
Source: MMWR, November 22, 1991, Vol. 40(RR-13):1-19
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