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Clear answers and smart advice about your baby's shots by Ari Brown, MD
This piece, written by Dr. Ari Brown, gives clear answers to parents' questions about vaccines [#P2068]
Decision to not vaccinate my child
This form provides documentation of parental refusal to vaccinate [P4059]
Personal belief exemptions for vaccination put people at risk. Examine the evidence for yourself.
Evidence from the medical literature that personal belief exemptions play a role in vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks; includes citations, summaries, key findings, and links to abstracts [#P2069]
Sample vaccine policy statement
This vaccine policy statement is for providers to give to patients and parents [#P2067]
Vaccines work!
CDC statistics demonstrate dramatic declines in vaccine-preventable diseases when compared with the pre-vaccine era [#P4037]
What if you don't vaccinate your child?
One-page parent handout describing the consequences of not vaccinating your child [#P4017]
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