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What others say about Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults
"I am an immunization trainer for the American Pharmacists Association and Drug Store News -- these newsletters help me to stay current."
R.S., PharmD, corporate pharmacy trainer, Albertsons Companies, San Ramon, CA, December 22, 2016
"These publications provide me with up to date information to use as educational material with my communities."
D.P., BSN, Regional Director of Health Services, Five Star Senior Living, Louisville, KY, December 6, 2016
"I quoted excerpts from Ask the Experts twice last week to answer questions from clinicians. One was about revaccinating postpartum with MMR for a negative rubella titer. The other was about whether to repeat the dose if the syringe leaked. I was able to answer their questions quickly, completely, and with confidence. The clinicians were very appreciative. I had several similar experiences over the past few years. Thanks."
P.H., MD, City of Milwaukee, WI, October 9, 2016
"We give vaccines to children and adults and this publication helps keep me up to date on the vaccines and the Q&A part helps answer question that have arisen in my practices."
W.L., public health registered nurse, Midland Health & Senior Services, Midland, TX, July 21, 2016
"IAC—thank you! We always learn new and important things when we get your newsletter. The info on PCV13/Menactra spacing is yet one of those little known immunization rules that we didn't know but I did find spelled out in the section of Ask the Experts...Thank you for all you do."
S.M., RN, MSN, insructor, Cox Medical Group, March 9, 2016
"These publications contain most recent evidence based recommendations, which helps when we are developing/revising policies, procedures, and protocols."
L.O., BSN, RN, ambulatory standards coordinator, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA, February 29, 2016
"I love the newsletters. They always have something that helps clarify or enlighten."
C.S., RN, nursing supervisor, Student Health Center, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY, November 5, 2015
"I have received these publications at my previous employer and it helps with employee health for health care workers. Very valuable information."
S.H., BSN, MBA, Infection Prevention/Employee Health Nurse, Edgerton Hospital and Health Services, Edgerton, WI, August 25, 2015
"These [IAC publications] are invaluable to me. I had subscribed for years but my email changed and I neglected to update this subscription!!"
N.F., BSN, immunization program coordinator, Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health, Bismarck, ND, July 29, 2015
"These [IAC publications] help me keep updated on the most current ACIP recommendations."
L.H., RN, BSN, senior vaccine representative, Merck & Co., Lincoln, NE, July 1, 2015
"As a new Employee Health Nurse these publications open my eyes to many things I was not aware of."
B.J., MSN/ED, MBA, BSN, Overlake Hospital, Bellevue, WA, June 30, 2015
"I use them [IAC publications] to answer my own vaccine questions. I love the VIS date summary page and use it every day."
J.M., BSPharm, PharmD, Giant Pharmacy, Fairfax, VA, June 23, 2015
"I have been receiving the IAC publications and am enjoying them and have even passed along info to other RNs and families."
L.S., RNC-NIC, Vermont Oxford data analyst, NBS Coordinator, Baptist Medical Center South NICU, Montgomery, AL, April 15, 2015
"Your Ask the Experts is the most helpful and greatly appreciated."
G.L., PA-C, employee health & safety specialist, WI, February 17, 2015
"You do a great public service and we really appreciate all you do."
M.S., PharmD, director of pharmacy, HealthCare Partners, CA, February 2, 2015
"I love Ask the Experts!"
M.S., BSN, nurse manager, Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, MA, November 10, 2014
"Very helpful. I have been reading your publications for a long time now."
A.S.A., BSN, clinical coordinator, Home Program, DAVITA, South San Francisco, CA, October 15, 2014
"These publications help me in my praxis and as a lecturer at the Medical University."
M.M., MD, Kaunas Clinical Hospital, Kaunas, Lithuania, September 19, 2014
"I refer to [IAC publications] frequently to stay up to date on immunization information."
P.K., MO, September 18, 2014
"Thanks for all your wonderful work at IAC."
J.R., president-elect, American Travel Health Nurses Association, September 8, 2014
"IAC is one of the first places I go to for information. I appreciate the support for those of us out in the field."
K.W., regional adolescent adult immunization coordinator, Texas Department of State Health Services, Midland, TX, September 3, 2014
"One of our providers is using "Ask the Experts" to do staff training."
S.B., LPN, medical provider liaison, Division of Community and Environmental Health, Central District Health Department, Boise, ID, August 5, 2014
"You all are wonderful, and I rely on you daily! Thanks for all that you do!"
B.S., RN, St. Mary's County Health Department, Leonardtown, MD, August 3, 2014
"I loved getting up to date news when we got the publication in the mail. Now that I can get it online/at home that will be great. Love all the tips!!"
J.P., LPN, Greenwood, IN, July 31, 2014
"I enjoy reading Needle Tips and Ask the Experts publications as the information is always timely, very clear, and concise. Please keep up the GREAT work!"
P.H., RN, child health nurse, Duplin County Health Department, Kenansville, NC, July 24, 2014
"Great answers to unusual situations in administering vaccine. Keeps me up to date with changes."
K.H., BSN, RiverStone Health, Billings, MT, July 2, 2014
"Thanks again and I love your website and publications."
L.C., RN, public health director, Calloway County Health Department, Murray KY, June 19, 2014
"These publications provide me with the most current and up-to-date immunizations recommendations which in turn allows our facility to provide the best immunization services to our clients."
C.U., AAS-RN, Dawson County Health Department, Glendive, MT, May 7, 2014
"I have been receiving Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults for a number of years and appreciate the information received. This ensures that our practice is kept current regarding updates."
K.L., LPN, Parkview Physicians Group Archbold, Archbold, OH, May 6, 2014
"Previously spent 10 years as public health nurse. These publications were very valuable during my time in that field and will continue to be a great resource in this job setting."
A.J., BSN, correctional health, NY, January 17, 2014
"I give weekly immunizations and Needle Tips helps keep me updated on immunizations and immunization practices."
H.S., RN, Defiance County Health Department, Defiance, OH, January 3, 2014
"Hey all you wonderful folks at the IAC, thanks a million for all you do."
M.S., MPH, manager, Idaho Immunization Program, December 24, 2013
"I read with great interest your Ask the Experts about Hepatitis B Vaccines, and thank you for putting such a great resource online...."
L.C., MD, Division of Infectious Diseases, Kaiser Permanente Bellflower/Downey, November 29, 2013
"I love reading your question and answer column..."
E.M., LPN, Saint Alphonsus Medical/Travel Meds, ID, November 25, 2013
"[Your publications] keep me current on vaccine changes making it easier to make every appointment an opportunity."
B.W., LPN, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, Crosby, MN November 22, 2013
"I have received these publications in the past and loved them. Our practice includes children and I found the updates very beneficial in the past and would like to receive them again."
C.U., RN, practice manager, Excela Health Chestnut Ridge Family Medicine, Latrobe, PA, November 20, 2013
"I SO appreciate having access to Ask the Experts!"
C.M., FNP, Human Services and Public Health Department, MN, November 19, 2013
"I use all of the publications as my 'go to' for information for my practice as a public health RN who gives VFC vaccines."
M.B., RN, director of nursing, Girard City Health Department, Girard, OH, November 19, 2013
"Keeps me updated on vaccines and immunizations. I often do work related to infectious diseases, vaccine development, etc."
G.H., MSPH, senior analyst, US GAO, Health Care Team, Washington DC, November 19, 2013
"[Your publications] provide up to date information on pertinent subject matter."
T.S., nurse consultant, Texas Department of State Health Services, Manchaca, TX, November 18, 2013
"I use these publications to keep current on immunization news and recommendations so that I can educate others through the Shot of Prevention blog and Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page."
C.V., blogger/social media manager, Every Child By Two, November 14, 2013"
"I love Ask the Experts and have referenced it more times than I can remember!!! I have never submitted anything to you before and truly hope my question is not one that I should already know. I really appreciate your help with this one. Thank you!"
B.V.,, RN, BSN, Immunization Division, VFC Program, Alabama Department of Public Health, October 30, 2013
"Your publications keep me abreast of current recommendations and give me accurate information to educate patients about vaccines and their importance in preventing diseases."
L.J., RN, Great Falls, MT, October 5, 2013
"Thanks for your help. I love Needle Tips and always learn from it."
E.O., RN, San Francisco, CA, September 13, 2013
"We have to medically clear new employees and are on our third year of mandatory flu vaccination. The newsletters keep me up to date and help with insuring we are using best recommended practices for our employees."
R.L., BSN, injury prevention and wellness supervisor, Employee Health, Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, CT, September 13, 2013
"... By the way, as a nurse, I don't know what I would do without my IAC online publication. You have settled so many questions that have arisen for me when I was director of a college health service. Now retired, I need you even more."
D.O., September 12, 2013
"We are an FP and Peds office. Your publications help us stay current with the changes in the immunization of our patients."
P.F., RN, AD, practice manager, Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton, Dayton, OH, September 12, 2013
"Have always loved and used Needle Tips. Would keep copy in file box on my door for quick reference. Do lots of immunizations for children and adults."
A.C., ADN, Cobb/Douglas Public, Douglasville, GA, September 10, 2013
"[Your publications] give me guidance and reference materials for training staff."
K.K., center manager, Norton Immediate Care Center, Louisville, KY, September 9, 2013
"Will help keep me updated and I have always enjoyed the frequently asked questions."
N.L., BSN, nursing manager, Fargo Cass Public Health, Fargo, ND, September 6, 2013
"They are excellent publications with up-to-date information in a practical way."
N.A., MD, Salud Intergral en la Montana, Comerio, Puerto Rico, September 5, 2013
"I am a retired New Jersey Public Health Officer and used these publications for many years to keep our vaccine preventable disease programs up to date with the latest information, trends and used the multi-lingual VIS forms. I currently teach an intro to public health course and wish to keep abreast of current vaccine-preventable disease issues."
J.C., BS/MPA, consultant, JC PH Consulting LLC, Wyckoff, NJ, September 5, 2013
"I am the vaccine purchaser for a family practice office. I use these resources to make sure that our practice provides the most up to date recommendations for our patients."
B.P., MA, Fairborn, OH, August 9, 2013
"Hello! I love your Ask the Experts publication. I refer to it all the time!"
M.P., PharmD, August 2, 2013
"Recently started at private physician's office, but have been in immunizations many years and benefit from the info provided in these publications--very informative."
S.B., RN, Atchison, KS, July 4, 2013
"[Your publications] are very helpful with giving us updates on immunization changes."
D.F., RN, Pocahontas County Health Department, Pocahontas, IA, July 3, 2013
"[Your publications] give me tips about adult immunizations and links to .update information like VIS. They help me keep my staff educated."
D.C., CMA (AAMA), clinical coordinator, Pulmonary and Critical Care, Ypsilanti, MI, July 3, 2013
"Thank you so much for the good work you do to support us!"
D.A., BSN, RN, director of nursing, Purchase District Health Department, Paducah, KY, June 11, 2013
"[Your publications] help me stay on top of new items & regulations. Helps me keep my staff up to date in the clinic setting."
D.C., CMA, clinical supervisor, Pulmonary and Critical Care, Ypsilanti, MI, June 7, 2013
"Thirty-five years ago I was a PHN and had the pleasure of working with Dr. Deborah Wexler. Has been fun for me to watch how her endeavor with immunization has eveolved. The IAC is a wonderful service for families and clinicians. Thanks to you all."
A.H., RN, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, June 5, 2013
"I do a lot of immunizations and these publications help me."
C.A., RN, Palm Beach County Health Department, Delray Beach, FL, June 4, 2013
"[Your publications are] extremely helpful for updating information. Work on Immunization Team."
E.W. BSN, Chesterfield Health Department, Chesterfield, VA, June 3, 2103
"Great publication you maintain!"
R.R., MD, May 27, 2013
"We provide adult immunizations in our office, and this publication helps me keep current on recommendations."
Y.R., MA, office coordinator, Lehigh Valley Infectious Diseases Specialists, Allentown, PA, May 23, 2013
"IAC publications help keep me informed re relevant changes and advances with immunizations."
S.M., BSN, MN, immunization coordinator, Salt Lake County Health Department, Salt Lake City, UT, May 23, 2013
"I work in the immunization department at Purdue University and these publications help me stay current."
K.H., RN, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, May 16, 2013
"These publications keep me abreast of all changes and recommendations."
Y.N., LVN, UHS-SA, Refugee Clinic, San Antonio, TX, May 16, 2013
"[I am a] peds ID specialist. Need access to Ask the Experts on occasion. The updates always helpful."
J.D., MD, Syracuse, NY, May 14, 2013
"These publications help us understand the activities and challenges of frontline vaccinators. We are a technology provider focused on the challenges of the vaccine supply chain."
G.B., CEO, MedChain Systems Inc., Oakland, CA, April 29, 2013
"We are a family practice center and the publications help keep us informed about changes in immunizations and vaccines."
D.T., LPN, Jane Pauley Community Health Center, Indianapolis, IN, March 29, 2013
"Nurses always have questions about immunizations and updates, we always seems to have specific cases where don't follow the guidelines, nice to have the Experts' help"
P.B., MD, Franklin, PA, February 27, 2013
"Concise, educational, and greatly appreciated."
M.S., MD, Brooklyn, NY, February 19, 2013
"As a pediatrician, this information is valuable for my practice."
S.M., MD, Cherry Hill, NJ, February 16, 2013
"I have people call me as a reference point want to give current information. Thanks for your publications!"
S.S., RN, BSN, Pryor, OK, February 15, 2013
"Let me first say that the Ask the Experts portion of your website is invaluable to me and is my first place to go if I am unsure about an immunization."
C.K., LPN, U.S. Army, Germany, February 4, 2013
"I teach Pediatrics to P.A. students and I beat the drum for proper immunizations. I need to stay current. I used to get Needle Tips regularly and I LOVED it. Need to get it again."
F.R., MD, medical director, Interservice Physician Assistant Program, Department of Defense, San Antonio, TX, January 30, 2013
"I use these publications all the time for personal reference & to provide reference information to TVFC providers we oversee."
P.F., RN, immunization program manager, Ector County Health Department, Odessa, TX, January 30, 2013
"I am very grateful for your publication and find it extremely informative."
F.L., RN, MS, president and CEO, Passport Health, Baltimore, MD, January 25, 2013
"I do the in-office order of vaccine and put together an informational binder for the nurses to stay current. This information is helpful to all nurses in our office."
M.H., NRCMA, Mertztown, PA, January 17, 2013
"I refer to Needle Tips often and I like getting emails about VIS updates."
