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IAC's selection of practical, clinical, and programmatic articles

Diseases and Vaccines

Anthrax Influenza (variant) PCV Smallpox
Diphtheria Influenza (seasonal) PPSV Tetanus
Hib Measles Polio Varicella
Hepatitis A Meningococcus Rabies Zoster
Hepatitis B Mumps Rotavirus
HPV Pertussis Rubella

Communicating About Vaccines

Talking with parents
Importance of vaccines

Vaccine Safety

Postlicensure (CISA, VAERS, VSD)

Vaccine Concerns

Alternative medicine
Religious concerns
Autism Multiple injections Thimerosal

Providing Vaccination Services

Assessing and improving rates
Vaccination in Schools
Documentation Procedures
Handling and storage Registries

People with Specific Vaccine Needs

Dialysis patients
Men who have sex with men
Adopted children (international) Healthcare workers Pregnant women
Adults Homeless people Travelers
Asian Amer. and Pacific Islanders Long-term care patients

Laws, Exemptions and Requirements

Civil liberties

Topics of Interest

Disparities: race, socioeconomic
Potential new vaccines
Vaccine financing
Needle safety Tatooing and body piercing

Hepatitis Prevention Settings

Harm reduction
STD/HIV clinic
Family planning Perinatal related
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