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What others say about IAC's Unprotected People Reports
"The Unprotected People Reports have been an invaluable resource to give to anxious parents to help make the perils of VPD more real."
A.D., MD, East End Pediatrics, Louisville, KY, December 17, 2010
“Also provides me a referral source to send patients to for stories about patients regretting vaccine withholding decisions. There is no other source for such information/stories. This is the antidote to anti-vaccination web content. THANK YOU."
S.S., Weisberg, MD, Highland Park, IL, January 11, 2009
“Thanks for all you do. During the 20th century immunization provided a very large contribution to the prevention of serious permanent injury and death to everyone, especially children. The challenge of the 21st century will be to refine and expand the immunization process and defend it against well-meaning but misinformed zealots and trial lawyers. Keep up the good fight versus infection and ignorance.”
M.C., MD, Baton Rouge, LA, December 8, 2007
“As I said, I don’t know what I would do without all of the wonderful materials you have. Just thought you would like to know I used the Shots for Babies handout AGAIN today at a library program and provided the parents with the web address so they could read stories about children with vaccine-preventable diseases… Those stories are the only way I have to bring home the reality of vaccine-preventable disease since most parents do not think these diseases exist any more…[later] And I used the Shots for Babies AGAIN at another library today. One mother commented, 'Why can’t my pediatrician make it simple like this!' How’s that for a testimonial!!”
M.K., RN-CS, CPNP, Suffolk County Department of Health Services, Hauppauge, NY, October 14 and 15, 2007
“As a nurse, I am always educating my clients regarding preventive health measures so that they may avoid complicating their own health with contagious diseases that would attack their weak immune systems when around others in their families, friends, and public places. I like to keep myself educated and well informed. I had a friend who believed that her child did not need her ‘shots’ and I was able to convince her using an older copy of Needle Tips Fall/Winter 1998 which had a section on deaths of children/adults who contracted contagious diseases without being vaccinated. It was a very informative article and it helped to persuade my friend to get her child vaccinated.”
J.I., AAS, BSEd, MEd, MA, Galveston, TX, April 21, 2007
“I would like to link your [Unprotected People] reports page to my clinic website, as a resource for my patients. Thank you.”
K.G.R., MD, October 6, 2006
"I cannot get enough info to give the nursing staff on WHY they should immunize their patients. I'm determined to educate them until they drop and these are real eye openers!"
P.V., BSN, RN, HCAhealthcare.com, June 19, 2006
“Wow! Is that pertinent and poignant!! [Unprotected People #76: Newborn's death emphasizes need to consider pertussis in differential diagnosis of coughing adults] Thanks.”
C.H., Jefferson County, June 24, 2005
“This was a very moving piece. [Unprotected People #75: Three year old's ordeal with severe pneumococcal disease includes bloodstream and lung infection] Thanks, Dr. Wexler, for sharing. I made copies of this story to share with all my “New Moms” when they bring us their babies for that first series of shots. Yours was a powerful story and will have a positive impact.”
C.J., Immunization Program Nurse, Mountain Park Health Centers, Phoenix, AZ, June 8, 2005
"I would like to reprint that article [Dr. David Keller's Unprotected People Story #42, "Are Vaccinations Worth it?"] in two of our local newspapers... We feel this would be a great article to submit to our newspapers because we have a chiropractor who often submits negative articles on immunizations, advising parents not to immunize their children... Thanks in advance!"
S.A., Oconto County Human Services Department, Oconto, Wisconsin, January 16, 2002
"You are providing a terrific source for those of us who care for children... Your newsletters have provided me with a lot of current information that helps me provide my parents with answers to many of the concerns they have discovered in listening to anecdotal accounts of perceived or real immunization "horror stories"... The help you provide with the evidence of the effect of the immunizations on reducing disease, as well as with the more personal stories of the benefits of immunizations, is helpful in our education of parents. Keep up the good work."
M.S., MSN, DrPH, CPNP, July 26, 2000
"We are going to be faxing these different stories out on a biweekly basis to the physician offices in our metro area through our local medical society. We're hoping that offices will create "Read Me" files of them to place in office waiting rooms. One way we can counteract the anti-vaccine testimonials! Thank you so much for offering these!"
L.O., PharmD, Creighton University, NE, May 10, 2000
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