P.F., MD, Provider Quality Assurance, Nevada State Immunization Program, Carson City, NV, January 15, 2013
"I am the lead of immunizations at our family practice. I read Needle Tips at my old office and found it very beneficial. I would like to get it at my new office."
T.N., CMA, White Pine Family Medicine, Cedar Springs, MI, November 21, 2012
"Use these on a regular basis to keep up to date on new vaccine recommendations, indications, etc."
A.H., BSN, RN, Stoddard County Public Health Center, Bloomfield, MO, November 16, 2012
"Hello, Ask the Experts! First, many thanks for this great service! I rely on IAC and Ask the Experts for both my roles in employee health and as chair of our statewide immunization coalition."
R. B.G., MPH, manager, employee health services, Legacy Health, OR, October 31, 2012
"Thank you for all the good works."
B.G., MD, Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Whittier, CA, October 25, 2012
"I like to read the questions and answers regarding vaccines. As a pediatrician, I share everything I learn with my colleagues so we can all keep up to date."
M.J.F., MD, PPA, Overland Park, KS, October 20, 2012
"I provide immunizations to healthcare personnel. I find the publications informative and they keep me up to date."
A.M., RN, Indian River Medical Center, Vero Beach, FL, October 22, 2012
"Your publications are the best for info and updating."
J.O., MSN, FNP, Novant Health Eastover Pediatrics, Charlotte, NC, October 17, 2012
"I am in charge of keeping our medical staff current on vaccines. I love your Needle Tips articles especially, helpful and easy to follow."
T.S., CMA-C, Samaritan Park St. Clinic, Lebanon, OR, October 16, 2012
"Our health department administers immunizations to individuals from infants to senior adults. The information you provide is always timely and informative."
A.W., BSN, Leon County Health Department, Tallahassee, FL, October 11, 2012
"I am a former MCH nurse, now school nurse. [Your publications] have been wonderful resources for my own knowledge as well as patient teaching."
M.H., RN, MN, Quillayute Valley School District, Forks, WA, October 3, 2012
"Vaccine administration is constantly changing. These publications help me to keep our VFC providers aware of developments in the world of vaccines."
P.F., MD, provider quality assurance manager, Nevada State Immunization Program, Carson City, NV, September 24, 2012
"Retail PharmD here, I have religiously read Needle Tips since I discovered it."
K.L., PharmD, PGYI, September 18, 2012
"[Your publications are a] tremendous help in providing information to my patients."
J.D., DO, Northwest Family Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, September 14, 2012
"We frequently provide vaccinations to children and adults in our practice. I have found Needle Tips very helpful in the past and would like to subscribe again."
T.B., MD, San Antonio, TX, September 8, 2012
"Great answers to questions I have. It is my first stop when doing research on vaccines. Thanks!"
A.S., MA, Eagle River, AK, August 24, 2012
"As the immunization designee in our district office, this is an excellent way to keep up to date regarding immunization issues."
N.J., PHN, Vermont Department of Health, Saint Albans, VT, August 17, 2012
"I'm a family medicine doctor in primary care and this information helps me keep current with vaccines for children and adults."
R.K., MD, MPH, Primary Care at Memorial Hospital, North Conway, NH, August 15, 2012
"[Your publications are] very helpful for updates and answers to immunization questions submitted by others. Thank You!"
D.F., MD, pediatrician, Wilmington, DE, August 15, 2012
"[Your publications] keep me up to date on the most recent changes. Very valuable."
T.L., RN, employee health supervisor, Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, Carson City, NV, July 24, 2012
"These publications allow me to stay up to date with the latest data/research, enabling me to provide the best care for my clients."
M.D., RN, BSN, Caldwell County Health Department, Kingston, MO, July 24, 2012
"We are a family practice and this information is invaluable to us!"
M.G., RN, Lebanon Ridge Community Health, Lebanon, PA, July 23, 2012
"I provide immunizations with a county health department. These publications help me stay up to date with any changes."
E.R., Neenah, WI, July 18, 2012
"These publications keep me up to date with any changes with immunizations/vaccines and maintain my competency of knowledge in the field of infection control."
M.W., AAS, RN ,CIC, Infection Control Nurse Consultant, Milan, NY, July 11, 2012
"We have 20 pharmacies in southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. These publications help keep my pharmacists up-to-date on what's happening in regard to immunizations."
T.G., BS, COO, Astrup Drug, Inc., Austin, MN, July 10, 2012
"Thank you all for always being there for us vaccinators and educators!! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!! You are all the BOMB!! (Thought that was an appropriate analogy for the 4th of July) BIG RESPECT!!"
R.A., Education Division, MILVAX, Office of the Surgeon General, Falls Church, VA, July 3, 2012
"I am an immunization trainer who trains pharmacists across California. These publications help me to keep up with my knowledge or enhance my knowledge with the new updates."
H.G., PharmD, assistant professor, Western University of Health Sciences, Corona, CA, June 22, 2012
"I am a pediatrician and your publications are priceless!"
K.T., MD, Lone Star Pediatrics, Austin, TX, June 18, 2012
"I oversee the immunization program at our busy county health department and truly value the up-to-date information your publication provides."
A.W., BSN, Leon County Health Department, Tallahassee, FL, May 11, 2012
"Kudos and much thanks for the service Dr. Atkinson and the team have provided over the years. Certainly, one of the most valuable sources I use."
D.M., MD, College of Community Health Sciences, University of Alabama, May 11, 2012
"I regularly provide immunizations to employees and these publications keep me updated and current."
M.L., BSN, corporate health nurse, JPM Chase & Co, Chicago, IL, May 8, 2012
"Thank you for your great resources."
N.H., manager of programs, National Education Health Information Network, Washington DC, April 24, 2012
"We are all immunizing pharmacists here and I believe your publications are very informational and will help to keep our staff informed on all of the issues."
M.C., PharmD, Walgreens, Lincoln, NE, April 21, 2012
"I want to thank you so much for IAC. As someone said today, IAC is like the bible of immunizations. I know I used all your resources on a daily basis, and used IAC as my #1 resource to all my colleagues, when I was working as immunization coordinator for Kipsap County in Washington State."
J.K., April 4, 2102
"I love IAC publications! GREAT source of accurate, detailed, relevant immunization information."
J.C.P., MD, Washington, DC, March 5, 2012
"I LOVE Ask the Experts!"
M.G., MD, MPH, MEd, associate program director, assistant professor of pediatrics, University of Texas Medical Branch, February 22, 2012
"I am already receiving Needle Tips and Vaccine Adults--they are great."
V.B., RN, BA, C-OHN, health services clinic nurse, Syngenta Health Services, Greensboro, NC, February 16, 2012
"The publication gives me a lot of useful information in regards to immunizing children and adults that come in to our practice. It is a very useful tool for me to gather information."
D.S., MA, Hallowell Family practice, Hallowell, ME, February 3, 2012
"As a school nurse, your publications have helped keep me current and informed on vaccination protocols and alerts."
L.M., BSN, RNC, NCSN, East Providence School Dept./ MJ Francis School, East Providence, RI, February 2, 2012
"I am a nurse manager in primary care, these newsletters are critical for our continued quality care for our patients."
E.T.H., BSN, nurse manager, Community Health Center, Middletown, CT, February 1, 2012
"These publications are vital information to my role as immunization nurse at the Lenawee County Health Department."
W.P., RN, FLE, BSN, Adrian, MI, January 31, 2012
"I am a huge fan of your Q&As."
J.C.P., Children's National Medical Center, January 23, 2012
"Needle Tips has valuable and reliable new both for staff and our patients and families. As a pediatric office we are on the front line of immunizations."
P.G., LPN, IBCLC, Mousetrap Pediatrics, Milton, VT, January 19, 2012
"I have used Needle Tips in the past, and found it very useful at the family practice office. Thank you for sending it my way."
J.F., Grand Ledge, MI, January 16, 2012
"Your publications help me to 'stay ahead' of new trends and recommendations from FDA, AMA, etc, and allows me to disseminate this info. to my colleagues allowing for more accurate and convenient patient care."
L.O., BSPh, JD, Walgreen Co, Columbus, OH, January 5, 2012
"Your publications keep me current on immunization issues. I provide a tremendous amount of immunizations to patients in our corporation's occupational health facility. Thank you for the great publications. I couldn't do my job without them! Again, my sincere thanks!"
T.G., RN, MS, COHN-S/CM, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Franklin Lakes, NJ, December 28, 2011
"I work daily giving adult and childhood vaccines at Mercer County Health Dept. I have enjoyed all the articles and tips that are published in these journals. My clients will benefit by having up to date information also."
J.S., RN, Mercer County Celina City Health Dept, Celina, OH, December 28, 2011
"Thanks for all the great work you do."
C.R., RN, MS, Public Health Supervisor, Madison & Dane County, WI, December 29, 2011
"Your resources offered are of immeasurable importance to us. We refer to your resources often. Thanks for all you do at IAC to support nurses out here in the field!"
K.K., RN, nurse administrator, Clark County Health Department, Winchester, KY, December 20, 2011
"I work in a clinic setting as the immunization manager and these publications help me to stay current with the most up-to-date information and to be able to pass along to the others I work with."
J.H., DHMC, West Lebanon, NH, November 7, 2011
"I am a family practice office nurse. These publications are extremely helpful to myself and fellow co-workers."
P.S., Delmar, IA, November 4, 2011
"Your publications help me to be informed about the ultimate topics on vaccination. And help me to inform my patients' parents."
R.H.M.D., MD, Grupo Pediatrico de Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, November 4, 2011
"I am the head of the vaccines at our office so these publications play a huge role in what I do to keep me up to date."
P.S., RN, BSN, Queen City Physicians, Groesbeck/Ross Pediatrics, Cincinnati, OH, November 3, 2011
"These publications help me to stay current on immunization issues so I can help my CHDP providers."
R.C., PHN, RN, Tuolumne County Health Department, Sonora, CA, September 27, 2011
"Your articles have good questions about vaccines, administration, etc. that come up."
L.S., RN, Fall River Health Department, Fall River, MA, September 14, 2011
"We are a pediatric practice. We use Needle Tips to keep us abreast of current immunization information and use."
L.M., practice manager, Hinsdale Pediatric Associates, Hinsdale, IL, September 1, 2011
"I love this magazine. Most of my questions are answered in a clear-cut fashion. Keep up the good work."
K.K., RN, Rush County Health Department, LaCrosse, KS, August 26, 2011
"I do weekly immunization clinics and this resource is so helpful. Receiving an e-mail to know that a new issue is available means I won't miss any information. Thanks!"
J.D., RN, Dickinson County Health Department, Abilene, KS, August 25, 2011
"Your Ask the Experts information has been invaluable to me. Thank you!"
G.L., PA-C, Employee Health and Safety Specialist, Group Health Cooperative at South Central Wisconsin, August 24, 2011
"We use [IAC publications] in our occupational health setting. Love them! Thank you."
H.M.R., RN, Medical Department Supervisor, Rock-Tenn Company, Hodge, LA, August 23, 2011
"I refer to your Ask the Experts information quite often; it's such a valuable resource!"
L.G., BSN, RN, Public Health--Seattle & King County, Seattle, WA, August 19, 2011
"Thank you for the email and I admire the great work of your organization."
N.S., Allegheny County Health Department, Pittsburgh, OH, August 17, 2011
"I give immunizations through a private sector free immunization program. These publications keep me current and up to date!"
E.C., RN, Dallas Care Van, Wylie, TX, August 15, 2011
"We greatly value and appreciate your organization and all you do."
P.T., RN, BSN, Community Immunization Services, Riviera Beach, FL, August 2, 2011
"First I would like to commend you for the wonderful work you do and for the phenomenal resources you provide through your website. I use the Ask the Experts section a fair amount to assist in answering questions regarding various immunization scenarios. . ."
K.M.W., BS, RN, MSN, ECH Immunization Program Coordinator, Mayo Clinic Rochester Campus, Rochester, MN, July 18, 2011
"THANKS for all the great work and resources that IAC provides!"
D.S., Coordinator, Vaccinate Alaska Coalition, Anchorage, AK, July 12, 2011
"Info from you guys is always so user friendly."
S.F., MD, Immunization and Epidemiology Consultant, Mississippi State Department of Health, July 11, 2011
"I have received your publications in the past and have found the charts about when to immunize and how to catch up helpful as well as the articles for informing patients, staff, etc."
M.S., DO, Family Medicine Associates, Guttenberg, IA, July 7, 2011
"IAC is a wonderful source of information on rules and regulations, injections, up-to-date information. The list of how valuable your information is to me in my work is indescribable. Thank you IAC."
C.M., LPN, Missouri Highlands Health Care, Ellington, MO, June 24, 2011
"I already receive some of your publications--can you please check to make sure I receive all? I want to be sure I immunize my patients according to current ever-changing guidelines. Thanks."
T.R., MD, Internal Medicine, Santa Barbara, CA, May 24, 2011
"These publications keep me up-to-date on the most current changes in immunization recommendations, provide helpful Q&A's, etc."
N.P., Quality Assurance Coordinator, Washington State Department of Health, Olympia, WA, May 18, 2011
"Thank you for publishing Needle Tips. So many of my colleagues just wait for it to be published and they save them for future reference."
M.B. K-P, RN-CS, CPNP, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, NY, May 16, 2011
"We administer many immunizations to infants, young children, and adolescents. These materials help us remain current with vaccination guidelines and tips for keeping our employees safe."
K.M., CPNP, South Coast Pediatrics, Santa Ana, CA, May 10, 2011
"These publications are very much helpful for further vaccine strategies and field activities during vaccine related projects."
N.B., MB, BS, DPH, Msc Epidemiology, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan, May 9, 2011
"The publication keeps us up to date on immunizations and any news or findings so that we can continue to keep our parents educated and informed about their child's immunizations."
S.B., LPN, Children's Medical Center, Piedmont, SC, May 6, 2011
"Your publication provides great info needed in my field."
A.L.S., RN, BSN, occupational nurse, South West Research Institute, San Antonio, TX, May 4, 2011
"Your publications are extremely important in helping me keep up to date on immunizations. My practice focuses on preventive health and these publications have been an invaluable resource."
A.R., MD, MPH, Anita M. Roybal Family and Preventive Health, Rio Rancho, NM, May 1, 2011
"We are a family medicine residency program and we give numerous vaccines. We had received this publication in the past and found it very educational not only for the nurses, but also for our physicians."
