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Vaccine-Related Journal Articles: Alternative Medicine
IAC's selection of practical, clinical, and programmatic articles
American Academy of Family Physicians
Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Primer
Author: Terrence E. Steyer, MD
March 2001
Chiropractors and Immunization
Author: Stephen Barrett, MD
June 12, 2005
Misconceptions about Immunizations
Author: Stephen Barrett, MD
September 15, 2008
Alternative and Chiropractic Medicine Websites
National Institutes of Health
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
NCCAM is part of the NIH and their mission is to support rigorous research on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), to train researchers in CAM, and to disseminate information to the public and professionals on which CAM modalities work, which do not, and why.
Chiropractors and Immunization
Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories, and Practices
National Council Against Health Fraud
Position papers on chiropractic medicine and homeopathy
Health agency focused on health fraud, misinformation, and quackery as public health problems
The Millennium Project
Health Fraud
Articles relevant to health fraud and quackery
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