D.H., LPN, E.Blair Warner Family Medicine Center, South Bend, IN, April 18, 2011
"I am a very proud subscriber of the IAC publications who consistently utilizes, promotes, and highlights your awesome tools and resources that are user friendly, thus making my life much easier. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with such awesome tolls and resources. Also to let you know that you have a huge difference in how vaccinators and the general public view the importance of vaccinating throughout our life span."
S.B., Regional Adolescent/Adult Immunization Coordinator, Texas Department of State Health Services, Health Service Region 9/10, El Paso, TX, April 18, 2011
"...I cannot express enough on how much I appreciate the Immunization Action Coalition and all the outstanding work you do. Every time I'm on your website or get the IAC Express I leave a little smarter than I was, so the term 'Knowledgeable Ones' is fitting and well deserved. I know Ask the Experts is fitting for both Dr. Atkinson and Dr. Kroger who are always on point and always share their infinite wisdom, but all you there on your team deserve kudos for your hard work!! So once again thank you for sharing your wisdom with me."
R.A., Health Systems Specialist, Clinical Education & Training Division, MILVAX, Office of the Surgeon General, April 13, 2011
"We continue to rely on you and your organization to help us apply our energies as efficiently as possible."
C.H., Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics, Kansas City, KS, April 13, 2011
"We are a pediatric office and we give LOTS of vaccines! Needle Tips has always been very helpful!!"
E.B., LPN, Lake St. Louis, MO, April 13, 2011
"I love the Ask the Experts editions [of IAC Express]. It is wonderful to get straightforward answers to everyday issues we encounter. Thank you so much."
C.K., BSN, RN, Nursing Program Coordinator, Tri-County Health Department, Lone Tree, CO, April 6, 2011
"IAC, We love your service and products.... Thanks for all you do!"
P.B., RN, BSN, Manager, Employee Health & Wellness, Greenville Hospital System, South Carolina, April 1, 2011
"Giving immunizations is a very large part of my job responsibility and these publications keep me up to date."
J.B., RN, The Whole Child Pediatrics, Florence, KY, March 15, 2011
"Keeps me up to date of latest news, plans, and developments in the field of immunizations - I really enjoy these publications and am returning after a 3 year absence. First thing I wanted was the info to get me back up to speed! Thanks for the links and the newsletters!!!"
J.P., LVN, Galveston County Health District, Dickinson, TX, March 4, 2011
"Great publications to keep current with best immunization practices! I miss the print versions."
M.V., MD, Pediatric Associates, Rye Brook, NY, March 1, 2011
"We love Ask the Experts."
K.R., Madison & Dane County Public Health, WI, February 22, 2011
"I already get the Needle Tips and like it because it keeps me up to date on important topics."
C.A., RN, Risk Management Coordinator/Employee Health and Infection Control Nurse, Jefferson City Medical Group, Jefferson City, MO, February 7, 2011
"These publications provide me with current vaccination information. Most of all they provide me with tips in order to maintain safe practice."
M.P., LPN, School Vaccination Team, Alberta Health Services, Okotoks, AB, January 26, 2011
"Have received them [IAC publications] in the past when I worked for another organization and they were wonderful!! Very educational for staff."
M.S., LPN, Clinical Lead Supervisor, Wellstar Pediatrics and Adolescent Center of Cobb, Austell, GA, January 26, 2011
"Ask the Experts is a great resource for public education in the acute care setting. Alerts for updated vaccination recommendations help me to stay on top the needs of the community we serve."
S.S., BSN,RN,CAPA, Infection Control, Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, IL, January 26, 2011
"Thank you for all you do to provide excellent resources; I use them often..."
P.F., Perinatal Hepatitis B Coordinator, Michigan Department of Community Health, January 25, 2011
"I refer to this resource weekly, if not daily for guidance on immunization administration. It's a great publication."
G.F., CRNP, Maryland-Chesapeake Chapter NAPNAP, Stevensville, MD, January 23, 2011
"I am a provider and the information assists me to identify appropriate use of vaccines and to explain importance of vaccines to parents and others. Excellent resource for the latest information."
M.G., RN, MPH, NP, HOPE Clinic Newport Mesa USD, Costa Mesa, CA, January 22, 2011
"I think it is great [magazine format of Vaccinate Adults]. Love the layout and LOVE the ZOOM feature!"
J.W., Clark County Combined Health District, Springfield, OH, January 18, 2011
"[Your publications] keep us updated on best practice for immunizations. Also use information from the publications to use in our Physician's Newsletter that is distributed in our health district."
J.R., RN, BS, Director of Nursing, Delaware General Health District, Delaware, OH, January 14, 2011
"I am a case manager and occupational health nurse for the Health Services Department. I utilize the information in Needle Tips publications on a daily basis."
T.P., BSN, RN, Loyola Gottlieb Hospital, Melrose Park, IL, January 10, 2011
"We run childhood immunization clinics so updated info on vaccines is very helpful--especially like Ask the Experts."
L.J., RN, Tazewell County Health Department, Morton, IL, January 7, 2011
"As Medical Director, I tend to be the 'go-to guy' about vaccines at our large faculty and resident teaching practice. The publication is very informative."
L.D., MD, Medical Director, Rochester General Pediatric Associates, Rochester, NY, January 7, 2011
"Reading the newsletters continues to keep me updated on immunization practice and protocol."
C.B., RN, BS, MOT, LCHD, Adrian, MI, January 6, 2011
"We give a lot of immunizations a resident family practice program and the info you give is a great help to me with teaching residents."
P.E., RN, Altoona Family Physicians, Altoona, PA, January 5, 2011
"We are a newer clinic and are working on getting our immunizations clinics up to par and [your publications] have a lot of helpful hints."
K.H., BSN, RN, BDCH Medical Clinics, Beaver Dam, WI, January 5, 2011
"[Your publications] not only help my work, they are my work. Reminders of when the new VIS come out, Needle Tips keep us on our toes. You are amazing!"
K.B, MD (pediatrician), Winnsboro, TX, December 28, 2010
"Giving immunizations is part of what I do on a daily basis. Getting updated information is always helpful. I really enjoy the Q&As."
B.K., RN, Panhandle Health District 1, Saint Maries, ID, December 27, 2010
"Thank you for being a superb resource."
P.M., RN, LSW, MBA, CIC, Pharmacology Nurse Coordinator, Anesthesiology Institute, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, December 7, 2010
"I routinely give immunizations to adults and children, and these publications help me to address the questions that come up when patients are off schedule."
C.C., MD, Sanford Health, Fargo, ND, December 2, 2010
"Ask the Experts and the FAQs are wonderfully helpful things. Thank you."
M.W., BSN, RN, Student Health Care Center, Gainesville, FL, November 18, 2010
"Your publication is extremely valuable to my practice. It keeps my knowledge current as well as addresses what to do in an atypical situation."
V.A., RN, CPNP, Huntington Medical Group, Smithtown, NY, November 6, 2010
"I find a nugget or two in every edition of each publication. Recommendations and change and new products are being introduced on an ongoing basis."
J.N., Program Manager, West Virginia Immunization Program, Charleston, WV, October 20, 2010
"We are a busy pediatric office. These publications educate our office and the families that we care for."
M.V., BA, RN, Pediatric Associates of Watertown, PC, Watertown, NY, October 12, 2010
"[Your publications] are a great resource when teaching future Allied Healthcare workers the importance of educating patients as well as themselves."
L.C., Medical Assistant Instructor, Allied Health, Sommerville, MA, October 6, 2010
"These publications are a valuable resource to our continuing staff education."
V.L., RN, Charge Nurse, Olney Medical Associates, Olney, MD, October 5, 2010
"Needle Tips is a wonderful publication and I always read it cover to cover."
S.D., RN, Audrain City-County Health Unit, Mexico, MO, September 27, 2010
"I wanted to thank you for all the hard work and the great job you do in promoting immunizations and keeping healthcare professionals informed. Your organization is an invaluable resource for me... Thank you again for all your efforts--they are greatly appreciated."
J.M., RN, BSN, Primary Care Partners, Grand Junction, CO, September 2, 2010
"I am responsible for vaccination of patients & employees. These publications provide updated vaccine information, vaccination program implementation information and tools."
J.M., RN, MSN, Employee Health/Infection Control Nurse, Northwest Kidney Centers, Seattle, WA, August 20, 2010
"Please let your staff know that their work is so helpful in so many ways. The busy pediatrician offices that I visit here in Central Florida really benefit from having good, easily digestible and pointed information that the Immunization Action provides. In addition to sharing the IAC Express by email, I provide photocopies of Needle Tips to the offices when I make either audit or educational visits. I encourage the doctor or lead nurse to make them available in the lunch room or other location where staff might find that they have just a few moments of free time. There is a distinct advantage in being able to provide information that is not branded as being sourced from the vaccine industry or government programs. It seems that people are more willing to accept and believe information that comes from what they consider to be an unbiased source. So, keep up the good work and remember that you are all very close partners with parents and pediatricians here in Florida even though we are separated by hundreds of miles."
L.D., Bureau of Immunization, Bartow, FL, August 10, 2010
"I work in a shot room and find this publication invaluable."
E.S., LPN, Allina, Ramsey, MN, August 10, 2010
"We are a pediatric office and give Immunizations on a daily basis. The information found in the Needle Tips has been extremely helpful."
D.D., LPN, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant/Infant Educator, CPAM, Dover, DE, August 10, 2010
"I look at my Needle Tips often to confirm when a dose should be given or not be given, in fact, our whole staff does,--very helpful."
L.L., RN, Leslie County Health Department, Hyden, KY, August 9, 2010
"Ask the Experts always seem to answer questions we have."
B.P., MD, Mahopac, NY, August 8, 2010
"I referred to your publications when I was starting my own pediatric practice seven years ago and I still refer to them. I also have my staff who immunize my patients refer to your publications. Thank you."
J.E., MD, Media Pediatrics, Wallingford, PA, July 29, 2010
"I am responsible for supporting promoters and providers of immunisation in my region in NZ. These publications enable me to remain up to date with international trends in immunisation, support with resources that are relevant to the NZ immunization schedule, and maintain my professional development."
B.H., Immunisation Facilitator, Nelson Bays Primary Health, Nelson, New Zealand, July 13, 2010
"Your publications keep me updated with what is going on with the CDC and new things that are coming out and what is going on."
M.T., University of Michigan Health System, Wayne, MI, July 12, 2010
"I have found these publications to be a great resource for vaccine updates we would otherwise not be aware of. I find many folks have the same questions and concerns that our clinics have."
B.K., Program Coordinator, RiverStone Health, Billings, MT, July 9, 2010
"The Vaccinate Adults! series has been a wonderful resource for us. The questions readers submit are a lot of the same ones we have."
J.G., FNP, First Onsite, LaFayette, GA, June 29, 2010
"Ask the Experts Q and A very informative. I share information with clinicians and will assist with internal vaccine committee."
M.S., PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, HealthCare Partners, Torrance, CA, June 22, 2010
"Thanks for the excellent work that IAC does. Your team does a fantastic job of promoting immunization!"
R.F., Michigan Department of Community Health Immunization Program, June 10, 2010
"The publications help me in my consultations and lectures for CDC, vaccine manufacturers, and university students."
Z.X, MD, Shanghai Medical School, Fudan University, China, June 7, 2010
"The Ask the Experts sections are very helpful."
S.O., BSN, Vermont Department of Health, Springfield, VT, May 6, 2010
"Your publications help me keep up to date with current recommendations, products, and advisories."
S.M., MD, Clark Family Care, Winchester, KY, May 5, 2010
"Thank you for all the materials you produce. They make our jobs much easier."
K.D., BSN, RN, Grand Forks Public Health, ND, May 4, 2010
"I am an RN in a family practice office. We give immunizations and are a VFC provider. I have always found this newsletter very informative and I also like keeping current and being informed of new developments."
L.L., RN, Petersburg, IN, May 4, 2010
"I give immunizations and your publications help with my job by decreasing mistakes and making me aware of any changes in the immunization schedule"
K.H., RN, BSN, Ford Iroquois Public Health Department, Milford, IL, May 3, 2010
"[Your publications] are excellent resources to keep up with all the changes and latest recommendations, also for patient safety."
K.S., RN, BS, infection control nurse, Fort Yuma Indian Health Service, Yuma, AZ, April 22, 2010
"[Your publications] give me the most current information in immunizations from infancy through adults. I share this information with the entire staff of our office."
B.H., RN, office nurse, Saginaw, MI, April 13, 2010
"I have just finished reviewing Needle Tips (Feb. 2010) online and I could stay on the site all day--happily!!...I cannot wait to share the tidbits that I have learned this morning through Needle Tips. I have a valuable network of PHNs in New Jersey with our professional group, Greater Passaic Valley Public Health Nurses Association. We received from IAC a few years ago "Save Lives--Immunize" pins which we wear proudly. Regards to all your very dedicated staff."
M.D., PHN, Madison Health Department, Madison, NJ, March 30, 2010
"I use these to double check any unusual immunization schedule situations, such as delayed or out of usual order. I also use them as teaching tools for NP students that I precept and for new-hire nurses to help them learn the immunization schedules and the special rules to determine spacing of immunizations."
K.K., pediatric nurse practitioner, Oklahoma City, OK, March 18, 2010
"Needle Tips is essential to my role as a public health nurse."
D.V., RN, BSN, Preventative/Public Health Nurse, Harrington Memorial Hospital, Southbridge, MA, March 5, 2010
"I look for the VIS date list [in NT] to keep our Vaccine Handbooks current for nurses and education for healthcare providers on vaccine related topics."
K.C., AD, RN, Employee Health Nurse, Seven Hills Pediatric Center, Groton, MA, March 4, 2010
"Your publications keep me up to date on the latest information about vaccinations. They also help to answer questions that come up."
J.W., BSN, MHA, APO AE, February 23, 2010
"I feel like I can be on the edge of changes when I read your publications. I like being there!"
L.C., BS, Hamilton County Immunization Coordinator, Memorial Community Health Inc., Aurora, NE, February 16, 2010
"Your publications help me answer client and staff questions and keep myself up to date and current. The articles are real-life situations. I don't need research and technical information."
L.S., RN, Nurse Manager, Supervisor, South Central Public Health District, Twin Falls, ID, February 12, 2010
"The information in Needle Tips is very informative especially when changes occur with immunizations that can be shared with other healthcare workers and parents in our clinics. The tips can be used during our inservice training with our daycare providers and immunization coalition members."
B.R., LPN, Memphis/Shelby County Health Dept., Memphis, TN, February 11, 2010
"UMDHU is main provider for child immunizations in Mountrail County and I have used your Needle Tips info in the past as an excellent educational resource."
D.L., RN, BSN, Upper Missouri District Health Unit-Stanley Office, Stanley, ND, February 11, 2010
"We use your publications all the time and they keep us up to date."
L.B., RN, Director, Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Public Health, Anaconda, MT, February 11, 2010
"I manage an immunization clinic which gives vaccines to children and adults. This publication helps keep us up to date on vaccine schedules and issues."
M.R., RN, MSW, Nursing Program Manager, Denver Public Health, Denver, CO, February 11, 2010
"I am a family physician and take sincere responsibility to educate the staff and patients on the risks and benefits of immunizing and choosing to not immunize. I find the magazine very informative and up to date. I have recommended it to many and used the CD for RN education. Thank you for all your work!!"
M.G., Newton Medical Center, Wichita, KS, January 25, 2010
"We give many vaccines in our practice. These 'tips' are extremely helpful to our nurses and physicians."
Rosemarie Arcaro, RN, Team Leader, St. Francis Family Practice, Wilmington, DE, January 20, 2010
"Your accurate and timely immunization information is of vital importance to my employee health nursing practice. I follow your guidance and advice every day."
L.W., RN, BSN, COHN, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, January 12, 2010
"As Clinical Coordinator for a supermarket pharmacy chain consisting of more than 800 pharmacies and more than 1000 immunizers, I use these publications to stay abreast of new information when communicating to our immunizers."
J.P., PharmD, Clinical Coordinator, Publix Super Markets, Inc., Lakeland, FL, December 30, 2009
"We are a travel vaccine practice and [your publications] are always VERY useful!!"
L.C., RN, BSN, PHN, Nursing Director, Passport Health, Tustin, CA, December 29, 2009
"The immunization questions have really answered some of the questions that have come up in our office related to administering vaccines."
A.M., RN, Freeport Heath Network, Freeport, IL, December 19, 2009
"I am a PNP student, and Needle Tips contains extremely useful information."
M.H., Fort Washington, MD, December 8, 2009
"[Your publications] are very informative with up to date information."
A.H., FNP-BC, Partners Healthcare, Boston, MA, November 24, 2009
"These publications keep me informed of the updates and changes in vaccination recommendations. As the immunization coordinator for a local health department, this is valuable information."
L.T., BSN, Immunization Coordinator, Eastern Idaho Public Health District, Idaho Falls, ID, November 17, 2009
"We provide immunizations as a general part of our practice of adult medicine. These publications keep us informed as to what is required and needed in this ever changing society of ills."
J.W., Practice Administrator, Washington, DC, November 13, 2009
"Ask the Experts is priceless in addressing issues relating to specific vaccines."
N.W, RN, BSN, Vaccine Study Nurse, University of Maryland CVD, Frederick, MD, November 11, 2009
"Ask the Experts provides answers to questions I hadn't formulated yet and is a storehouse. The summary of recommendations, including the catch-up schedules and contraindications all together is invaluable when kept at the immunization station."
P.S, MD, pediatrician, Next Door Pediatrics-CMG, Milwaukee, WI, November 11, 2009
"[Your publications] keep us current with vaccines covering all aspects! Very comprehensive and greatly appreciated!"
G.M., RN-BC; Med, Health Center Director, Randolph College, Lynchburg, VA, November 11, 2009
"The immunization area is a new one for me and these publications are very helpful in providing not only myself with needed and current information but, also allow me to provide needed information and resources to our patients."
K.R., RN, Clinical Customer Service Manager, Freedom Health Group, Spokane Valley, WA, November 11, 2009
"I am a private practice pediatrician and have always found the print version of Needle Tips to be very helpful."
J.S., MD, Fort Wayne Pediatrics, P.C., Fort Wayne, IN, November 4, 2009
"I have always found Needle Tips to be extremely informative and helpful in keeping with the latest information on new vaccines or updates on our usual vaccine schedule."
K.M., MD, pediatrician, Quad- Med Clinic, Sussex, WI, November 1, 2009
"I administer vaccines as an occupational health nurse, and this publication helps me obtain vital information about the vaccines I'm administering!"
A.H., RN, COHN, Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, NC, October 20, 2009
"I first discovered Needle Tips when it was passed around the office to share with anyone interested. I would not have discovered it otherwise. I now subscribe and read each issue pretty much cover to cover, and share it with others. I am sorry to hear that the hard copy version will no longer be available. I am one who believes strongly in maintaining a hard copy option for publications. For one, for those of us who spend long hours in front of a computer screen the thought of doing more reading on a computer screen is a burden. Although printing a copy out is always an option, many departments are limiting printing to save costs. The hard copy version is sturdier than the printed version so it stands up to being shared among many people and carried around in a briefcase to medical meetings. It is of better quality printing than my office printer can do (the tiny footnotes are more legible) and the ink is water fast (yes, we do sometimes get caught out in the rain while holding your publication, or spill coffee on it!) Some of our rural health offices have very slow internet connections which limits their use. (And when I was in India in some communities just downloading a single web page from the internet took many minutes per page!) So if the CDC can see it in their heart and pocketbook to fund you for continuing to put out a printed version in the future, you will have one very happy reader then."
E.M., MD, Medical Director, Family Health Bureau, Santa Fe, NM, October 14, 2009
"I am very active with immunizations in my practice of family medicine. Needle Tips helps keep me up to date."
C.M., MD, FAAFP, Chief of Family Medicine, St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Shelby Township, MI, October 10, 2009
"I had previously prescribed to Needle Tips in the past and found it to be an excellent, comprehensive reference for questions about immunizations."
K.R., MD, King of Prussia Family Medicine, King of Prussia, PA, October 9, 2009
"[Your publications] keep me up to date on immunizations. I learn quite a bit from the Q&A section!"
N.K.,, RN, BSN, Edwards County Health Department, Kinsley, KS, October 8, 2009
"We have received Vaccinate Adults in the past and is a great reference guide for a practice that administers vaccines. Helps to answer those infrequently asked questions."
A.H., RN, Clinical Supervisor, Southend Medical Group. Louisville, KY, October 7, 2009
"I am a FP and direct a residency. I have always received Needle Tips and it answers all my immunization questions."
K.S., DO, Associate Director, Altoona Family Physicians, Altoona, PA, September 14, 2009
"I love your publications. They have helped us so many times over the years with our hepatitis questions."
B.A., Assoc. of Nursing, Facility Administrator, Oklahoma Kidney Care Dialysis, Oklahoma City, OK, September 12, 2009
"These publications are lifesavers. We have learned so much from reading them."
B.S., BS, RN, Robert W. Smith, MD, PC, Birmingham, AL, September 8, 2009
"I use Needle Tips as a reference and guide when teaching students how to give pediatric immunizations. Very helpful! I have been using the current copy for 4 years. Thank you."
E.S., PNP, Pediatric Nursing Instructor, Lakeland Community College, Bay Village, OH, September 8, 2009
"I have read your material and have great respect for the information contained in them. Good to be up-to-date on the latest!"
B.S., RN, COHN, Supervisor, Employee Health, CarolinaEast Health System, New Bern, NC, September 3, 2009
"I have found this publication [Needle Tips] a useful resource for specific questions about vaccines and vaccine administration."
M.S., RN, Infection Control Supervisor, Parkhouse Providence Pointe, Royersford, PA, August 25, 2009
"We provide immunizations every day. Needle Tips answers a lot of the questions that come up when we use different brands of a certain vaccine."
D.H., RN, Jenkins County Health Department, Millen, GA, August 18, 2009
"I work as a immunization nurse and like to read Needle Tips and find many helpful articles and web links."
D.H., LPN, Hall County Health Department, Gainesville, GA, August 11, 2009
"As a pediatric NP I give vaccines everyday. IAC and Needle Tips have been very helpful with staying up to date, as well as with catch-up immunization schedules."
S.S., MSN, PNP, Walnut Creek, CA, August 3, 2009
"Needle Tips is an outstanding publication."
P.K., MSN, APRN, BC-PNP, Norwich Pediatric Group, Ivoryton, CT, August 3, 2009
"Thanks for your excellent publication and for all the great educational materials. I really appreciate it and so does my staff. Keep up the awesome work!"
A.D., JD, Executive Director, Houston Area Immunization Partnership, July 24, 2009
"As an occupational health nurse, I vaccinate employees on a daily basis---Vaccinate Adults helps me keep up with the latest information!"
A.H., RN, COHN, Goldsboro, NC, July 20, 2009
"I love receiving your publications. They have so much pertinent information to help in my profession."
R.S., RN, Trumbull County Health Department, Warren, OH, July 20, 2009
"Your publications help to keep me up to date on all the changes with vaccines. With budget cuts there aren't seminars locally any more. So for me it's the best way to keep in the loop. Thanks."
D.H., MA, Jackson, CA, July 13, 2009
"Needle Tips helps keep our clinic up to date on new things. Plus it offers a great Q&A section for us."
J.J., APO AE, USA, July 12, 2009
"I have seen the Needle Tips and find it very useful. I give it to my nurses so they can keep up to date on the immunization information."
G.K., MD, HMG-Narragansett Family Medicine, Baldwinville, MA, July 9, 2009
"I love the up to the minute information so we are always informed and can educate our clients/patients. I also like the question and answer segment."
D.G., RN, WIC Coordinator and part-time Public Health Nurse, LaGrange County, LaGrange, IN, July 1, 2009
"I thank you and IAC again for always being such a trusted resource for the public and public health."
M.D., Public Health Nurse, Madison Health Department, Madison, NJ, June 19, 2009
"I'm an MA and I find the newsletter interesting and a valuable resource."
T.T., Harrington Physician Services, Charlton, MA, June 16, 2009
"I use Needle Tips all the time because I work at a children's clinic and sometimes vaccinations get confusing!"
P.V., FNP, Laramie, WY, June 11, 2009
"Patients always call to check when their kids are due for their vaccines. Needle Tips is always on my desk to answer their questions. Besides that, I enjoy reading the articles and questions/answers."
J.D., Medical Coordinator, American Embassy Abu Dhabi, June 9, 2009
"Your publications are very helpful in staying up to date on immunizations."
J.P., RN, Nurse Supervisor, Evergreen Family Medicine, Roseburg, OR, June 8, 2009
"I use IAC publications all the time for information/training/resource."
K.D., RN, Clinical Team Leader, Southern NH Internal Medicine Associates, Derry, NH, June 4, 2009
"Parents today 'surf' the Internet, picking up bits and pieces of information about vaccines, diseases, and an assortment of other child-related subjects. It's a constant race to keep up with what they are read. I really enjoy reading all the pieces in IAC. Thanks to all the staff who work so hard to bring this material to those of us practicing public health."
C.B., St. Joseph Health Department, St. Joseph, MO, June 3, 2009
"Giving immunizations is part of my daily tasks. IAC publications help me make fewer errors and keep me up-to-date on current recommendations to better inform clients and/or parents."
K.R., RN, Norton County Health Nurse, Norton, KS, June 3, 2009
"I have been subscribed before and the information is greatly useful. And it is so nice to have updated immunization information when patients have concerns about them."
A.F., MA, Tidwell Family Care Center, Surprise, AZ, June 1, 2009
"These publications are very helpful to help keep our staff up to date with information, dosing schedules, and storage of the vaccines we deal with every day."
E.G., BSN, RN, Blanchard Valley Pediatrics, Findlay, OH, May 26, 2009
"We use the vaccine updates and tip questions quite often. Good updated advice in critical times."
T.B., Office Manager, Euclid Pediatrics Inc, Euclid, OH, May 22, 2009
"Immunizations are what we do---we love the information we receive from you."
A.C., LPN, Grant County Health Department, Marion, IN, May 20, 2009
"Needle Tips gives me the latest info on immunizations. It is a great way to keep up to date. There is always info I can use."
M.R., RN, Well-Child Program Coordinator, Families First Health Center, Portsmouth, NH, May 14, 2009
"A few years we implemented a screen, test, vaccinate program for our (many) International students from countries endemic for hepatitis B. Your publications and printed information were tremendous resources, and made our job of educating staff and patients so much easier. I used the Ask the Experts hepatitis B material not only to find answers to our own questions but also to help spread the word among my college health colleagues. So, thank you again, and keep up the great work!"
B.D., APRN, FNP, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, May 13, 2009
"It seems each issue contains some important information I didn't know about before."
J.N., Program Manager, West Virginia Immunization Program, Charleston, WV, May 11, 2009
"I already subscribe to IAC Express to keep updated on latest immunization news, in order to keep my nursing staff aware of vaccine changes, etc. I use Needle Tips, Vaccinate Adults, and Vaccine Women as a basis for inservices to educate our health dept. staff on vaccines, their administration, and vaccine issues."
C.W., BSN, Immunization Program Manager, Forsyth County Dept. of Public Health, Winston-Salem, NC, May 11, 2009
"As a pediatric lead triage nurse, these publications assist me in communication with my staff nurses and physicians about immunization practices."
C.S., RN, Pediatric Lead RN, Aspen Medical Group, Bloomington, MN, May 8, 2009
"Needle Tips keeps me up-to-date on the latest research about immunizations and helps me answer questions parents may have about immunizations."
C.C., BSN, Gundersen Lutheran, Onalaska, WI, May 8, 2009
"I use your publications all the time--they are great!"
S.B., FNP, NCB, NY, May 3, 2009
"I have always found Needle Tips to be helpful in my primary care pediatric practice."
L.S., MD, Glenwood, NY, May 2, 2009
"These publications are life savers. We have learned so much from reading them. Fantastic. Always informative."
B.S., BS, RN, Office Manager, Robert W. Smith MD, PC, Birmingham, AL, April 27, 2009
"ATHNA is the American Travel Health Nurses Association at www.athna.org, a rather young organization that promotes professionalism in travel health nursing. We have a 'white box' on our home page that communicates current news in our field. IAC information is often posted there...I include IAC in my professional presentations--it is very easy for me to promote such a terrific resource for immunizing clinicians, including NPs."
G.R., NP, MPH, Travel Well of Westchester, Inc, Briarcliff Manor, NY, April 23, 2009
"We consult IAC newsletters for updated VIS and recommendations; they are reviewed by me and then by my nurse."
C.M., MD, Pediatrician, NBMC Pediatrics, Coos Bay, OR, April 21, 2009
"I use your information every day to answer questions that come up about immunization."
P.O., MD, Family HealthCare Associates, Colleyville, TX, April 20, 2009
"Your publications are indispensable. We use your copy-ready forms such as the immunization questionnaire--it keeps us up-to-date in an easy-to-understand format."
C.G., LVN, Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft Sam, Houston, TX, April 16, 2009
"Your publications keep me up to date in a quick and easy way. I have used your downloadable handouts, etc, for years and find them extremely helpful for parents and staff."
L.E., MS, APN/CPNP, Advocate Hope Chren's Hospital, Oak Lawn, IL, April 8, 2009
"Needle Tips is a very informative newsletter that helps me to keep up with all vaccine-related issues, current guidelines, frequently encountered questions, changes, etc."
A.E., MD, A to Z Pediatrics, Flower Mound, TX, April 8, 2009
"Your publications are the fastest way to keep me up to date."
M.A.C., BSN, Nurse Manager, Abdow Friendship Pediatrics, Rockville, MD, April 8, 2009
"We give about 6500 vaccinations per year. These publications help our public health nurses keep up to date on what's new with immunizations."
K.W., RN, Director of Nursing, Ross County Health District, Chillicothe, OH, March 31, 2009
"I am a school nurse who reviews immunization records of all enrolling students. Many times, parents need additional information about immunization recommendations, and I find your materials the most comprehensive and readable."
K.C., San Gabriel, CA, March 30, 2009
"Your publications keep us updated on critical immunization information. I love the question and answer section."
J.H., RN, Office Manager, Wagoner Medical Group P.C., Grand Island, NE, March 26, 2009
"I use your publications to prepare lecture material for student nurses on immunizations during their pediatric nursing rotation."
P.M., Nursing Faculty, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, Orangeburg, SC, March 24, 2009
"I use the info to help me with vaccine 'rules' such as the minimum interval between vaccines, etc."
A.D., MD, Pediatric and Adult Medicine, Irvine, CA, March 21, 2009
"I extend my thanks for your education and guidance. It is invaluable!"
A.N., MD, Associate Medical Director, Medcor, Inc., McHenry, IL, March 19, 2009
"We are an internal medicine practice and appreciate the reminders and updates--so necessary regarding vaccines and immunizations."
R.B., Practice Manager, Drs Arling and Patterson, PC, Washington, DC, March 17, 2009
"Wonderful resource for up-to-date, detailed, and authoritative information on vaccines, vaccination, and Q&A on wide variety of immunization questions/situations."
B.A., MD, MPH, pediatrician, Chesterfield, VA, March 5, 2009
"[IAC publications] keep me current with the latest recommendations and give practical but scientifically-based solutions to common scenarios."
K.E. MD, Advocate Health Care, South Holland, IL, March 3, 2009
"The 'Ask the Experts' section always answers many of the questions I already have and confirms the answers that I already thought I knew."
C.B., LVNII, Riverside County Public Health, Menifee, CA, February 25, 2009
"We have 3 vaccinating pharmacists on staff, and the information in all of the publications is very helpful to us in allowing us to keep up with the most current recommendations and trends in vaccinations."
S.H., BS Pharmacy, Duran Central Pharmacy, Albuquerque, NM, February 24, 2009
"We have five physicians and one nurse practitioner. Your publications help me help them and our other employees up to date with vaccine information."
J.A., LPN, Office Manager, UHMP- Medina Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, Medina, OH, February 11, 2009
"Needle Tips has a wealth of immunization information in an issue. I always learn something."
J.C., RN, Hampshire County Health Department, Augusta, WV, February 10, 2009
"The info is so good and keeps me abreast of changes and current policy."
J.P., Malad, ID, February 10, 2009
"Our office gives 90% of our county's childhood and adult immunizations. Needle Tips always has very good information that we use on a daily basis."
K.H., Director of Nursing, Van Wert County Health Department, Van Wert, OH, February 9, 2009
"I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and use [your publications] daily in my practice to guide immunization policies in our clinic."
D.H., Universal City, TX, February 7, 2009
"These publications are vital to my practice in keeping current with immunization info. Needle Tips is always welcome in my mailbox!! It is packed with info and is easy to read. Thanks!!"
M.L.H., BSN, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Fort Smith, AR, February 2, 2009
"I love your publications as a way to keep myself current on most recent vaccine information and we use your materials to educate our patients on the truth about vaccines. I also greatly appreciate your Spanish materials as I care for many families that speak little English."
L.S., MD, Pediatrician, QuadMed Clinics, West Allis, WI, February 2, 2009
"As a pediatrician I'm in the front lines on the vaccine giving and defending to many of my parents. I have always found Needle Tips to be a great resource and read it cover to cover. I'm sad to see it leave print but am very excited to be connected to the website and to be able to connect my patients to more resources."
R.S., MD, Dowd Medical Associates, Winchester, MA, February 1, 2009
"These publications provide up-to-date information in an easily accessible style and they include answers to many questions in the "Ask the Experts" section and most importantly they include ready-to-print educational materials for parents, individuals and vaccine providers."
S.M., MPH, Education & Training Director Immunization Service, Oklahoma State Department of Health, Oklahoma City, OK, January 29, 2009
"Keep staff up-to-date with most current immunization information. Materials used to educate providers and parents and public. These resources are priceless!"
J.G., RN, Immunization Program Coordinator, Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County, Dayton, OH, January 29, 2009
"I am the program director for an internal medicine residency program that trains 100 residents. I personally do all of the vaccine education for my hospital. I find your information vital to my success and I am very grateful for it."
R.W., MD, Residency Program Director, Staten Island Univeristy Hospital, Staten Island, NY, January 29, 2009
"Keeping up to date on immunizations for the busiest clinic in the city. I teach other staff pertinent information found in the publication. I consider myself an advocate for immunization.97% of our patients are immigrants so there is much to be learned and also much to be taught."
K.M., BSN, Metro Davidson County Health Dept., Nashville, TN, January 29, 2009
"All of the nurses in our office read Needle Tips to make sure our practice is at the top of its game. I verify all VIS dates and just enjoy reading all the questions brought up."
M.E.H., RN, Nurse Manager, Lilac City Pediatrics, Rochester, NH, January 28, 2009
"The above publications provide vital information to assist me and staff with carrying out our daily tasks. These publications have valuable information about immunizations, the schedule, vaccine storage and handling and vaccine administration errors."
R.I., JD, Office Director/Immunization Program Manager, Mississippi State Department of Health, Jackson, MS, January 27, 2009
"I love Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults and Women. I was very sad to hear it would only be available on the web. I use it for a resource and it has loads of good information."
T. P., RN- Immunization Coordinator, Grant County Health District, Moses Lake, WA, January 26, 2009
"We are a busy four-physician practice and we are constantly referring to your publications for assistance."
J.K., DO, Marianne Family Practice, Shippendale, PA, January 26, 2009
"As an immunizing pharmacist, the information I receive from your publications is very important to me for keeping up to date on latest guidelines and practices regarding immunizations."
L.W., Pharmacist, Owner, Manager, Union City Pharmacy, Union City, PA, January 26, 2009
"As a pediatrician, I give lots of 'shots' and the tips really do help me, my staff, and my patients."
W. S., MD, Wesley J. Sugai MD, Inc., Kailua Kona, HI, January 20, 2009
"As the person in charge of the vaccine program these publications help me with managing new information and updating providers and nurses on a regular basis. We have approximately 24,000 patients."
D.S., CRNP, Chief Clinical Officer, Choptank Community Health System, Denton, MD, January 19, 2009
"I supervise 10 nurses in a busy pediatric private practice. Needle Tips has always been a very helpful publication and answered many questions in the past."
K.W., LPN, Nursing Supervisor, Chippenham Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Richmond, VA, January 19, 2009
"We use the Needle Tips publication to keep up to date with new issues regarding vaccines. Often if we have a question we find the same question submitted from another provider and the answer to our question! The information is concise and very helpful. With the print publications I can highlight areas that I want my staff to pay particular attention to. Other organizations that I belong to have gone to online publication only and frankly I find that I forget to look at those versions because they are not in front of me. I am sorry to see this print version end."
J.L., BSN, Public Health Officer, Dodge County Human Services and Health Department, Juneau, WI, January 16, 2009
"Needle Tips is my quick reference for all my immunization questions!"
C.K., MD, Pediatrician, Coastal Family Health Center, Saucier, MS, January 15, 2009
"[Needle Tips] provides practical answers to many questions not easily found in package inserts/medical literature. Also provides me a referral source to send patients to for stories about patients regretting vaccine withholding decisions. There is no other source for such information/stories. This is the antidote to anti-vaccination web content. THANK YOU."
S.S.W., MD, Highland Park, IL, January 11, 2009
"[Your publications] have wonderful info on intervals and who should receive specific vaccines and rationale. I am a nurse immunizer often working in the field and the questions you address are quite valuable in serving my clients with accuracy."
N.C., ADN, Good Samaritan Healthcare, Puyallup, WA, January 10, 2009
"We find that oftentimes the questions listed/answered are some of our own. We appreciate the information about updates, new VIS sheets, and have utilized some of the handouts in our practice. We really appreciated the information in the Dec.2008 issue about vaccine-hesitant parents as we are seeing an increase in parent concern re: immunization in our practice."
L.W., RN, CMM, Practice Manager, Brownsboro Pediatrics, Louisville, KY, January 8, 2009
"[Needle Tips] is the BEST and easiest way to get current immunization and vaccine information. The links to websites are so helpful. I have used these publications for years."
J.R., RN,BSN, McIntosh Pediatrics, Blue Springs, MO, January 7, 2009
"I use the immunization information daily, it has been of extreme help. Also has helped me with writing policies and procedures. Hate to miss a single issue. Also, helpful with in-service for staff."
K.B., RN, Clinical Manager, Dunlap Family Physicians, Orrville, OH, January 7, 2009
"This is my favorite periodical. I have been medical assisting for 35 years, 30 of which have been in pediatrics. This magazine has always kept me updated-even when I thought I knew everything! You deserve a big Thank You from all the medical professions who have benefited and will be benefit from all the information you give. Again, thank you from me—someone who will retire soon or maybe teach others. Please know I will strongly advise--read Needle Tips."
C.J., MA, Metro Pediatric Associates, Louisville, KY, January 6, 2009
"Thank you for all your support. You provide vital information to me as a primary care physician for my patients. I discuss immunization with every patient and administer as many indicated immunizations as my patients agree to!"
J.L., MD, Gyneocologic Care, Willowbrook, IL, December 26, 2008
"Needle Tips provides practical, up-to date information in an easy to read format. I really appreciate it."
M.A., BSN, Infection Preventionist, Central MI Community Hospital, Mount Pleasant, MI, December 23, 2008
"Needle Tips assists me in keeping up with changes in standards for vaccines and suggestions for prevention of errors, etc. It has been very helpful in the past."
M.H., RN, Twin Valley Medical Center, Morgantown, PA, December 22, 2008
"I refer to both Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults frequently to make sure we are up-to-date on vaccination and vaccination practices. Also, use info in them to help inservice staff for continuing education."
R.C., RN, Nursing Supervisor, Capitol Pediatrics & Adolescent Center, P.L.L.C., Raleigh, NC, December 22, 2008
"[Your publications] answer questions we have, and also questions we didn't think to ask."
D.T., RN, Administrator, Staffird County Health Department, St. John, KS, December 22, 2008
"These publications are helpful in that they keep me up to date on ever-changing vaccine rules and regulations as well as keeping me informed of new vaccines."
S.P., LPN, Nurse/Office Manager, Fenton Family Medicine, Windham, NH, December 22, 2008
"Our nurse practitioners and I put together a Vaccine Handbook for the staff nurses which gets updated annually and as needed. Needle Tips helps us stay current with VIS sheets and schedule changes. Thank you!"
K.C., AD, RN, SDC and Employee Health Nurse, Seven Hills Pediatric Center, Groton, MA, December 22, 2008
"[Needle Tips] is an excellent resource for tips to discuss with patients about vaccines and their safety and efficacy."
R.O., MD, Manlius, NY, December 22, 2008
"I use these hard copy issues of Needle Tips as a reference for the tough questions of patients and the PAs and nurse practitioners whom I supervise."
F.P., MD, Medical Director, Rescue Mission Free Clinic for the Homeless, Roanoke, VA, December 22, 2008
"[Your publications] have quick, up to-the-minute info on immunization issues. Easy to read...many tidbits to pass on."
P.G., RN, PHN, BSN, MS, Supervising Public Health Nurse, El Dorado County Health Services, Placerville, CA, December 22, 2008
"I am a pediatrician and Needle Tips provides so much valuable up to date information on the use, availability, scheduling and adverse reactions to immunizations. The information sheets for parents/patients are invaluable. Ask the Experts always has a question that I had and it provides so many tips that I can put to immediate use in my practice."
B.A., MD, Attending Physician, Renaissance Health Care Network, New York, NY, December 21, 2008
"I use Needle Tips for personal and professional reference and to teach global healthcare course, nurse practitioner capstone, etc."
D.B., MS, RN, EdD, Professor, Wilmington University, Delmar, DE, December 21, 2008
"I'm a pediatrician and your publications are tremendously helpful (especially the wonderful Ask the Experts columns). I also occasionally give vaccine talks for practices."
S.M., MD, Cherry Hill, NJ, December 21, 2008
"Needle Tips is especially helpful in keeping me up-to-date on immunizations needed at the school age level."
S.S., RN, BSN, MSN, School Nurse, Troy City Schools, Troy, OH, December 20, 2008
"[Needle Tips] helps me train my nurses and medical assistants as well as being a learning device for myself."
B.E., MD, Colts Neck, NJ, December 20, 2008
"I find Ask the Experts very helpful is answering common questions that come up in my practice regarding vaccines. I also appreciate the Summary of Recommendations for Childhood and Adolescent Immunization that is updated annually as a reference in my practice."
K.A., MD, Olmsted Medical Center, Rochester, MN, December 19, 2008
"The immunization questions and the Ask the Experts sections are always of great benefit. We learn new information and we also learn what not to do."
T.G., Office Supervisor, Partners in Pediatrics, Denver, CO, December 19, 2008
"I have enjoyed keeping up to date with Needle Tips in the past. Now I'm happy to receive it online."
R.F., RN, Immunization Charge Nurse, Indiana University Health Center, Bloomington, IN, December 19, 2008
"I use Needle Tips recommendations on a regular basis as a reference. When in doubt, I pull out my print copy and read out loud for myself and the parent. I'm a pediatrician in an underfunded, urban community health center serving low income children."
B.R., MD, William F. Ryan Community Health Center, New York, NY, December 19, 2008
"We utilize the Ask the Experts information regularly. Other published information is often quite helpful as well. Thank you!"
A.G., MD, Priority Care Pediatrics, LLC, Kansas City, MO, December 19, 2008
"This publication [Needle Tips] is very helpful for me to check and verify when patients are behind the schedule and to determine the appropriate intervals between the recommended shots."
S.M., MD, Fairmont, WV, December 19, 2008
"As a pediatrician your new letter provides very valuable information to help with keeping up to date on vaccine information as well as to help with parents who are hesitant to immunize."
A.G., MD, Island Pediatrics, Orange Park, FL, December 19, 2008
"We are a family practice and this is one of the main ways we keep up to date on immunization recommendations and changes. Always a good source for catch-up schedules."
D.H., CMA, Nursing Supervisor, Crawfordsville Family Care, Crawfordsville, IN, December 19, 2008
"I am the immunization coordinator and get valuable info from these publications and they are a great review."
D.F. PHN, Pocahontas County Health Dept, Pocahontas, IA, December 18, 2008
"These publications help answer questions we are posed with each day. I find them very reassuring in that we are telling our patients the most accurate information available for them."
S.B., Clinical Team Lead, Loveland Pediatrics, Loveland, CO, December 18, 2008
"Great review for staff. They are quick reads and help to keep staff up to date on immunizations. Question/answer section is a favorite. We learn from every issue! Thanks!"
L.G., BSN, Wilson County Health Department, Fredonia, KS, December 18, 2008
"I manage a crazy busy pediatric clinic. [IAC publications] keep me up on current events I don't otherwise have time to research."
T.G., Manager, Kansas City Pediatrics, Kansas City, MO, December 18, 2008
"[Needle Tips] is very informative. Answers my questions. Gives me information I can share with my nursing staff."
K.B., RN, Nursing Supervisor, The Salem Pediatric Clinic, Salem, OR, December 18, 2008
"[I use Needle Tips for] keeping up with the great immunization schedules, articles and appropriate printed materials. This and the IAC Express are wonderful resources."
A.S., West Bend, WI, December 18, 2008
"[Needle Tips] keeps me aware of changes in vaccine recommendations and gives me resources for parents' questions about immunizations."
C.T., RN, BSN, School Nurse, Ashland- Greenwood Public Schools, Ashland, NE, December 18, 2008
"We are a pediatric office and find your articles very useful in our practice."
J.K., LPN, Nursing Coordinator, St. Edward Medical Clinic, St. Edward, NJ, December 18, 2008
"This information is very helpful and educational to all our nurses in the clinic."
T.B., LPN, Community Health Services/Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, IN, December 18, 2008
"I continually use [IAC publications] for updates and to educate staff."
M.S., RN, Coordinator Employee Health Kettering Medical Center, Kettering Health Network, Kettering, OH, December 18, 2008
"These publications help keep us current on vaccine recommendations and updates. It has been a very helpful resource to us."
T.J., BS, Practice Manager, Northwest Dayton Physicians, Dayton, OH, December 17, 2008
"Our immunization program works with both children and adults. We use Needle Tips as a tool to maintain the high quality of our practice."
C.D., RN Supervisor, Elkhart County Health Dept., Elkhart, IN, December 17, 2008
"Great information on immunizations! We use the info all the time."
S.H., BSN, Director, Beaverhead County Public Health, Dillon, MT, December 17, 2008
"I am a supervisor for a pediatric clinic. These updates directly impact our daily work."
K.D., RN, Clinical Services Supervisor, Sanford Clinic Children's, Sioux Falls, SD, December 17, 2008
"Can't even begin to list all the ways [use IAC resources] ... provider and parent education, updates on vaccine supply issues, use or modify resources..."
S.B., MPH, VFC/AFIX Program Coordinator, Oregon Public Health Division, Immunization Program, Portland, OR, December 17, 2008
"We are a pediatric practice - we use the tips to provide better service to the children as well as info to present to parents on importance of vaccinations."
J.O., MD, Green Mountain Pediatrics, Bennington, VT, December 16, 2008
"These publications help me stay current on immunization practice."
R.W., BSN, MSN, Public Health Nurse, City of Milwaukee Public Health, Milwaukee, WI, December 16, 2008
"[Your publications] keep me updated on the latest immunization information and new vaccines. I love Ask the Experts."
N.L., RN, PHN, Aitkin County Health & Human Services, Aitkin, MN, December 16, 2008
"[IAC publications] are great at keeping us on the 'cutting edge'"
W.S., MD, Family Physician, Penn Yan, NY, December 15, 2008
"These are very friendly, easy-to-understand publications that truly help physicians."
M.C., MD, Medical Director, My Doctor's Pediatrics, Miami, FL, November 12, 2008
"As nurse manager for an ambulatory medical group, IAC publications are valuable educational resources for ongoing training."
M.S, RN, Nurse Manager, Bon Secours, Richmond, WA, November 10, 2008
"I work for the Immunization Action Plan as an immunization nurse for the Norwalk, CT Department of Health. These resources are important to my job so that I have all the up-to-date information."
E.M., BSN, IAP Nurse, Norwalk Health Department, Norwalk, CT, November 10, 2008
"As a family practice, these publications help answer our questions and keep us updated on vaccine changes."
J.W, Office Manager, Stone Mountain Family Practice, Stone Mountain, GA, November 10, 2008
"I do inservicing and am responsible for our exposure control program. I have gotten valuable information from this publication many times in the past."
M.H., Allegan, MN, November 10, 2008
"Your publication gives invaluable information. It provides information I need to respond to questions (daily) from the public and the medical community."
C.S., RN, Epidemiology/Tuberculosis Nurse, DOH- Lake County Health Dept., Eustis, FL, November 7, 2008
"We are the largest family practice clinic in our area, which is also an underserved area. The medical director and administrator are proponents in keeping our community immunized and our staff updated with the latest information. I rely heavily on your publications!"
S.G., RN, Practice Administrator, Holy Cross Family Practice, San Antonio, TX, November 7, 2008
"I administer vaccines to all ages on a regular basis. These publications keep me up to date and answer questions. Thank you."
C.B., BSN, Jefferson County Public Health, Port Townsend, WA, November 7, 2008
"Working with women and children in immunization clinics as well as HIV clients, I use the information in these publications to keep me informed of the latest updates."
M.B., MSN, Nursing Supervisor, Arlington County DHS, Arlington, VA, November 7, 2008
"I am in charge of travel clinic for 7 clinical sites, responsible for training injection nurse staff adult/pediatric. These publications are an excellent source of information to stay informed."
L.C., BSN, MSN, ND, Kaiser, Martinez, CA, November 7, 2008
"I consult these publications to cross-check changes I have made to our vaccine materials and identify anything I may have missed."
N.E., RN, MA, Managing Editor, Medical; Shoreland, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, November 6, 2008
"IAC publications have always been invaluable to me in my practice as an immunization consultant. I need to have the latest and the greatest for my presentations."
D.D, RN, private practice, Louisville, KY, November 6, 2008
"They [your publications] give me the most up-to-date information on things I need to know."
J.B., RN, Employee Health Coordinator, Fort Myers, FL, November 6, 2008
"As a pediatrician in clinic caring for children aged 0-18, and as a medical director tasked to educate students aged 3-18 and their families, your publications are essential to keeping abreast of the latest immunization updates. Very valuable resource for the pediatrician!"
M.J. MD, Honolulu, HI, October 25, 2008
"I frequently like to refer to Vaccinate Adults and Recommendations for Adult Immunization."
A.L., RN, Alegent Occupational Medicine, Omaha, NE, October 23, 2008
"I am the nurse manager of a pediatrics practice and find the information very helpful for educating myself and my nurses."
L.A., LPN, Potomac Pediatrics, P.C., Woodbridge, VA, October 16, 2008
"I've used Needle Tips to stay current in private practice. Now I'm at a health clinic that is getting ready to start immunizing children for the first time and want to provide accurate guidance."
C.M., MD, Allen County Health Partners, Lima, OH, October 15, 2008
"I already subscribe to "Needle Tips" and find it very informative for myself and for the people with whom I share the information. Having a better understanding of health issues, office practices, etc., regarding immunization helps me provide increased value to my customers."
R.M., Immunization Account Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, Sioux Falls, SD, October 10, 2008
"Thanks so much for your fine publications that do so much to keep providers up to date with the changes in immunizations."
R.P., October 3, 2008
"We give immunizations with State funded vaccines. This journal really helps us to stay up to date with all aspects of immunizations."
P.H. RN, Medical Surgical Associates, Kokomo, IN, September 29, 2008
"I have been subscribing to Needle Tips which is very useful to me!"
M.A., MD, September 22, 2008
"We have been getting Needle Tips & Vaccinate Adults. They keep us up to date on all info pertaining to vaccines. We give all the children's iz's in our county."
M.B., RN, BS, PHN, Phillips County Health Department, Malta, MT, September 22, 2008
"As a college student health service, these publications aid our efforts in keeping our students' immunizations up to date and providing current vaccinations and related information to our students studying abroad."
P.H., RN-C, Administrative Director of Health Services, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, September 17, 2008
"One of our main purposes is to protect our employees with vaccinations and we love using your publications to stay up to date."
P.S., RN, BSN, Manager Employee Health, Clarian Health, Indianapolis, IN, September 16, 2008
"I do surveys for TVFC program in Texas. These publications help me educate staff of clinics I review."
C.H., RN, Midland, TX, September 15, 2008
"These periodicals and emails are great for accessing the most current information regarding immunization. As a new person to the field of immunization they have been invaluable."
C.B., MA, Immunization Program Assistant, NWCO Visiting Nurse Association, Steamboat Springs, CO, September 10, 2008
"We provide on-site nursing in many areas. These publications keep all of my nurses up to date and using the current forms and information!"
S.F., BSN, RN, nursing team leader Besiada Health Innovators, LLC, Green Bay, WI, September 10, 2008
"Thanks for the years of information."
B.S., RN, BGS, Indiana State Department of Health, September 9, 2008
"I have used Needle Tips in the past and love the Ask the Experts section. I always pick up new tips to use in practice."
R.M., MD, Medical Director, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, September 9, 2008
"Helps me keep the CDC /vaccines site up-to-date. Great resource."
C.H., Health Communication Specialist, CDC/NCIRD, Atlanta, GA, September 9, 2008
"They [IAC publications] help me in my immunization lectures and seminars. They also help me to keep up to date on all issues related to immunization."
K.E., MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, September 8, 2008
"We already take Needle Tips and love it. These additional [electronic] publications would help keep us informed about vaccines and etc."
C.B., Diploma-RN, Nursing Coordinator, St. Joseph-Buchanan County Health Dept., St. Joseph, MO, September 8, 2008
"We primarily give adult vaccines and travel meds. The [IAC] publications are great tools of reference."
J.D., Student Health Coordinator, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma, OK, September 8, 2008
"Have subscribed in past ---always found information to be up-to-date and has occasionally changed my practice---either recommending a new vaccine or altering my "catch-up" schedule recommendations."
J.F., MD, Assistant Residency Director, East Carolina University Family Medicine Residency, Greenville, NC, September 8, 2008
"I work in a family practice clinic setting and give immunizations. I always am referring to info found in these publications."
K.G., Jefferson, IA, September 8, 2008
"I support immunization efforts every day in my practice and in the community. IAC helps me keep up to date."
J.B., MD, Associate Professor, Bellaire, TX, September 8, 2008
"Needle Tips is a great source of information for the staff, since we are Pediatrics any vaccines are our business--be it for our patients or for their parents!!"
M.P., RN, Director of Nursing, Palm Beach Pediatrics, Loxahatchee, FL, September 8, 2008
"The information [in IAC publications] helps keep me informed and updated on vaccinations. In turn we can provide the best service possible."
J.H., Clerical Coordinator, St Francois County Health Center, Park Hills, MO, September 8, 2008
"Needle Tips is a wonderful publication. Keep up the good work!"
K.G., MD, Staff Physician, SFSU Student Health Service, San Francisco, CA, September 2, 2008
"Thanks for this valuable newsletter which gets even better year by year. It has extra value because of its readability and timeliness."
Y.M., PhD, Berkely, CA, July 9, 2008
"Thank you! Ask the Experts is such an excellent resource!"
S.F., University of Richmond, Richmond, VA, July 7, 2008
“Your publications are very informative to a lot of practitioners.”
R.B., MD, Family Physician, Morgan City, LA, June 16, 2008
“Your organization is certainly one of the 'premier' resources that I recommend to immunization folks for reliable, up-to-date resources for practitioners and training.”
F.B., PhD, MSEd, Professor & Director, Division of Behavioral Research and Community Health, Department of Pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Norfolk, VA, June 2, 2008
“Needle Tips especially helpful as reference for healthcare worker immunizations. I love 'ask the experts'!”
BB.A., BSN, Employee Health RN, Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, ME, April 23, 2008
“I became familiar with Needle Tips at my last job and would now like to introduce this publication to my fellow workers at the pediatric clinic I am now working at.”
G.S., RN, Southwestern Medical Clinic, Baroda, MI, April 22, 2008
“As the administrator of a small county health department, these periodicals help to keep me abreast of the latest changes in vaccine recommendations.”
C.C., RN, Health Officer, Health Dept. Director, Kingman County Health Department, Kingman, KS, April 22, 2008
“I work in occupational health and vaccinate employees regularly. These publications help me keep up with the latest news and recommendations.”
A.A., ADN, AA, RN, Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, NC, April 14, 2008
“As the facilitator of our county immunization coalition these [IAC publications] are helpful to private practices as well as for my use as an immunization nurse for Larimer County, serving international travelers, child and adult immunizations, as well as contact for local school district nurses.”
K.E., RN, BSN, MS, Public Health & Immunization Nurse, Immunization Coalition Coordinator, Larimer County Dept. of Health & Environment, Fort Collins, CO, April 9, 2008
“As Director of Infection Control, I always try to stay informed of any changes or updated information regarding areas of infection control concern for all age groups. I get Needle Tips now and it has been very helpful for me in my job.”
L.G., Director of Infection Control, East Texas Medical Center, Athens, TX, April 9, 2008
“I am a family practice physician in private practice caring for adults and children. Your information is valuable and current and will allow me to provide the best care for my patients. I receive Needle Tips and use that information in my practice. Thank you for that. Had I known these [other print and electronic publications] were available I would have subscribed. I care for many women who need to have updated vaccine information prior to becoming pregnant and I hope to keep updated with your Vaccinate Women publication.”
V.L., MD, Mountain View Family Physicians, Scottsdale, AZ, April 5, 2008
“I already receive Needle Tips (which has been a wonderful source of information). I work at a local health department in the immunizations clinic. Thanks for these great publications.”
C.H., Eaton Rapids, MI, April 3, 2008
“I continue to speak up for IAC when doing my statewise trainings and when I am in the midst of teachable moments on phone calls about that dang-blamed virus called hep B… Thanks for the envelope in the print copy for donations. I want to do this, as it turned out I could not pledge with my state pledge (federal campaign allows, but not state of IL). As soon as my taxes are in and I make sure I am not heading for the poor house, I will send some $. It's called putting your money where your mouth is… Thanks for all you do and keep up the excellent work.”
K.K., Perinatal Hepatitis B Coordinator, Illinois Department of Public Health, Springfield, IL, April 3, 2008
“They [IAC publications] are wonderful! Full of updated information!”
K.H., BSN, RNBC, Clinic Coordinator, Virginia Dept Healthy, Bristol, VA, April 2, 2008
“This publication helps me to improve on patient care. Lots of times the doctors have no clue on recent updates, so this is good to bring to their attention.”
A.E., MA, Saint Barnabus Healthcare, East Orange, NJ, April 1, 2008
“I work with children and always find your information helpful!”
L.M., MA, Brookfield, WI, April 1, 2008
“We are a public health department with 3 offices. The information provided in these publications ensures that staff are kept up-to-date with the most current recommendations, studies and materials. I personally find these publications to be very thorough and informative.”
T.P., RN, Immunization Program Manager, Central District Health Department, Boise, ID, March 31, 2008
“I am the clinical coordinator of a large family practice and find your publications clear, concise and excellent for patient and staff education.”
M.C., LPN, Jaffrey Family Medicine, Jaffrey, NH, March 28, 2008
“I have read these publications for years because they help me stay up to date on developments in the world of vaccines, my area of interest.”
B.M., MD, MPH, Director, Medical Affairs, NA, Novartis Vaccines, Boston, MA, March 26, 2008
“I have read Needle Tips and used the info on immunization in my practice. Info on hepatitis B virus serology was also very useful.”
P.S., MD, Yorktown, VA, March 24, 2008
“The previous EH nurse received your newsletters and they helped me greatly when I began this role. I am looking forward to receiving them again.”
L.D., Employee Health, NMMC-Pontotoc, Pontotoc, MS, March 18, 2008
“I'm the Immunization/Allergy nurse for a naval base. I also train all the corpsman and incoming staff on immunizations. The continual updates are vital to my career.”
K.P., Department of Defense, Kings Bay, GA, March 13, 2008
“Just received my Needle Tips March 2008, love it, always read it cover to cover the first day I get it, then keep it as a great resource.”
T.T., Iowa Department of Public Health, March 24, 2008
“First, let me say that I am so appreciative of your efforts to keep us all informed on vaccinations. I receive all the information that I can and pass it on to the employees at all six of our offices and I don't know what I would do without your publications!”
D.T., RN, Director of Clinical Services, Associates in Family Medicine, Fort Collins, CO, March 18, 2008
“Thank you for IAC and the superb immunization work and communication that it accomplishes!”
S.S., MN, RN, Interim Division Director, Immunization Division, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, March 10, 2008
“I am an Occupation Health Nurse Practitioner, and utilize this info on a daily basis.”
C.M., RN, MS, OHNP, Woodside, CA, March 6, 2008
“This list serve keeps me up to date on new vaccination recommendations. I also do case management for perinatal hep B cases."
K.L., BSN, Immunization Coordinator, Coconino County Health Dept, Flagstaff, AZ, March 5, 2008
“I am a school nurse in an elementary school. The publications help keep me up-to-date with my immunization knowledge.”
L.B., RN, school nurse, McNair School, Fort Bragg, NC, March 4, 2008
“I am a neonatal nurse in a hospital where I am sharing this information with parents and peers. Thank you for your great knowledge!”
D.W., RN, Norwest Medical Center, West Fork, AR, March 4, 2008
“These publications have helped make me the 'go to' person in various employment settings. “
H.W.P., FNP, MSN, Redmond, OR, March 4, 2008
“I am a Nurse Practitioner who works with mainly adults. I am also active in the community with children and I frequently get questions about immunizations for children. I have used you as a resource for vaccines and it has helped me. Thanks.”
D.P., APRN-BC, Heartland Care Partners, Lowell, OH, February 15, 2008
"I like to keep out nurses informed of any new changes. I used to get these from previous RN who worked here, but I no longer get any of the publications. After reading them I always share the articles with nurses in the clinic and school health. Very helpful!!”
V.E., RN, Community Health Nursing Director, Okeechobee CHD, Okeechobee, FL, February 15, 2008
“I use them all of the time with providers and colleagues and to keep myself updated.”
S.A., BSN, Arkansas Department of Health, Little Rock, AR, February 13, 2008
“I am an Occupational Health Nurse. Love and use everything you send me! Thank you!!”
M.M,, RN, BSN, MS, Sr. Occupational Health Nurse, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Frazer, PA, February 12, 2008
“It helps me stay informed of the most current vaccine information. It would allow me to keep my staff up to date. I like that it has a question and answer section.”
D.S., BSN, RN, Northwest Family Physicians, Columbus, OH, February 8, 2008
“When doing presentations and talking to clients I know I am giving the most updated information [with IAC publications].”
B.W., MSW, Clinical Social Work, Pontotoc County Health Department,, Ada, OK, February 6, 2008
“I teach in services to other health care professionals. These publications are required reading for me.”
D.D.Y., Louisville, KY, February 5, 2008
“Thanks for all you do for us family docs.”
D.F., MD, FAAFP, Oak Ridge, TN, February 2, 2008
“Thank you for your publication which I keep as a reference for patient inquiries during vaccination."
Anupama Shah, MD, Lexington Ob-Gyn, New York, NY, January 24, 2008
“Thank you for your organization's contributions to immunization efforts and education!”
J.S., RN, BS, Regional Immunization Nurse, Division of Epidemiology and Immunization, Tewksbury Hospital, Tewksbury, MA, January 23, 2008
“I am a loyal reader and use your information in all of my staff meetings…”
C.A., RN, Immunization Coordinator, San Benito County Health and Human Services, Hollester, CA, January 23, 2008
“I am a nurse consultant for southeastern Kansas. I have found your publications to be very educational and will help me help other providers. I train them in the correct development and implementation of their vaccine programs.”
P.R., RN, Nurse Consultant, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Chanute, KS, January 11, 2008
“I work in a college health service. The information you provide is most helpful. We administer immunizations and we also have a women's health clinic.”
P.C., RN, Director of Health Services, University of New Haven / Health Services, West Haven, CT, January 10, 2008
“I love Needle Tips!”
G.F., RN, outpatient health unit nurse, U.S. Embassy Berlin, Berline, Germany, January 9, 2007
“I teach nursing to BSN students. You have great articles!”
P.M., PhD, RNn BC, Professor, Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ, January 7, 2008
“I work in a high school. We frequently get students who have immigrated to the US and need vaccines. Your materials are well written and provide information that we can use to educate these families.”
A.D., RN, CSN, MSNc, Certified School Nurse, South Plainfield High School, South Plainfield, NJ, January 3, 2008
“I have found 'Ask the Experts' to be very helpful.”
L.W., The Everett Clinic, Mukilteo, WA, December 11, 2007
“I truly enjoy and read all your publications. I am the immunization coordinator for our health department. If I have signed up already, please disregard. Thank you for all that you do.
S.H., RN, Wasatch County Health Department, Heber City, Utah, December 10, 2007
“I like reading the issues you published. They were very informative and I learned a lot, and shared the information with my colleagues.”
T.Z., staff nurse, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Dumont, NJ, December 9, 2007
“As an Administrator these publications give me a quick overview of what is happening in this area.”
D.P., CHS Adm./Director, Dodge/Steele CHS, Owatonna, MN, December 7, 2007
“As immunization program coordinator, it is my responsibility to stay up-to-date on immunization practices for clients of all ages. I have gained a great deal of knowledge from past issues.”
M.E. Public Health Nurse, Wyoming County Health Department, Silver Springs, NY, December 7, 2007
“I work as Director of Nurses in an eight county Public Health Unit in North Dakota--all information in these publications is relevant and important to our programs.”
D.O., Director of Nurses, Southwestern District Health Unit, Dickenson, ND, December 6, 2007
“I am a Army Aeromedical Physician Assistant working providing primary care to soldiers and their families. One of my physician peers had the Vaccinate Adults literature and after reading it I was thoroughly impressed.”
J.D., BDE Aeromedical Staff PA-C, U.S. Army, November 15, 2007
“[The newsletters] are references for questions asked about immunization requirements and recommendations, vaccines changes, shortages (and the cartoons are cute too!)”
J.P., RN, St. Joseph Jr/Sr High School, Hilo, HI, November 5, 2007
“I am an RN and work in a pediatrics office. We receive Needle Tips in the office and it is a great reference guide for us. Having it online on my home computer will be a great help.”
P.P., Nursing Supervisor, Southcoast Primary Care, North Dartmouth, MA, November 4, 2007
“I feel that your publications are very helpful.”
D.T., Shelby County Family Medicine, Shelbyville, IN, October 30, 2007
“I am a communicable disease nurse and I love reading the info you put out and use it in immunization clinic and when dealing with my HBV and HCV clients.”
L.G., RN, BSN, Cowlitz County Health Department, Longview, WA, October 31, 2007
"Honestly, I don't know what we would do without it!! It is such an excellent source of information presented in a very easy to use format. What do I use it for? I use it for ALL of our staff and parent education programs. We use the material for handouts at health fairs and moms and tots programs in libraries. We use the videos for orientation for all of our new immunization nurses as well as all of the nursing students who do their clinical time in our health centers. One of our favorite pieces is the "Shots for Babies." The mothers love it because it is written in language that they understand and it makes sense to them. We have a very large Hispanic population in our county and having the material in Spanish makes it so much easier for us. Our county has limited finances to create new immunization teaching materials. With the Needle Tips materials the only thing we have to do is make copies!! Thank you so much for making Needle Tips the great publication it is!! Our staff would be lost without it. The mailed copies are passed from staff member to staff member so everyone get the opportunity to read it from cover to cover."
M.K., RN-CS, CPNP, Suffolk County Department of Health Services, Hauppauge, NY, October 10, 2007
“I operate a nurse-run immunization clinic; the info from this publication [Needle Tips] is crucially important in my work.”
P.K., Blackwood, NJ, June 27, 2007
“They answer questions I and my staff have in a simple, easy to understand manner. They are available as reference and to update date for staff and clients alike.”
L.S., RN, South Central District Health, Twin Falls, ID, June 26, 2007
“This [IAC publication] has been a trusted source for updates on immunization practices & information. Thank you.”
P.B., RN, Director, Health Services, Westfield State College, Westfield, MA, June 26, 2007
“I am a nursing supervisor in the immunization department at a busy health department. The tips and information in the publication are very helpful and welcomed by the nursing staff.”
S.H., BSN, Central District Health Department, Boise, ID, June 26, 2007
“I am a registered nurse in a family practice residency program. These publications are great teaching tools as well as resources.”
C.W., RN, BSN, MSN, RNC, Scottsdale, AZ, June 25, 2007
“Any advice on doing things in a pediatric office is helpful. The Needle Tips always has so much helpful information for us about things we did not know or things we were doing wrong. It is great.”
D.V., LPN, Metairie, LA, June 25, 2007
“Thank you for providing these excellent resources.”
L.P., DO, Family Medicine Program Director, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Lewisburg, WV, June 25, 2007
“We provide adult and childhood immunizations. We already receive Needle Tips and IAC Express and find them extremely informative.”
P.A., Horn Memorial Community Health, Ida Grove, IA, June 22, 2007
“I update policies for employee vaccination and find great value in Needle Tips and IAC
M.L., BSN, St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, MN, June 6, 2007
“As an Infection Control and Employee Health Coordinator for a healthcare facility I use this information to educate staff and keep current on what immunizations are recommended to be provided to healthcare workers.”
M.L., Upland Hills Health, Dodgeville, WI, May 30, 2007
“I work in a pediatric office and I find the publication to be very educational.”
R.T., BSN, Topeka, KS, May 24, 2007
“We are a group of community health centers that see a wide variety of patients from pediatrics to geriatrics. These newsletters are very helpful with keeping us up to date on immunization related topics.”
I.T., PA-C, Palmetto Health Council, Inc., Decatur, GA, May 24, 2007
“These publications keep us well informed and up to date which enables us to provide the best health care for our patients.”
T.L., Somersworth, NH, May 23, 2007
“These [publications] have really helped me keep up-to-date in information. Great service. Thank you.”
D.E., MS, BSN, VA Black Hills Health Care System, Hot Springs, SD, May 10, 2007
“These publications always have good updated information and we always want the most current info. As a small county public health agency we deal with all these issues. We strive to provide the most up to date information to our clientele.”
D.G., RN, Benton County Human Services/ Public Health, Foley, MN, May 9, 2007
“I work in the public health sector and administer vaccines to children who are behind, while in the process I am asked questions concerning adult vaccines and I want to provide as much information as I can. Thank you--I am currently a subscriber to Needle Tips which is a valuable resource!”
K.J.. RN, Cincinnati, OH, May 9, 2007
“Thanks very much for the excellent work you do!”
C.H., MD, Texas Children's Pediatric Associates, Houston, TX, May 7, 2007
“My responsibilities include keeping the health system up-to-date on vaccine changes and related information. These publications are a good source of information to support that process.”
D.P., RPh, Director, Pharmacy Clinical Programs, Geisinger Health System, Danville, PA, May 3, 2007
“Thanks for the excellent help with good information about immunization.”
J.S., Hawaii State Department of Health, April 30, 2007
“This publication always has useful tips and answers to immunization issues.”
C.S., RN, Aspen Medical Group, Bloomington, MN, April 25, 2007
“As a nurse, I am always educating my clients regarding preventive health measures so that they may avoid complicating their own health with contagious diseases that would attack their weak immune systems when around others in their families, friends, and public places. I like to keep myself educated and well informed. I had a friend who believed that her child did not need her 'shots' and I was able to convince her using an older copy of Needle Tips Fall/Winter 1998 which had a section on deaths of children/adults who contracted contagious diseases without being vaccinated. It was a very informative article and it helped to persuade my friend to get her child vaccinated.”
J.I., AAS, BSEd, MEd, MA, Galveston, TX, April 21, 2007
"I have been receiving and using all of the publications from the IAC for about 13 years. It is a wonderful resource and the best on the Internet for immunization information. I frequently distribute the handouts to parents, school nurses, and MD offices as well as give out the website [address]. I have my obstetrician husband reading Vaccinate Women."
S.S., RN, Torrington Area Health District, Connecticut, April 11, 2007
"I am Communicable Disease Nurse Coordinator and find these publications a great resource and a wealth of information regarding immunization programs."
T.B., BN, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, March 23, 2007
"Your publications are remarkably helpful in answering questions not covered in package inserts."
G.P., MD, Flemington, NJ, March 22, 2007
"I am familiar with the Needle Tips and the hepatitis publication. They are great-easy to read and to the point (no pun intended)."
K.G., Union County Health Department, Marysville, OH, January 31, 2007
"We already receive Needle Tips and find that publication to be of much benefit to our health department. It keeps us informed about the latest trends about immunizations."
C.A., RN, Daviess County Health Department, Washington, IN, January 24, 2007
"I do public health nursing and find Needle Tips useful and easy to read."
S.H., BSN, Custer Health/Mercer County, Stanton, ND, January 24, 2007
"Good reference on immunizations, articles are great for new staff to read."
D.L., RN, Cranberry Pediatrics, Cranberry Twp., PA, January 12, 2007
"Your publications keep us up to date with immunizations and have wonderful tables for vaccines and dosages. I use them for employee education."
S.P., RN, Trimark Physicians Group, Fort Dodge, IA, January 9, 2007
"This booklet is great! I so enjoy reading it. The newsletter keeps us on top of the new immunizations and recommendations."
J.F., RN, Health Department, Independence, KS, January 8, 2007
"I was looking for updated information regarding vaccines, I got a copy of your newsletter from a friend, and it really helped. I liked the article entitled 'Hesitant parent?' and also 'Ask the Experts.' This is very educational and helpful to both patient and physician."
C.K., MA, Miner's Family Health Center, Nevada City, CA, January 5, 2007
"I will complete LPN school in September 2007 and will continue to work at a doctor's office. I am in charge of the OSHA, TB, safety, etc., training and compliance and found your publications very helpful!!!"
K.K., LPN, Chester Clinic, Chester, IL, January 5, 2007
"I am an occupational nurse and immunize many adults in the work force and healthcare workers. Your publication helps keep me up to date on any new changes and alerts."
M.G., RN, Parrish Occupational Medical Services, Titusville, FL, December 19, 2006
"I work with adolescents in a school-based clinic. Many are new immigrants or are kids with no access to a medical home. We do our best to fill the gaps for these kids. Your publications are the best source of current information."
C., RN, CNP, Plymouth, MN, December 19, 2006
"I am a school nurse, and find your publications extremely helpful in keeping up with children's immunizations, as well as utilizing them as resources for questions and concerns related to immunizations, adverse effects, timing of immunizations, etc."
F.M., RN, MS, South-Western City Schools, Grove City, OH, December 18, 2006
"Your information is current and always quotes your sources. I am a pediatrician but would like to receive the adult publication so that I can be sure to proactively give the parents of my children up-to-date information as well."
J.W., MD, East Valley Pediatrics, Gilbert, AZ, December 18, 2006
"Your publications all have valuable information that I refer to on a regular basis."
L.B., Immunization Coordinator, UNCG, Greensboro, NC, December 14, 2006
"I am a nurse working in a clinic where we give routine immunizations to children and adults. We are a licensed yellow fever vaccination center and give all the travel vaccinations. Your newsletters help me stay informed on all the vaccines and up to date with any changes or new information."
R.W., LPN, Ouachita Valley Family Clinic, Camden, AR, December 14, 2006
"I am a quality improvement analyst and write preventive care guidelines for physicians and Medical Mutual members. Your publications help keep me abreast of what's new and what is changing."
A.S., BA, ADN, RN, Medical Mutual, Cleveland, OH, December 14, 2006
"I have responsibility for the employee health and self-insured/administered worker's compensation program for 2800 employees. I rely heavily on IAC publications and e-mails to stay current on vaccine recommendations, VIS changes, and vaccine-related recommendations. Thank you!"
R.A.C., BSN, Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, IN, December 14, 2006
"As director of community health for a health department and an OB/GYN NP, my areas of supervision are STD, immunizations for adults and children, clinicians, etc. These resources allow a quick glance at staying abreast of immunization practice and enable me to stay current."
B.P., BSN, MN, Director of Community Health, Brevard County Health Dept, Merritt Island, FL, December 14, 2006
"Currently receiving Needle Tips, Vaccinate Adults and IAC Express. Extremely useful in providing current information to our 50+ medical departments. Thanks."
W.N., BS Pharmacy, Pharmacy Supervisor, Virginia Dept. of Corrections/Corrections Pharmacy, Richmond, VA, December 14, 2006
"As Health Specialist for Head Start, Needle Tips helps me to maintain my knowledge of immunization practice for infants and children."
M.Z., BSN, Med, Head Start Health Services, Fairfax, VA, December 12, 2006
"I am the immunization rep for 8 county health departments. I have received the hard copy of Needle Tips in the past and found a lot of very helpful information to share with VFC providers as well as the health department."
R.K., Immunization Health Program Specialist, Biloxi, MS, December 12, 2006
"Needle Tips is a great help."
J.S., MA, Office Nurse, Anderson, IN, December 11, 2006
"The Needle Tips is wonderful! I am the employee health coordinator, so the information is extremely helpful."
L.B., Employee Health Coordinator, Ravenna, OH, December 7, 2006
"I provide travel immunizations, hepatitis B and TD to adults 18 and over, and love my subscription to Vaccinate Adults."
L.S., Occupational Health Nurse, Pleasant Valley, NY, October 20, 2006
"I use your publications daily in my practice and to keep the lecture I provide for graduate students updated."
C.H., MS, APN, Golisano Children's Hospital, Rochester, NY, October 15, 2006
"I am a medical student and it is extremely helpful to me to have this valuable information at my fingertips in these great publications!"
C.O., medical student, New Britain, CT, October 13, 2006
"I am nursing supervisor of a family practice striving to keep the practice up with the new vaccines, new schedules, etc. I subscribed in my previous employment for many years and greatly appreciated IAC Express and Needle Tips!!"
K.A., RN, Nursing Supervisor, Health First, Sanbornton, NH, October 26, 2006
"I work in a college health center. We use the publications on a regular basis to make sure we are up to date on our practice for immunizations and screening procedures for hepatitis B."
A.C., BSN, Old Dominion University Student Health, Suffolk, VA, October 25, 2006
"Concise, up-to-date info. Easy to reference."
N.B., RN, Forsyth County Health Department, Cumming, GA, October 17, 2006
"IAC publications are a great current reference on a topic that changes constantly."
A.S., MD, Midtown Pediatrics, Birmingham, AL, October 17, 2006
"I am a public health nursing instructor in a BSN program. I find many things in the publications to share with the students in clinical. I also find myself sharing many things with the staff at the health department."
D.E., MS, RN, Nursing Instructor, Edgewood College, Madison, WI, October 17, 2006
"Lots of info. Easy read."
T.D., MD, Paradise Pediatrics, Phoenix, AZ, October 15, 2006
"I hope I can continue to receive Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults!, as I find them very useful!"
K.E.M., APRN, FNP, Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut, July 27, 2006
"We are receiving your Needle Tips publication and enjoy it very much."
R.H., RN, Vanderburgh County Dept. of Health, Indiana, May 22, 2006
"We find [Needle Tips] to be an invaluable tool in our clinics..."
A.M.M., PA Dept. of Health, May 22, 2006
"I really appreciate your activities and your newsletters! I find them very useful and refer to them often."
S.S., Mississippi State Department of Health, October 25, 2005
"I find Needle Tips to be a valuable source of current and practical information for my practice and have shared the information with the family practice physicians and nurses at my center often... Thanks!"
S.B.J., MD, FAAP, Phoenix CIGNA, October 7, 2005
"I was at the NLN conference in Baltimore this past Thursday through Saturday. There were 1,300 nursing faculty attending the conference. Your pocket guide to influenza vaccine was a big hit. Quite a few faculty said their students do flu clinics and the cards will be helpful to them as well as faculty who go with them... I thought I would have about 30-40 Needle Tips left over and then a couple of people wanted them for all of their students. Just wanted you to know they were a hit! We appreciate your sending them so quickly."
J.S., RN, EdD, ISD National Immunization Program Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, October 3, 2005
"I just read your booklet Needle Tips and found it to be extremely informative. How could I receive it on a regular basis?"
D.D., Marshfield Clinic/Colby Center, September 29, 2005
"Please put me on your hard copy mailing list for Needle Tips. What an excellent source of information!!!"
G.M, RN, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, June 17, 2004
"We just got the latest Needle Tips-it is wonderful-as usual! We really love the new "adult" pamphlet and the First Do No Harm information. We are seeing very low influenza vaccination rates for personnel in some of our nursing homes and we are working hard to change that... Thanks again for all you do!"
M.E., Montana Department of Public Health, May 4, 2004
"Thank you for the May 2004 issue of Needle Tips. There are some very useful pieces of information in it. I work as a school nurse and the listing of the vaccine brand names/manufacturers will be so helpful. As students bring immunization records, I don't always know which brand names are which immunizations. I always enjoy reading Needle Tips and the IAC EXPRESS by email is helpful too."
C.T., RN, BSN, Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools, May 4, 2004
"Although I've no idea how I happened to get on the Needle Tips mailing list, I am eternally grateful for the invaluable information contained in your publication. I've used it many times in my career as a school nurse. I read it cover to cover and share it with the pediatric nurses at my evening job as well. Thank you so much for all the hard work your team does to make this information possible."
K.C., MSN, RN, May 28, 2003
"I am a big fan of your publication. The information is timely and well written. One of my favorite articles was Vaccines and Autism, written by Dr. Paul Offit (Summer 2002). Could I get a PDF or text version of this article so I can distribute it to my parents via my website and email? I owe Dr. Offit a fan letter."
A.M.O., MD, May 13, 2003
"I would be extremely grateful if I could subscribe to this update. I work for the UK Department of Health and was very impressed with your update when I was shown it by a colleague."
D.K., Immunisation and Communicable Disease Team, UK Department of Health, April 8, 2003
"I have for many years received Needle Tips at my former place of employment. I would like to continue to receive it here at my new place of employment... I have found the info you publish indispensable in developing programs! Thanks."
K.S., Director of Women/Infant Services, The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Torrington, CT, March 25, 2003
"Thank you, thank you, thank you... I am a pediatric nurse practitioner who has been involved in immunization since 1992 and have been searching every resource possible to find a reliable source to document that we do not give children injections in the gluteus lateralis. I am a clinical instructor in Peds/OB at a community college and have tried to convince the instructor that the Pediatrics text she uses is wrong (it states injections can be given in that spot after 2 years of age). My friend who is a geriatric nurse practitioner knew of my search and showed me the summer issue of VACCINATE ADULTS!-not only was the answer I was looking for there, but detailed, easily understood diagrams and information about the proper way to vaccinate children and adults. I laminated two copies and will give one to the didactic instructor so that she and I are not giving students mixed messages and the students will get the correct answer on the test. The second copy will be put up at the free clinic where I have volunteered for 10 years to make sure that all who volunteer to give immunizations know what they are doing. I am very passionate about having only competent persons giving immunizations."
T.K., CPNP, November 25, 2002
"Your newsletter is wonderful!! I have found it so helpful. I am joining a new practice that does not have Internet access for physicians to use so I'd like to make sure that we can receive the actual newsletter in the mail."
H.W., DO, Family Medicine of York, York, PA, September 16, 2002
"Thanks so much for helping us out [providing copies of Needle Tips for a conference]. I love giving quality material to our attendees, and you cannot get better quality than your newsletter! Give our regards and thanks to the rest of your hard-working staff!"
L.H., RNC, BA, Erie County Department of Health, PA, September 6, 2002
"As a future PA, and former teacher in a family practice residency, I can't say enough about the readability, reliability, and overall usefulness of both the www.immunize.org website and Needle Tips. Together they offer an essential clinical resource and invaluable teaching tool for primary care. I plan on keeping both close to my fingertips!"
C.M.J., Ph.D., MAH, Alexandria, VA, January 22, 2002
"I love your Needle Tips! Keep it coming! Thanks for all the helpful articles-especially the interpretation of hepatitis tests. We need more of that!"
D.E.O., MD, Nevada Health Centers, January 2, 2002
"As a pediatrician in Palm Springs, CA, I appreciate your fine Needle Tips and read it cover to cover. Keep up the fine work. And now I've discovered your webpage with a similar host of timely educational info."
E.S., MD, Palm Springs, CA, December 28, 2001
" I just received my first issue of Needle Tips. It is absolutely the most useful publication I have received in a long time. I receive a lot of unsolicited publications that end up in the trash, but I am so grateful to receive this publication. Thank you."
T.A., FNP, December 27, 2001
"Boy, your Fall/Winter 2001-2002 Needle Tips just came and it is great!! Please keep me on your mailing list. The nurses in our clinics (public health) will get to enjoy it too for I will circulate it!!! Lots of good info. Lots of it!"
Retired Major General, MD, Fairfax County Health Department, VA, December 21, 2001
"As a PNP, I use your newsletter often to keep updated and to find the latest information for the talks that I present around the country. I want to let you know what a super job you are doing. Keep up the great work on behalf of our kids and adults!"
L.C., PNP, June 18, 2001
"We think your publication is terrific and always has the latest and greatest news and useful Q&A section, which is why we want to distribute it."
A.W., MSM, RN, Immunization Education Program, Pennsylvania Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics, May 25, 2001
"I would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate IAC about this success. Needle Tips is an excellent publication. We are trying to share the content of it with as many doctors as we can reach."
N.D., GlaxoSmithKline, Istanbul, Turkey, March 30, 2001
"As the president-elect of my county medical association, the Chairman of the California Medical Association, a member of the House of Delegates of both the CMA and the AMA, and the Chief Medical Officer of a third-party medical benefits organization, I want to compliment you on your publication. I find it helpful and informative for all aspects of my work.... Thanks."
S.T.K., MS, MD, February 27, 2001
"Thank you for Needle Tips, it is one of the few newsletters that I take time to read through front to back."
K.P., ARNP, MSN, Barber County Health Department, KS, August 30, 2000
"Thank you for the excellent information source provided by Needle Tips. I can always find the answer to the most obscure questions posed by our providers in your periodical."
R.S., RN, April 3, 2000
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